5th Moon Discovered on Pluto

When I was a kid, I memorized each of the 9 planets in order, placing Pluto in it’s proper 9th place. Sadly, a number of years ago, scientists removed Pluto from the list of planets in our solar system. Yet, Pluto fights on.  Just yesterday astronomers discovered, with the help of NASA’s Hubble Telescope, a 5th moon orbiting the non-planet. They cleverly named it P5. There is a P4 and three others with actual names: Hydra, Nix and Charon.

Of course, the Hubble orbiting telescope has discovered many other important space secrets- secrets that    the writers of the Bible could not have imagined. Those authors ‘believed’ that the stars were affixed to a dome that floated over the earth. Period.

So much for any space knowledge.

I’m wondering if  fundamentalist Christians  in Congress voted to fund the Hubble Telescope? After all, should we be ‘tampering’ with God’s Creation??  Well, it was 1977 when the Hubble was funded so there were lots fewer Fundamentalists in Congress in those days.

Last July in an attempt to “further tighten the national economic belt,” the U.S. House moved  to cut the James Webb Space Telescope from the budget, effectively threatening NASA’s follow-up to the Hubble, and the future of our eyes-in-space program. The Webb Telescope should have launched in 2014, but it’s currently delayed until 2018. Or longer.

Fortunately the Large Hadron Collider was constructed in Europe, immunizing it from fundamentalist American legislators. The God-Particle, you know.  I wonder how many fiery sermons were delivered on the weekend after the existence of the Higgs boson was announced? No doubt those fundamentalist preachers loudly and thoroughly rebuked the findings of the CERN scientists, assuring their congregations that the God of the Bible rules the universe just like ‘He’ has done for, well, 6000 years. Too funny.  Pathetic, but humorous.

Here’s that other Pluto that I knew as a kid reading comic books during the summer. None too bright, like the dim former planet, at least he was faithful and predictable. We always knew what he was going to do.

Predictability. Now there’s a good trait. Of course, too much of it, like chocolate, is not a good thing either.  I believe the term is labeled OCD. Which leads me to wonder if OCD and fundamentalism are cousins.

Oh well, what the hell else there to blog about today?






14 thoughts on “5th Moon Discovered on Pluto

  1. How about Richard Nixon? You know, President Nixon from 1969 to 1974. Yep, our old friend “Tricky Dicky”! Now, weren’t those
    the days, my friend?

    Well, since you opened the door to comment on something else,
    here goes, lol

    Here is the jest of the article: If we compare Nixon as President with
    all of his successors, and this includes members of Congress and
    especially Democrats, Nixon in domestic affairs is the best social
    legislator of them all. OMG! Heresy, you say! Let me give my argument. It does require some open mindness.

    As we know, the traditional periods of reform in the 20th century
    were TR and the Progressive Movement(Wilson) from 1901 to 1917,
    FDR and the New Deal from 1933-1940, Truman and the Fair
    Deal from 1945 to 1952, and LBJ and the Great Society, 1963 to
    1968. What I am suggesting is that we have to change the
    short period of LBJ to include President Nixon. Therefore,
    the final period of domestic reform for the entire 20th century is

    While there are many threads running through the Nixon period,
    his prime goal was to move the middle-class to his support. Of
    course, Watergate is his tragedy, and it cost him his place in history,
    perhaps as the VietNam War cost LBJ his position. A couple of the more known threads are his support of law and order, patriotism,
    and the southern strategy. However, there is one more thread that
    has been neglected, it seems to me, by historians who only see the
    dark side of Nixon. Nixon understood politics, and that led him
    to embrace the preservation and growth of the middle-class through
    active government initiatives. There has not been a more domestic
    active government since Richard Nixon.

    As we know, the fear of the Progressives was that with the passing
    of FDR and HST, the GOP would attempt to destroy the New
    Deal. To be sure, there was that reactionary conservative wing in
    the Republican Party in 1952, headed by Sen. Taft of Ohio, that
    campaigned to do just that. However, the traditional TR moderates
    prevailed on Gen. Eisenhower to announce for the Presidency and
    Taft is defeated. The importance of Eisenhower is that he cemented
    the New Deal in place against change until the 1990s. So, the
    New Deal and legislative activism were in place when Nixon
    becomes President. Nixon, in keeping with his concept of winning
    the white middle class to the GOP, called for a national health
    insurance program with public option which was better than the
    ACA. But, it was defeated by Sen. Kennedy, really out of spite
    and jealousy. Nixon even supported a guaranteed annual income for the poor. Nixon made no moves to undermine social security,
    medicare, medicaid, supporting collective bargaining, and
    increasing federal aid to education. Nixon, much more so than his
    successors, expanded and protected programs for “We the People”.
    Nixon grew the New Deal and the Great Society. Nixon is very
    expansionist domestic legislative President.

    Therefore, until the election of Carter in 1976, Nixon and Ford
    presided over a long period of federal domestic expansion. It was
    all in place for Carter, and with the overwhelming gains in the
    House and Senate following Watergate, everything was in line to
    continue and enlarge the New Deal legacy. Carter had huge
    political majorities to work with in both Houses of Congress, and
    it all looked bright for continued reform. To be sure, Nixon had
    his fatal flaw, but his domestic legislative agenda is outstanding,
    and he and Ford left the country in good stead. He and Ford had
    defeated the more reactionary forces of the GOP and held them
    off. However, there is another deomestic story after 1976.

    1. Here’s the saddest conclusion that can be reached after reading your dictum regarding Nixon: were Nixon to have run in the GOP this year, he would have been drummed out after the first round of primaries as a ‘liberal.’ That’s how far today’s GOP has fallen since the ‘G’ proudly stood for ‘Grand.’

      1. Obviously. So would Ike, and probably Reagan! But, that is not the point I was making with my “dictum regarding Nixon”.

        You seem to be not grasping the reform movement of the
        20th century.

  2. As to time and the existence of life on earth, there was an article in our Southern paper today on that very issue.

    In black bold letters it says “gene study details New World

    Well, here we go again, “genes”, “DNA”, all sure to get the fundies
    all wadded up again probably.

    The study is an ongoing study of when people first came to the still
    empty North and South America. The land bridge from Siberia into
    Alaska is still the route they followed. This was a large genetic study of 69 groups that gained data from 52 Eskimo-Aleut groups and
    17 groups in Canada who speak the Na-Dene language. It shows
    that there are three separate migrations into the New World
    beginning at least 15,000 years ago for the most recent and poossible
    30,000 years ago for that first migration group. Information is provided by scientiest in the fields of archaeology, genetics, and
    language. The study is important because the new data shows that the migration did not happen all at once, but that there were
    three separate migrations occurring thousands of years apart.

    Just think, 15-30000 years ago! How can that be? After all
    the earth is but 5 or 6,000 years old.

    1. The same article was in The Toledo Blade. I, of course, read it eagerly, loving every DNA nuance, especially fond of the thought that the fundies would, as you predicted, wring their undies into a knot, denying the scientific evidence. You may recall that I quoted a letter to the editor of The Blade last month- a letter written by a fundamentalist pastor of a very large suburban church- who closed his fundamentalist, anti-gay marriage rant with, ‘God created marriage 6000 years ago.’

      I thought, at that time, that I’d like to drive to this mega-church on a Sunday morning to see who are driving into the parking lot and document what I observed. Yet, I think I already know [Barb]. It would be a waste of my time and gas.

      1. And, to add to the evidence of early humans in the New World,
        NPR this morning had a story on recent cave study in Oregon.
        Scientist discovered an early cave that contained human excrement. They submitted it to DNA analysis and the results
        verify the newspaper report and the time period is 14,500 years
        ago. Two reports in to days. I believe the first report was from the
        journal “NATURE” and the report today was “SCIENCE”. ( I didn’t
        realize that ones poop could last 14,500 years, lol). AND, still
        have all the DNA material present!

      2. OMG, you mean my southern bible belt newspaper got the same
        story as a northern bastion of free thought? How can that be,
        M_R, when you say the South is so backward?

          1. Privately laughing my behind off (so as not to offend any Southerners).

  3. NEWS from Joe Scarborough:

    Joe was remarking on two stories about Romney. The one that
    surfaced today was that the Boston Globe has uncovered
    documents and the SEC that list Romney as CEO of Bain and
    other Bain related companies as late as 2002. Romney has stated
    previously during the debates that he left Bain in 1999.
    Joe says this is a servious matter, and that Romney had better get
    copies and show that the story is not accurate.
    Joe’s second remark concerned Romney’s non-release of his
    tax records for past years. He says that a man that is worth
    $350-400 million has to show where that money is and that it would
    not be suprising if that money was not in off shore tax havens
    and that there will be years that show Romney paid no tax at all.

    If these facts are true, do you think this ends the Romney
    presidential chances, even if he still gets the nomination?

    1. It could IF the media runs with the story[ies] and The People hear the stories. I’ve found out that quite a few people never bother to turn on their TV’s for news; another hunk of people don’t read newspapers or weekly news magazines.

      Therefore, it will be up to the Obama Reelection Team to spend millions of $$$ on ads to ‘get the truth out.’

      1. I think people turn their tvs on or Comcast, Dish, and AT&T Universe would not be making a profit. What seems to be happening as that when we grew up there were but three
        channels on the idiot box and now there are 350 plus. We had
        CNN, Fox, Bloomburg or MSNBC, and a host of others. Contrary
        to your misgivings people in the South do read!

        Moreover, it is just too early for people to pay much attention to
        the politics. It’s summer and people are busy with the family
        and outdoors. Knowledge will expand as the national conventions begin and then the three presidential debates.

        BTW, what more would you like to have had MSNBC do today about the Romney taxes and his possible lying about when he
        left Bain. What more damning could Scarborough have said
        to be anti-Romney? He made two factual statements. Either
        Romney gets out ahead of these two stories, or he is Presidential
        bid is doomed. Seems to me that is not only getting the news
        out there, but it is also saying that the issues are damn serious.

        1. Seems many, many people ONLY get their news from Fox. And Fox reports when they want, in the format they want, and what they want.

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