Job Creators: Round Two

There they go again. But I repeat myself, again. Yesterday Mitt Romney played the well-worn card [looking a whole lot like a Monopoly card] labeled, The Job Creators.

The Job Creators

How long can they fool The People?

Apparently the GOP believes: for a very long time.

They may be right.

The People  are quite gullible.

And desperate.

The Romney campaign, responding yesterday to President Obama’s suggestion of ending tax cuts for those making over $250,00 said, “The President’s latest bad idea is to raise taxes on families, job creators, and small businesses.” The Obama Campaign said that the President’s low tax rates will apply to 97 % of American tax payers.”

Apparently the GOP worries about [read: hopes to get campaign contributions from] the other 3%. The supposed Job Creators fall into this category.  So do the multi-billionaires whose money is, like Romney, safely stashed away in Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. They have no intentions of ‘creating jobs.’  Yet, the term, Job Creators, sounds so important. So does the idea: just let the job creators keep some tax dollars and they will create more jobs for the American workers. One might ask: if the Bush tax cuts helped the job creators to create jobs, why is the unemployment rate at 8.2%? Or, is that an unfair question?

Here’s another question: what is the market for these jobs?  Who’s buying? Who has the extra cash to spend?

The fastest way of ‘growing the economy’ is to get dollars in the hands of the lower 25% because they spend it. They don’t save it in a Swiss bank account. And how can money quickly get into the hands of the lower 25%? The Federal Government.

But wait!  Oh no!  Not the nasty FEDERAL Government! The bane of the GOP!

Does the word, stalemate, come to mind.  It does for me.  Then the question must be asked: which party is on the side of  The People, the American citizen? I know the answer.


28 thoughts on “Job Creators: Round Two

  1. “And how can money quickly get into the hands of the lower 25%? The Federal Government.”

    And, where does the Federal Government get it’s money? I understand your point, M_R, yet if Obama rfefuses to rescind the
    tax cut for those under $250,000, where is the money for the Federal
    Government to spend come from? Do you think that in this
    election year, the seemingly war profiteer Congresswoman from
    Toledo is going to vote to cut money to the Defense Department and
    give it to the lower 25%? Obama’s tax break to the middle class
    propisition is nothing more than a political ploy in the middle of
    a political year……”not a dimes worth of difference”, is what I’m
    reminded of. Do you think our politicians in D.C. are going to do
    anything between now and 2013 that will threaten their “job”?
    Obama and the Dems had their chances 2009 thru 2010 and they
    blew it. You know, it is no longer George Bush’s tax cuts, it
    is Barack Obama’s tax cuts as of December, 2010. He was all
    talk in 2008 and after that he would not renew the Bush taxcuts,
    What did he do; talk versus actions!

    1. That point was actually proffered to the White House press secretary. He reminded the questioner that Obama renewed the entire original Bush tax cuts as part of a deal with Republicans to keep the U.S. Government from shutting down. Remember that summertime fiasco?

      1. “…as part of a deal with Republicans to keep the U.S. Government from shutting down.”

        Bingo, NON, just more evidence that we do not have a leader in
        tghe WH. The American pople would have blamed the GOP if they shut the federal government down. Obama blinked; the GOP won.
        And, we moved as a country, more right of center, which has been the case since 1976. Obama has been taking the country right of
        center. For some reason that doesn’t seem to be understood on
        this blog…..

        1. Sorry to answer a question with a question, but…..several questions:

          1. Do you think it was because of Obama’s lack of experience?
          2. Do you think he made the mistake of taking the Teabagger Republican group at their word?
          3. Do you think he knows better than us and/or knows something we don’t know?
          4. Do you have another take? Or can you be more specific on why he is a bad President? Bottom line, since we really have only two choices for President this election, do you think we should not vote for him?

          My understanding of the compromise is President Obama was backed into a corner and had to give in order to receive. I know, this is the kind of thing I was afraid of if Clinton wasn’t the Democrat candidate in 2008.

          1. No. 1, YES. Don’t you?
            No. 2, IDK, but in Dec., 2010, the Teabagger Republican Group
            wasn’t in office yet. Obama and Jarrett were dealing with Boehner, and had reached a compromise which Boehner took back
            to Congress, and then in a few hours Obama and Jarrett renegged
            and increased the demand substantially upwards, effectively
            pulling the rug out from under Boehner according to insiders
            and POLITICO.
            No. 3, Knows more than us about what? But, he ought to, he is
            the President. He should have the best advisers that money and
            power can provide. It is highly reported that the real power in
            the White House is Mrs. Obama and Jarrett. There is the problem.
            Do you understand that this is the first President ever to lose two
            chief-of-staffs in the first two years of his Presidency. They both found out that they could not work around Mrs. Obama and
            Jarrett. Therefore, they quit! Tells us something right there.
            No.4, Yes, I think that up to this time he is a failed leader. I am
            very torn on what to do, but in the end down here in MS it
            doesn’t make much difference as he will lose the State by over 70%.
            As I have said before, I could only be able to vote for him because
            of appointments to the Supreme Court. Even with that, not one of the five conservative justices is expected to resign if he wins
            re-election. In a swing state or congressional district it seems working in those campaigns is much more advantageeous to
            gain progressive legislation. We have to change the people, or
            change the peope. Unfortunately, it seems to me we have to
            do the latter and sweep incumbants out.

            1. Begrudgingly, I’m afraid I have to agree with most of what you said. I’m still pissed at him for stealing the primary by dirty tricks and other unpleasant behavior by his supporters*. I voted for McCain, but was generally happy when he won because I hoped he could come through on at least the majority of his empty campaign promises. But I think I would called him a disappointment rather than failure.

              * It was pretty obvious that many black people voted for him strictly based on race. And some of the more liberal white people I know switched to his side from Clinton because they wanted a first black president more than a first woman president; May sound strange, but women are generally more accepted than black people. If you’re over 30 you might not understand, but how much cooler to support someone you think brings a bigger shock value; Kind of like the high school girl dating the bad boy. However, the blatant racism after he was elected sure blindsided me.

              And I’m still on tract to donate the maximum to his re-election campaign.

  2. “which party is on the side of The People, the American citizen? I know the answer.”

    Really? I would like to hear your answer…..

  3. Got another Bob Latta “Town Hall Meeting” phone call last night. Probably will be my last as a certain spouse living in my house had enough and actually pressed “*3” to ask a question. Imagine the surprised look on my face when we found out that the questions are screened (censured) first. If you’ve never had the pleasure, these “forums” sound like he just answers questions at random or maybe in the order received. I have been receiving these calls for a couple of years now and was believing all my fellow citizens in the 5th district were really old, ignorant and/or extremely selfish (conservative).

    Congressman Latta had two major talking points. One was that the Senate had not passed a budget in 3 years. He neglected to mention those pesky Republican filibuster threats. The other was that terrible Obama only extending tax cuts for people* making less than $250,000 per year. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was the only person I know making that kind of money.

    * In reality it’s not “people” who make that kind of money, but businesses (job creators) who make that kind of money. You know, his largest donors (i.e. Spangler Candy in Bryan).

    Oh, the question that never got asked…..Some nice lady called in and stated she didn’t want her Christian money to go for abortions as provided in the new health bill. The spouse mentioned earlier wanted to state that we didn’t want our nonchristian money going to old people. (For anybody that doesn’t realize it was a “tongue in cheek question”, we strongly support care for senior citizens and were only trying to make the point of how lame the “Christian” woman’s statement was.)

    1. CLARIFICATION: Bob Latta is the only person I know making over $250,000 per year.

  4. M_R and NON, you have given so many statements to respond to
    that I don’t know where to begin. Time and possible research is
    another hindrance as well. Today we are hosting a going-away
    party for our 16 year old grandson who is going off to Camp Shelby
    in Hattiesburg, MS for quasi-military educational experience for the
    next 6 months. Camp Shelby is a military base that has trained many of the troops for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my
    grandson’s case it is an attempt to help him reform his thinking
    and habits. This was not court ordered or anythng like that, but
    something his parents learned about as a viable civilian program
    that happens to be State funded and space granted at the military
    base. To be sure, it is conducted as a military academy with a
    lot of physical exercise and firm discipline included If all goes well he should return to his public school here after the December
    holidays. Sorry for the digression.

    Now, M_R, you have predictably avoided answering my initial
    comments. While we are in agreement that 25%, as an acceptable
    percentage, is a significant humanitarian crisis, I don’t seem
    to see any positive response to that crisis on your part. What do
    you propose be done? Obama certainly has not done much
    to alleviate it, nor for that matter, has any President or Congress since 1976. Indeed, they, both Dem and GOP, have only allowed
    it to become worse. Where do you think the Dems have done any better?

    1. You’re always down on Marcy Kaptur, so here’s a crumb:

      One third of House Democrats broke with their leaders today and kept their names off a brief urging a federal appeals court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, which limits federal recognition of marriages to those between one man and one woman. The majority of Democrats joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s argument, which her office described in a news release as “the Democratic Members’ brief,” but the break among Democrats offers a glimpse at remaining divisions inside the party. Pelosi, joined by Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and 130 other House Democrats, told the federal appeals court in California that they believe Karen Golinski should succeed in her lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of DOMA’s federal definition of “marriage” and “spouse.”

      And our own St. Marcy was one of ’em!

  5. How revolting. What a kick in the pants. I hope that M_R has
    picked the phone up and called Kaptur’s Toledo office to protest
    that decision. For some one to not support ending DOMA is so
    unethical in the 21st century. It’s a humanitarian denial of basic
    and fundamental rights for men and women. Kaptur is mirred
    in the past and has to go. Think about it this way, “Joe” doesn’t
    even have to defeat her and he has already affected her position and
    vote. It’s a Democrat moving far right, not just right of center.
    And, if Pelosi reclaims the Speaker Chair in January, it would seem
    Ms Kaptur will be on the outside, looking in, as Pelosi decides who
    is on her side. Toledo loses!

      1. Gotta disagree with you on that. I think she votes her $ support – the union members of the largest employers in Northwest Ohio, General Motors Transmission plant, and the newest auto plant in North America, the Jeep plant.

      2. Do you support her because she seems to be a war privateer, M_R?

        ROFL, that “she votes her conscience.” How convenient my friend
        that this is an election year, and she is not going to be caught
        supporting humanitarian legislation that could dampen her
        fund raising. Her JOB is at stake, my friend, not her conscience,
        she buys and sells that to the highest bidder. This is a significant
        statement by the 60 DEMS that signed off of supporting DOMA.
        I know that you see that. It is a matter of scruples; it is her
        moral conscience depravity. It’s a vote against equal rights, my

        Moreover, as much as religion is discussed, this is an example of
        religion dominating the legislative process. Marriage is first
        a civil arrangement, not a religious requirement. Matrimony is
        something quite different. It is the religious nature of marriage.
        We have the sacrament of Matrimony, marriage per se is not a religious sacrment..Marriage is a legal civil contract between two
        people. I am reminded in this case of Rev. Al Sharpeton’s
        comment explaining the right of women to vote or the black
        person sitting in the back of the bus was at one time acceptable until “we started to not accept it any more.” I cannot believe that anyone can offer an excuse for any of these 60 DEMS. The DOMA, M_R is unconscionable.

    1. Obama did not cause the job losses; he inheritied it and all the
      dislocation that has come with it. His failure, NON, is his inability to deal with it in 2009 and 2010 when he had filibuster proof
      majorities in both Houses of Congress. This is why, it seems
      to me, that he does not run on his achievements, but instead
      runs negatively against the GOP. Right now, neither Obama nor
      Romney have brought forth any plan to show any kind of
      leadership. A real plan, such as, Simpson-Boles which Obama
      himself commissioned and then ignored it, would put him
      far ahead in the Presidential race. They middle-class is looking
      for a leader, but Obama refuses to step up. This is his failure,
      NON, you see. Yes, we are disappointed, but we are disappointed
      because his actions do not match his rhetoric. This is why he
      does not compare to TR, FDR, HST, and LBJ. They were leaders
      and the country followed…..

      1. I know he inherited the terrible economy, but Bush had 8 years to screw things up so I’m giving President Obama a little leeway. If I wanted to be a true ass, I’d hold Obama to the cross since he did promise he’d fix the economy right away (an obvious non-attainable campaign promise).

  6. The Huffington Post writes the following:

    “Income inequality, for example, has been much more pronounced under Obama than during the boom years of the Bush presidency, with the top 1 percent of earners capturing almost all the income growth that has taken place since the end of the Great Recession.
    …..And Wall Street has done very well for itself in the last three years, with financial firms collecting more profits under President Obama than during the eight years Bush sat in the White House…”

    Yes, NON, more examples of Obama’s shared failure. He has done
    virtually nothing to stop income inequality in the United States.
    Wall Street continues to run the show, as demonstrated by
    Obama’s frequent trips to NYC to fund raise and hold $35,000.00
    a plate dinners. Now, if I, or M_R, or you NON sends in a
    $100 contribution, is the WH going to answer the phone call from
    one of us or the person that gave $35,000.00? In this example
    we have an outright case of Obama lying, as he had stated he
    would not accept such donations. Again, my friends, the rhetoric
    and his action, out of sync!

    1. Ground rule agreement: President Obama has done more for the “people” than any Republican challenger has done, would have done and/or will do.

      Now the arguing point: Would President Obama have been able to do so much if he were not the President? And would he be President now and will he be re-elected President without some heavy cash? Grassroots work only goes so far*. And with so many different values and opinions, compromise is sometimes required.

      “The result justifies the means” to some degree?

      * I think heavy (expensive) mass media is required in addition to the extremely high value of face to face communication as Mr. Mud has been doing.

      1. NWO, Mr. Mud is becoming tired of the face-to-face and ear-to-ear week after week. Such great effort, so few results. For example, on my last door-to-door, I knocked on 80 doors and spoke to 13 people. By the way, ‘speaking to’ is a rather generous term because each body who answers the door is considered a ‘contact’ whether or not they decide to answer our questions. That’s 3 hours of walking in hot weather to cull perhaps 5 positive results. And, to be truthful, these 5 more than likely would have voted for Obama anyway.

        Tonight I will call 65 homes and 80% will not answer. The other 20% will more than likely say ‘no’ to helping in the campaign. I may get 2 positive results- but these may turn out to be duds.

        So, why do I do it? Something about commitment to the cause.

        1. Well, this is one voter who was getting disgusted when you pulled him back. Think of it this way, if all the activists gave up where would we be? I think every little bit, successful now or not, will add up to success in the long run.

    2. The Toledo Blade reported today that Romney will be in Toledo next week! You may recall that Obama was here last week. The difference between the two visits is extensive. The Obama visit was open to the public, free and outdoors. The Blade said that the Romney ‘visit’ will be at a private club, limited to doners who give $10,000 or $50,000 for a photo and lunch.

      What does this say?

  7. “Commitment to the cause”, now what is the cause? Now, that would be a good POST, M_R.

    it seems to me, M_R, that your time and effort could be better
    spent than walking the streets of toledo, or Sylvania, canvassing
    for the President. Your talent is organizing and writing and
    authoritative speaking. You might consider this, working
    independently. I don’t mean necessarily by yourself, but with a
    group of like people. Maybe something like a speakers bureau
    and neighborhood dessert events. You invite people into your
    home for a round table political discussion-open ended with
    beverages and a desert. Then next week, expand out to the next
    couple of blocks. And then expand it out the next week to a few
    more blocks. That way they are coming to YOU, and you already
    know they have some interest. You could hit up every social
    organization in the area as a guest speaker at their weekly
    luncheon meeting )and the lunch is on them, lol). Or, you
    can go to every senior high school class and be more political, get out the vote message. Wherever, senior centers, retirement
    homes-all about their social security and medicare. Every black
    church on voter I.D. Tune it the way you want. A group writing daily letters to the editor Prepare a talk on the ACA That will be an important consideration on the local level candidates.

    1. I wanted to record Latta’s “Townhall meeting”, then post it talking point by talking point on his Facebook page. In between questions and/or his responses, I would post the true facts with references or even links to Utube videos. Or in some cases, actually answer the question asked instead of the two-step dance around he does with some answers. Unfortunately, this is probably against some law.

      I also fantasize about writing a weekly column in The Blade filled with answers to the real questions and misunderstanding of most voters.

      1. NWO- You’ve got quite the fantasy- fantasy in the sense that it will never happen, yet is exactly what The People need.

    2. Good ideas, my friend, but it is about 15 years too late. At our age, we don’t need to have THAT much pressure on us. I’ll stick with what the Obama Team asks of me, with the option of saying ‘no’ when I want to.

      Last evening I dialed [well punched] 81 households. I talked to perhaps 15 people. Only one was curt with me; the others listened to my message, even though no one said ‘yes’ to volunteering with us at this time. Some told me to call back at the end of the month.

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