What’s Going On in the Delusional World?

It’s Sunday. Delusions galore. This morning I awoke early and flipped on the TV and was astounded at the number of channels that had ‘preachers’ pimping religion to the insomniacs of the nation. Amazing. Pathetically numerous. People must be listening [and sending in their faith checks] to these con artists because so many channels featured these televangelists. Lots of people all across the land hurting, empty, lonely and/or delusional. What’s wrong with America?

Then there are the tens of millions of Americans who drive to their local houses of worship today to ‘get’ much of the same. Many will leave assured of their salvation, even though they will need to return next week for validation of the same. Apparently, salvation is like the guy with the spinning saucers: renewal is the key ingredient in the gig. Whatever happened to once-and-done?

DELUSION: noun:   (psychology) an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary.

Then there are the climate-change deniers. And those who cling to the right-hand edge of the political spectrum. Or, do I repeat myself?

A recent survey found that those to the right of the political center watch the History Channel while those to the left enjoy the Science Channel. Seems clear to me: past or future? It begs the sociological question: can society ever regress or is that oxymoronical? Do animal species ever regress or are they wired for evolution. Are we? Who can name a society that both flourished and regressed?

Clearly it is delusional to ‘believe’ that our nation, a diverse nation of 350 million people, would be best served by returning to the ideology, philosophy and societal conventions of past generations. One need only examine the cultural practices of the Taliban in Afghanistan and other societies under radical conservative theological law. Stifling suffocation of The People and any progressive ideas.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, on the other hand, moved Turkey forward and into the modern political, cultural and economic position in which it finds itself through his insightful decisions to secularize and modernize his beloved nation- quarantining the religious zealots to the mosques. Turkey ranks higher in GDP than any Muslim nation, even though it has no oil or gas reserves.

Richard Dawkins in his book, The God Delusion, demonstrates the improbability of a supreme being, even though 92% of Americans do believe, according to a 2011 Gallup poll. Interestingly, though, only 73% are ‘convinced’ that God exists. That 73%, however, seemingly like to control our society based on their ‘beliefs,’ much like the Taliban, Shia and Sunni.

So, to answer the question I posed in the title: Same old, same old.


8 thoughts on “What’s Going On in the Delusional World?

  1. “What’s Going On in the Delusional World?”

    Well, how about our friend Rush Limbaugh ‘s remark that Obamacare
    levies “the highest tax in the history of the world.”

  2. Query, M_R: Are you being “delusional” in suggesting below
    that the United States accept an European health system on
    the order of the German health care system? Why play into
    the hands of the Reactionaries who claim liberals want to
    install a failed European system in the United States…What is
    wrong with just extending medicare to the entire nation? And,
    if I remember correctly this is what Obama campaigned on 2007-08,
    yet when he attains the Presidency with huge majorities in both
    Houses of Congress, Obama meets privately with Big Pharma,
    American Hospital Association, and insurance groups and scuttles
    the public option and awards all three with guaranteed increase
    in profits. You need proof? Look at what happened to these
    stocks after Roberts’ decision . Again, who is taking it in their
    shorts? As I said before, Obama is long on rhetoric and giving
    a stirring speech, but he is far short on providing what the 99% need…..

    1. I have to agree with most of what you write. It’s just that the alternative to Obama scares the hell out of me.

    2. M_R: Are you being “delusional” in suggesting below
      that the United States accept an European health system on
      the order of the German health care system?

      Not at all. I’ve seen the German [European] system, talked with German relatives; conclusion: perfect.

      What’s your model?

  3. I understand what you are saying, NON, and I agree. But Obamacare is so flawed, it might just be better to let the
    Reactionary GOP have it, and it will be so bad that in a few
    years when the revolution comes, lol, it will be replaced as a
    natural right…..

    1. I disagree that the ACA is so badly flawed. That is right wing propaganda.

      It should have been stronger than it is, but it is a start. It is a distinct improvement.

      To answer Muddy’s larger point – three words – post-truth era.
      We are no longer living in a world where fact or connection to objective reality is a requirement.

  4. I appreciate what you say, DogGone, but just saying that it’s “right
    wing propaganda”, is nothing more than left wing propaganda. If
    you like a band-aid applied to the health care crisis, then this is
    what the AFA is. This Act as well as the other big Act of the Obama
    Presidency, Dodd-Frank, dont come close to solving our health and
    financial problems. Obama has failed the middle-class and lower classes in his first 3.5 years. He fiddled,while the United States
    99 percenter fell more behind in energy, wage increases, education,
    science, nutrition, health care, consumer product safety, foreign
    affairs(Libya and Syria), personal liberties, enlarging the National
    Defense Act, more tax breaks for the wealthy, failure of the
    Dream Act, failure of a Job Act, failure of a wholly inadequate
    Recovery Act, subisides for the oil and gas industry, a terrible
    just passed agriculture Act, and so forth. Obama’s tragedy, it
    seems to me, is his inability to understand, TR, FDR, and HST.
    Those three Presidents knew that the vested interests had to be
    taken on full force. The moment he thought he could use
    LBJ’s tactic of “lets sit down and be reasonable”, he lost. LBJ had
    hundreds of ious owed him from his years as Majority Leader, Obama had diddly squat. He has no cards as LBJ held, and he
    had none of the leadership skills of TR, FDR, and HST.

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