In God We Rust

Happy Independence Day! 






One might think that on a Wednesday and on a national holiday that we wouldn’t be bothered by the religious nuts of this nation. WRONG! Apparently they feel empowered to foist their religiosity on us any time, every time. This morning, I was groggily reading the morning newspaper, having slept restlessly from the noise of the neighborhood pyrotechnic amateurs of the pyro universe. At the end of section one, I innocently flipped to the back page and WHAM!  There it was, like an  “Artillery Shell. ” IN GOD WE TRUST

Spare me. WTF?

Do I need proselytizing?

On Independence Day?

I don’t think so.

Neither do I need to have the truth terribly skewed. The full-page ad was sponsored by a group that lists the phone number as 1-800-NEED HIM.  Yes, that was what it said. NEED HIM MINISTRY, Oklahoma.

They are the owners of the Chinese import company, Hobby Lobby. Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby?  It is 3000 sq. ft. of Chinese stuff!  Wall-to-wall China. Yet, they seem to be so patriotic today and, did I mention, so Christian? Jesus loves China.  Wait!  No he doesn’t because they are COMMUNIST! How could Jesus love COMMIES?  Atheists too!

Odd stuff, of course, because the people that hang on the religious right edge of the spectrum are, well…odd. But then, the readers of this blog already know that.

Happy Independence Day, fellow bloggers.  And God had nothing to do with it because, as we who learned history know, both England and the Colonies were ‘Christian.’



16 thoughts on “In God We Rust

  1. Take heart, M_R, the “God Particle” has arrived. The fundies, as you like to say, will have their undies all up in a wad with this new
    scientific method discovery. The announcement today ranks with
    Galileo and Newton, Fermi and the Manhattan Project, Currie
    and Einstein. Hell, maybe even all of them combined, you think?
    Even Fox had this to say about it, “it was announced today that a
    subatomic particle, referred to as the “God Particle”, the missing
    cornerstone of particle physics and the key to understanding how
    the universe works and began.”

    The only thing that I would change is to reverse “began” and
    “change”. Can you believe this is being announced on our
    Independence Day, or day of Freedom? The universe came into
    existence by a law of nature and not any Supernatural law. This is
    the Big Bang. Now, it is all earth centered, isn’t it? Our FREEDOM
    from ignorance and superstition is nigh! Celebrate, my
    friends, the “bombs bursting in air”, it is our day of FREEDOM….

    1. Freedom, eh? Lots of reference to Freedom there. For Christ sake, it was 236 years ago, not last year. Get over it. Oh, wait. I forgot, it’s FoxNews whose name belies its actual purpose: news as in ‘new?’ Hardly! It’s all about the past, the good old days. Never the future. That’s why right-wingers love it because they are all attached to the past. Why do they hate the present and the future? Are they afraid? Afraid that things will change and not be like what they remember? Scaredy cats? Needing their blanket and pacifier?

      1. I know that you will have a busy morning with the President being
        in town. Will you be driving again? If you shake his hand, how
        about telling him to read the words of or listen to a tape of FDR
        and quit sucking up to a bipartisan GOP that is non-existent?

      2. My point about Fox News is that they reported it at all. As you say,
        the “right-wingers love it”, that is, Fox, and the “God Particle”
        discovery is not something that is going to play well in fundie
        land. On the contrary, my friend, and I realize that you were
        up late when you made the comment lol, Fox did present the “new” discovery and “news”. To be sure the commentators
        will take over at Fox, but Fox News did report the discovery, and
        actually, went farther than I expected by saying that Higgs
        suggests “how the universe works and began.” That’s the point
        I was trying to put forth. I’m back to the words of the
        scientiest method, “it’s beyond reason” that it exists.

  2. “Happy Independence Day, fellow bloggers. And God had nothing to do with it…”

    Just a small sub atomic particle, a natural occurrence did it.
    The laws of Nature did it….Just think

  3. Moreover, there was one other discovery announced yesterday
    as well. In Uruguay a slug was discovered. It is 585 million years
    old, a slug. This pushes the existence of other living animals back
    30 million years. Yep, 585 million years ago! And, I believe, that
    somewhere in the past that the slug may be the animal that
    humankind began its evolution. What will the fundies do with
    this bit of news? Will we see slugs at the Creation Museum?

  4. Just got back from breakfast with a couple of Bob Latta’s “Best Friends.” Did you know that during the 60’s the three major networks lied to the American people causing the need for a new “fair & balanced” network? And nothing you hear can be verified as true unless you hear it on Fox News.

    And just now I heard that Burger King in Northwest Ohio is dropping the hours of all it’s employees down to part time status because of The Affordable Health Care Act.

    I don’t know why these people bother to attend church to save their souls because it’s obvious they are soul-less.

  5. Well, if that is the case, we will just boycott Burger King. A full time
    is not entitled to any health care coverage anyway, are they? Is
    there a national law that says every full time employee of a private
    business is entitled to health insurance? My wife is an
    administrator for a large national health care organization, and her
    health care was only optional.

    1. Geez! Even I got caught up in all the B-S flying around about the Affordable Health Care Act. Here’s what I have been able to find out regarding this part of the Act.

      -Most of the measures start in 2014, but many will be based on figures from the previous 12 months (all of 2013).

      -Employers will not be required to offer health insurance to part time/seasonal workers. Part time workers are anyone who works less than 30 hours per week (average) and seasonal is less than 120 days per year.

      -Now here is the part that is misunderstood. Hours by part time employees will be combined for employee equivalency. Three employees working 20 hours per week total 60 hours which is equivalent to 2 thirty hour per week employees. If the employer does not make health insurance available to these part time employees at an affordable cost, the employer must contribute to a state health insurance exchange where the employees can purchase health insurance themselves. The idea is that part of the insurance purchased will be paid for by the employer and part by the part time employee. If the part time employee cannot afford their part, the exchange will cover that share. This section of the Act is what they are arguing about now and certain news sources are misrepresenting. Our very own Mike DeWine is doing whatever he can to screw up the exchange in Ohio.

    1. My brother who lives in Sylvania Township has been without power too. The only light they have is from thieir Ronald Reagan Shrine. When I see him, I’m going to tell him it’s God’s punishment for breaking the First Commandment.

      1. Microburst on Thursday afternoon. Western Lucas County wiped out and may not have power back on until sometime Monday.

  6. “If the employer does not make health insurance available to these part time employees at an affordable cost, the employer must contribute to a state health insurance exchange where the employees can purchase health insurance themselves. The idea is that part of the insurance purchased will be paid for by the employer”

    So, why should the employer have to pay for any part of an
    employee health insurance? Is there a moral imperative that an
    employer must provide all their employees a health care program?
    It seems to me the moral imperative is on the side of the government,
    as it is a natural right. I’m not even sure there should be a citizen
    co-pay. If it is a right, then government provides it free to its
    citizens, not illegals, but citizens. That is universal, single payer
    health insurance for all citizens….Carter and now Obama threw
    it away. Two failed Presidents!

    1. Governments have been subsidizing health insurance costs for decades. If the employer pays, then the cost is deducted as an operating expense against taxable income. If the employee pays, it is deducted either by being included in the standard deduction or included in itemized deductions against gross income when filing their tax returns. If the person requiring medical care doesn’t have health insurance, then the costs are absorbed through higher health insurance premiums. Or the persons dies a horrible death because they can’t get medical care.

      Lately much has been made of the different levels of health insurance. Seems a lot of union employees, in both private and public sectors, have employer paid “Cadillac” health insurance plans and “gold plated” pension plans. This benefit is not taxed and the employee can still claim a standard deduction for taxes. Employees who either share part of the cost or cover the entire costs still can only claim the same standard deduction or itemize their deductions within certain guidelines.

      The Affordable Health Care Act really doesn’t change the way health insurance is financed very much. The biggest change is the affordable coverage people caught between middle class and poverty will be able to get.

      The Republican in me says let’s not hide what it costs to provide care to the poor in everyone else’s health insurance costs. The Democrat in me says let’s make humane medical care available to everyone. The American in me says let’s make every American entitled to the good medical care they deserve.

      SIDE NOTE: There has been talk of using a flatter tax scale. Just as people who are paid significantly more than others pay more tax on that income difference, shouldn’t people who get significantly better health coverage pay more tax on that benefit difference?

      1. Power back on; lots of food in the garbage can, sadly.

        NWO- thanks for providing insight into the ‘health insurance’ conundrum. I enjoyed the double role play between Dem and GOP.

        Of course, the ‘problem’ could easily be solved with the adoption of the German model, but then, the insurance agents, the insurance CEO’s, hospital CEO’s, and Big Pharma would lose out and the GOP would lose big funding.

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