God as Particle

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You are probably aware of the giant undertaking of European scientiest to build the Large Hadron Collider. It is a large underground circular tunnel to provide particle accleration to detect the existence of phsical properties whch could lead to the opening of the laws of nature. Since being built 10,000 scientists from over 100 countries and hundreds of
universities and national laboratories (Fermi, for example) have worked on the investigations. The building under the ground of
France and Switzerland began around 2008 and testing and setbacks and accidents slowed the process, but beginning in
2010 the collider began its work.


That is: the creation of the universe. You are also probably know about the scientific term, “the God Particle”. This is a subatomic particle that has been predictred by other data to exist, but so far there had not been enough proof. This is why the collider
was needed. However, recently the word is that the experiments may have identified “the God particle.” The scientific name is Higgs boson. Up to now it was considered as only a strong possibility that it existed, or almost certain; now it will be “beyond reasonable doubt”.

Oh my,  here we go again, ….Science undermining the fundies! This is the scientific explanation for the origin of the universe and the non-neccesity of a “God” What will this do to that creation museum ?

A news conference is schedule for July 4 in Europe to announce the recent developments. Obviously, July 4 is just another day in Europe..

Moreover, you may recall that the United States was going to build it first in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but it got all tangled in politics and some religion(that “god Particle” thing) and it was discontinued after actually beginning the project. So, we have lost out on all the business and commerce generated by science. It has been Europe’s gain!


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  1. Very curious stuff, my friend. And the ever-widening of the crack- the fissure- now spreads on that cliff where the Fundamentalists have all gathered. I have long wished that I were an artist [political cartoonist, really] so that I could depict my mental imaginings. But you may get the point from my verbal depiction.

    But the Bible says…

    I’ve grown to detest those 4 words! To me, when a person begins some statement thusly, I immediately bristle and, judgmentally, cast them into the ignorance pile. There is little hope for a cerebral conversation after those words fall from their lips. It is over and done.

    From the New York Times:

    The particle is named for the University of Edinburgh scientist Peter Higgs, who was one of six physicists who suggested that a sort of cosmic molasses pervading space is what gives particles their heft. Particles trying to wade through it gather mass the way a bill moving though Congress gains riders and amendments, becoming more and more ponderous.

    Cosmic molasses. Perfect analogy as is the reference to the politics of Congress.

    So today is Sunday and ‘worship services’ are being held as I type. Worship. What that word conjures up! Do Christians go to church on Sunday to worship? And if they do, what does that act suggest about the person offering said ‘worship?’ What’s to worship?

    When, my friend, did you last ‘worship’ anything or anybody? How banally pathetic! At least we fallen-away Catholics referred to it as ‘going to church’ rather than ‘worship service.’

    There is a wooden cross at the end of a narrow lane I sometimes use to access the expressway and it reads, ‘Believe in Him.’ I often wonder, What’s to believe? Of course, I’m quite sure that the erector of the cross and I have parallel, but not intersecting ideas about the man named Jesus of Nazareth. We both ‘believe’ that he lived and died and did stuff between. Yet I fear that we differ in his ‘worth.’ Worship? No. Regard as model, yes. I regard Gandhi, King and Jesus as models, but I would never ‘worship’ them as anything but good men.

    Gods? No. God? No. Science, as UptheFlag points out, is dismissing God as just another primeval imagining still stuck in the human psyche. Perhaps God [or gods] played a role in human survival over the eons since the first cave printings on the walls of caves in southern France, but since that time, the voodoo or superstitions about Nature have been fully investigated and emasculated. The need for a Deity to get us through life has passed. Except for a clutch of people around the world whose prehistoric imaginings are still active in the deep recesses of their basal ganglia.

    By the way, my friend, your state of Mississippi just jumped to the #1 ‘most religious’ state in the Union this morning with your new abortion-restrictions. No doubt the fundamentalists across your state are ‘worshiping God’ this morning and ‘thanking’ Jesus for banning abortion in the state.

  2. Hello Uptheflag,
    First off let me say how much I enjoyed your posting and request more writings from you as posting topics. That being said I wanted to take this posting and segway the latest “Bat Shit Crazy” coming out of Texas as you have mentioned in your posting. (This may become more of a rant than a posting but it is a tangentable subject.)

    Texas Education Goals: DO NOT TEACH CRITICAL THINKING!

    The Texas state government is promoting a concept of education that DOES NOT TEACH CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS!
    Imagine this: The second largest state in population and land area, the state which sets the standard for most textbook adoptions nationally, because of their large student and youth population, has set a goal of discouraging thinking, analyzing, interpreting of learning materials!

    How backward can Texas be which is already in the bottom ten on most educational standards under Governor Rick Perry! The right wing evangelicals and Tea Party activists are at work, and they do not wish to encourage young people to develop their own ideas and thoughts! After all, IF young people think, analyze, interpret, and challenge, that is a threat to parental authority and religious doctrine, which promotes obedience without question! What kind of future does this nation have if we allow what Texas is doing to, effectively; promote obedient people who have no thoughts, who are KNOW NOTHINGS, such as Governor Rick Perry himself?

    This is the problem of states rights, and is an argument for nationalizing the educational curriculum, as that is the only hope for high educational standards and the ability of America to compete in the 21st century!

    So I guess the students are just to repeat back what they are programmed to regurgitate back? This is a recipe for Non-thinking George Orwell’s 1984 “Big Brother” scenario.

    As you know I have taken an engineering position in Columbus, OH dealing with upgrading and designing new high voltage substations for American Electrical Power in the area.

    Yesterday I traveled to Heath, OH to walk and visit the sight of 2000+ year old Indian burial mounds. This mound was done in a large circle and there is another one south of Columbus that is shaped like a snake. The Great Circle Earthworks attributed to the Hopewell Indian culture; is the largest circular earthworks in North America. I might add that the circle is very precision circumscribed and a form of a “drafting like compass” had to have been used. When I stood on top of the mound circle and viewed it from that vantage point, I could not help but think of the many mass entombed bodies under my feet that had been there for 2000+ years.


    I was telling my wife and daughter about the last one when my wife asked, “Why a snake?” I told her that unlike the Christian Religions where the myth of a snake is linked to evil and was the animal that temped Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, etc. I referred to Joseph Campbell’s book, “The Power of Myth,” where he goes on to explain that because the snake sheds its skin, it was viewed as a symbol of rebirth; a resurrection as such.

    I was later talking with my oldest daughter and relaying the same story to her. I went on to give the example of how many myths of many cultures in time had their similar tales. Examples such as Romulus and Remus who are the twin brothers and central characters of Rome’s foundation myth comparing it with the Cain and Able brother’s story found in the Bible. The story of Remus becoming angry at Romulus and in a fit of rage killed his brother. Romulus buried Remus, and carried on with building his city; much like Cain killing his brother Able. Both are nothing more than “Fairytale Myths” but many take these stories as being “Historical Facts.” The sad part is that many want to take these “Fairytale Myths” and use them for their “Bases for Science Beliefs.”

    Well to bring this all together and conclude; by not permitting a student to think for themselves, indoctrinating them with Religious Myths and anything else that contradicts them are “Blasphemy Crimes.” It will only create mindlessly non-thinking drones that can be so easily mislead. This only causes a disservice to all and trouble for the future.

    1. I love Joseph Campbell! HIs television series, companion to the book, is one of my all time favorites, along with Meeting of the Minds with Steve Allen.

      Muddys article has me on a continuous audio loop now inside my head of Jefferson airplane –“we are stardust, we are golden; we are caught in the devil’s bargain, and we’ve got to get back to the garden”

      That ‘devil’s bargain’ seems to me not to be science, but the fundies take on religious conformity

      1. Jefferson Airplane had the science down quite nicely- that we are stardust. That gold ring that may or may not be on your finger was concocted in the center of a supernova. Star-stuff indeed. Too bad that so many Christians believe that we were created from dirt; I rather enjoy the thought that we’re stardust, not dirt.

        1. Hello Dog Gone,
          I have to whole heartily agree with you with the Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell interviews on PBS are one of the all time greats in Television Programming.

          As I am of the “Old Hippy” generation, so I have to correct you that Joni Mitchell wrote the song, “Woodstock,” from which you quoted the song lyrics from and it was preformed, recorded, and made famous by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. :-) I know details but I understand what you were putting across.

          As all life on this planet is a “Carbon Based” life form, the C6 carbon needed to form these living things was formed by the fusion engine caldrons that are stars and dispersed across the universes when that star Novas….or explodes. Man’s origins are not from the earth but from the carbon exploded star dust that drifted across the expanses of space.

  3. It is always a great mistake to try to conform science to religion, or to conform government to religion for that matter.

    I hope that the news from Europe isn’t buried by all the rah rah we’re number 1 pseudo-patriot garbage we’re going to have as a deluge on the 4th
    although I have to wonder if those indications of real problems with climate change are going to have a somewhat subduing impact on celebrations, given the number of people without electricity in some areas, and the predictions of extreme and sustained heat in many areas.

    Happy Dominion Day to your Canadian readers! (Its their equivalent of a national day to our 4th of July).

    1. …all the rah rah we’re number 1 pseudo-patriot garbage

      I’m sure that our Founding Fathers would roll over in their proverbial graves if they knew that their signing of the document would have resulted in beer-drinking, eating fests and black power explosions ad nauseum. In my neck of the woods, the ‘patriots’ have been blasting off artillery shells for the past 3 weeks. Last night I suspected that I had been teletransported to some battleground in Syria!

  4. Thanks for the forward Post. I was looking forward, however, to your Sunday morning homily Post. Isn’t the development of this
    super collider something?

    Another point is that the criticism of the collider began at its inception. This was because if it proved what the scientist said it would, it would challenge religious belief. It was attacked for its expense, for its unknown properties, and for fostering an
    early “doomsday”. Scientists were meddling in the laws of the universe established by a “God”.

    And, we have to remember, the collider has still not reached the speed necessary to continue experimentation. However, the speed it achieved recently is leading speculation that on Wednesday, July 4, there will be sufficient evidence to say that the “God Particle” has
    been verified. You see, all the physics and mathematical equations
    and previous experimentation demonstrated that Higgs boson was there. Now, the scientific proof will be there, if this is the case. Scientists have been operating under the belief that the “God Particle” was a “strong possibility” and it will now be able to move
    to “beyond reasonable doubt”. I hope that I am making it clear how the scientific process worked here, done in incremental
    steps, testing all along the way, and amassing the facilities and
    scientists, nations, and universities to work on the project.

    July 4th in Europe, just another day, but July 4th in the United
    States is Independence Day. What a way to celebrate our national
    day of freedom. The date of discovery of a law of nature that gives us freedom from religion. As the fundies get wind of this, I can’t even imagine the attacks on the scientific community Religion is bbased on faith and trust, and they will go down fighting to protect their salvation.

    1. The day they reach “super speed” is the day they open the BLACK HOLE!”

  5. From the Chicago Tribune on July 2, 2012:

    Home > News > Politics Dems win Wisconsin Senate majority after failing to oust Walker
    Brendan O’Brien


    2:41 p.m. CDT, July 2, 2012

    MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – Democrats on Monday took majority control of the Wisconsin state Senate, a minor consolation prize after failing on June 5 to oust Republican governor Scott Walker over his attacks on government unions.

    A two-week recount of a disputed state Senate recall election held on the same day as the Walker vote showed that former state Senator Democrat John Lehman defeated incumbent Republican Senator Van Wanggaard by 819 votes, or 1 percent, according to the Racine County Clerk’s office.

    “I look forward to joining my Democratic colleagues in the new majority Senate, and begin bringing jobs back to the citizens of Racine County,” Lehman said.

    The result gives Democrats a 17-16 majority in the Senate, which may be short-lived since half of its members are up for re-election in November and Republicans have redrawn election lines to favor them. The result also has little meaning because the state Senate is not expected to reconvene until January.”

    It looks like a meaningless election., and gerrymandering will make it so. We will only make strides in giving people back the power in their state races and congressional seats, when the people of each
    state demand that their state end gerrymandering to rig elections. Here is one avenue we can take to win our government back to an activist social government. We can organized to reform the gerrymandering of our state and congressional

  6. Hello All,
    I want to take this moment to wish everyone “Happy 4th of July” and make note of the true reflection of our Founding Father’s original time frame.

    Benjamin Franklin was the “Progressive Radical Liberal” and his son, William Franklin, the last Colonial Governor of New Jersey and a steadfast “Conservative Loyalist” throughout the American War of Independence. The secession from British rule and governorship of the American Colonies destroyed this father and son’s relationship from his “Conservative” views.

    Those who are claiming the current “Tea Party Conservative Platforms” have inversely bastardized the historical truth that the original attendees of the Boston Tea Party raid were the “Progressive Liberals” who brought forth this country. If our destiny was left to the “Conservatives” of the time, we would still be under British rule today. It is the “Conservative Teabaggers” who have the repressive views and are the traders to this country’s origins.

    One could see the possibilities that the current Teabaggers may have been educated by the “Texas School Board” because they are not even accurate of their namesake’s origins. Just another example of the current Teabagger’s ignorance and stupidity…..and they want to mandate how I live?…..I don’t think so and for those who want to repress me and my family based on their “Current Conservative Teabagger’s Viewpoints,” “Don’t Tread On Me!!!”

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