Supreme Court upholds health care mandate

There it is.  Now, what’s next?


25 thoughts on “Supreme Court upholds health care mandate

  1. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t believe how great I feel! I think I’m actually breathing better.

  2. I’m not sayin’ Fox News is really screwed up, but did anybody else notice they reported the mandate was struck down?

      1. Seriously, do you think it’s a “force of habit”? I mean they constantly report news that is incorrect.

  3. It’s interesting that Kennedy voted with the minority, and it was Roberts who changed positions and delivered the majority vote.

    One immediate drawback is that Roberts did say that the Medicaid
    provision for the 30 million to receive it is unconstitutional. The States can opt out of the medicare requirement and, there can be no
    penalty levied against a state.

    1. I think you mean Medicaid, not Medicare. But how will The People of those states react to the AGs who do that to them??

  4. Hello Guys,
    Well I had to boot up as soon as I got home and stop to say, “Hooray for the Working Middle Class Today!” We have not won many here of late but we won this one TODAY!!

    Now Lets Head Toward The November Election With This One Under Our Belt!!

    1. Oh sure, you’re back home just as I head to Columbus again. Family Reunion on a farm in Morrow County.

      1. Hello NON,
        When I stated “home” I was referring to the Hotel room I have been staying at for the past month. I have just picked up my keys for the apartment I have rented here in Gahanna. The earliest I will be able to get back to the Eastern Shore of Maryland is late next month.

        When do you think you will be in Columbus?

        1. What a small world. My cousin used to live in Gahanna, but moved and rents out that house now. And her renter is moving out today so she’s looking for a new renter. She lives in Mr. Gilead now and I’m sitting in a motel in Mansfield right now. We came down yesterday to help her set up for the family reunion today.

          (Met her uncle on the other side of the family yesterday. He from Massachusetts and makes Fox News look liberal. His quote: “The State’s so liberal, all the whites are moving out and all the blacks are moving in.” I won’t write what he said about blacks as a casual reader might mistake this blog for CommonSense’s blog.)

  5. Why or how is “the working middle class” a winner in this decision?

    I’m middle class, and the Act cuts my medicare, and I believe, by
    $500 Billion in total…That’s a winner for me? Did Obama just
    lose Florida?

    1. Obamacare may not have worked as intended, but even although there are many things in the bill that people consider undesirable, the changes the bill made to Medicare are not one of them. The benefits paid to senior citizens was not cut as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. An earlier bill cut the amount of money doctors receive from the program. While this may mean that access to benefits were effectively cut because the access has been reduced, it does not mean that a patient who has a doctor who accepts Medicare will have to settle for fewer services.

  6. I hope so, M_R. The question is not the services, but is medicare
    going to cover the expenses of these services the way that they are covered in the extended medicre programs previously provided?

  7. Let’s look at Roberts’ decision in another way. A devious one at

    As we know Roberts is very conservative judge and a member of
    the GOP. So, he thinks what position should I take to help defeat
    Obama and increase GOP members in the House and Senate.
    If I declare the law unconstitutional, the GOP campaign to repeal and
    replace Obamacare wont work any more. Therefore, Romney
    loses a chance to rally the conservative base. However, if I say the law is constitutional, then Romney and the GOP have the battlecry
    intact. Therefore, I will even call the mandate a tax and everyone
    hates a tax, and I will go one step farther, and say every
    state can opt out of the medicaid requirement with no penalty.
    Far Fetched? Well, the decision seems to be playing well for
    Romney and the GOP candidates, even contributions are UP.
    I sincerely doubt that Roberts is becoming another Earl Warren!

    1. For the sake of sharing responsiblity for my mother, I hope all the negative I hear regarding The Act’s effect on Medicare is just hype by the desperate fringe.

      And I’m already hearing the hysterics from the extreme Right trumpting the importance of voting for Romney. Once again we see the absoulte need for getting the truth out there.

      1. hysterics from the extreme Right

        What else is to be heard from that clutch of people? Did you expect any reasoned disagreement or alternate ideas?

        1. One could always hope………

          What ever happened to civility? Just got back from the family reunion. The “fringe” goes on and on about how bad Obama is and how bad The Affordable Health Care Act is for the Country. But you even mildly try to interject anything resembling the true facts and all you hear is “I DON’T WANT TO TALK POLITICS!”

          Well today I made the decision that if they are going vote uneducated in ways that adversely affect me or others, I have every right to shout right back. I constantly watch what I write here because you never know when one of those “fringe” types is reading and frankly, I think they’re all seriously nuts.

          I’ll just go back to my corner for now and cool down. But I’m not out.

          1. NON- the lack of general knowledge here in the Land of the Free is frightening, but the lack of political knowledge is astounding. As I mix with people at the Obama Headquarters here, I am dumfounded at this ignorance. Just yesterday Debbie Wasserman Schultz was at the Headquarters to give a pep-talk. Afterwards, a person asked,” Is she term-limited? I thought congress people could only serve two terms.”

            Apparently, to us political junkies, we expect the citizens to have attained the same level of political ken as we, but that falls very short. Rather, the majority of people, I’m afraid, run with bits and pieces of information as well as hearsay. So much for Civics Class 101.

            Another person feared that the Affordable Care Act, sanctioned by SCOTUS, could be overturned ‘on day one by Romney.’ Another said that they feared that the House would ‘overturn it’ in two weeks with their scheduled vote.

            Democracy 101.

            1. Hey, it’s true!!! I heard Mitt Romney himself claim that the first day in office he was going to repeal “Obama care”.

              Do you ever dream of having a law where politicians who intentionally lie get punished in proportion to the lie?

              1. Mitt Romney himself claim that the first day in office he was going to repeal “Obama care”.

                Well he can claim it, but the law is quite another. Yet, it is effective because many of his base followers don’t know the law either. Rather, they just parrot the line [lie] and ‘believe’ that they are correct. Of course, they ‘believe’ lots of stuff that doesn’t operate in our universe.

  8. Well, NON here is one for the “fringe types.”

    This is for you, M_R. Science is much more in your bent than
    mine, but here goes, lol. You are probably aware of the giant
    undertaking of European scientiest to build the Large Hadron
    Collider. It is a large underground circular tunnel to provide particle
    accleration to detect the existence of phsical properties whch could lead to the opening of the laws of nature. Since being built
    10,000 scientists from over 100 countries and hundreds of
    universities and national laboratories (Fermi, for example) have
    worked on the investigations. The building under the ground of
    France and Switzerland began around 2008 and testing and
    setbacks and accidents slowed the process, but beginning in
    2010 the collider began its work.


    That is the creation of the universe. You are also probably know
    about the scientific term, “the God Particle”. This is a subatomic particle that has been predictred by other data to exist, but so
    far there had not been enough proof. This is why the collider
    was needed. However, recently the word is that the experiments may have identified “the God particle.” The scientif name is Higgs boson. Up to now it was considered as only a strong possibility that it existed, or almost certain; now it will be “beyond reasonable

    Oh my, M_R, here we go again, lol….Science undermining the
    fundies! This is the scientific explanation for the origin of the universe and the non-neccesity of a “God”> What will this do to that creation museum ?

    A news conference is schedule for July 4 in Europe to announce the recent developments. Obviously, July 4 is just another dayin Europe..

    Moreover, you may recall that the United States was going to build it first in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but it got all tangled in politics and some religion(that “god Particle” thing) and it was discontinued after actually beginning the project. So, we have lost out on all the business and commerce gnerated by science. It has been Europe’s gain!

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