Knee-high by the 4th of July

Seems I’ve known that knee-high adage for as long as I can remember.  Of course, Toledo is surrounded by corn, wheat and bean fields, so watching corn grow is second nature to us in northwest Ohio. Yesterday my wife and I drove west on a day trip and I was amazed at the height of the corn.  Knee-high? How about neck-high! Yes, some fields had stalks up to my neck and it is only the last week in June.

The farmers are ‘taking’ their wheat early this year- many were out yesterday and other fields were already cut.  That’s usually an after-the-fourth project for farmers in this neck of the woods. The beans are doing well too.  So, what’s up with this early harvest and tall corn?  Could it be that event that right-wingers deny so vehemently?  You know, something about climate?

Today Toledo is predicted to reach 102° as most of the U.S. undergoes the hottest weather ever recorded. We will be +90 for the next 9 days.  No rain in the forecast, except spotty thunderstorms.  It hasn’t rained here in quite a while, although we had drenching storms two weeks ago. March temperatures broke all-time records in this part of Ohio after a non-winter. As the Cowardly Lion said, ‘Unusual weather we’re having, ain’t it?’

I always wonder the motivation of the climate-change deniers. Why the denial?  Like, what’s the reason for it? What do they have to lose in the acceptance of the widely-held hypothesis of climate-change? Have they made a long-standing bet with someone and they are afraid they are losing? Is that it? Or is it all about change itself?  After all, a large majority of deniers straddle the right-end of the political spectrum.

That right-end is a scary place for sure- an alternate reality in fact. Visions. Spooks. Ghosts and goblins! Hiding under the covers.  Boo!

Those farmers out in the fields yesterday used to be some of the most conservative voters in the state.  The GOP could always depend on their vote. I wonder if that is still true, however? Ohio farmers have been alert to the changes in the growing season, the rainfall patterns and the numbers of insects surviving frost-less winters. They know.  I wonder, though, if they are ‘buying’ the Tea Party right-wingers in the halls of Congress who blather and deny that there is any shift in climate patterns. Farmers may be conservative, but they haven’t lost their brains in the process.


3 thoughts on “Knee-high by the 4th of July

  1. Farmer Flag is at war with the birds down here!. I had a nice container garden going with 5 tomato plants and four cucumber
    containers, and 4 pepper plants. All planted according to hoile, lol…I have one cuke coming, 0 peppers, and a good crop of
    tomatoes. However, the birds have attacked them, damn peck holes
    in many of the nice big ones. I managed to save 2 of the bigger ones by bringing them in while still yellow. Another plant of medium size
    tomatoes has 18 in various sizes. I bring them in when orange.

    Thats the end of my gardening. It’s for the birds, lol

  2. Silly boy! If you ever watched Fox News you’d know that the Earth has gone through several warming and cooling periods before. I suppose you could find one of these periods if you look back every few million years.

    What’s that you ask? Why yes, the Earth was created only 6,000 years ago by “God” in six days. What’s your point?

    And a couple of years ago one of the faithful wrote in to The Blade pointing out that Global Warming was just a myth because it was cold outside right now.

    What do you mean? I already told you it was a couple of years ago. In February if I recall.

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