Those Idiotic Seniors on the Cruise Ship

I’m a senior, but I haven’t lost my mind nor my sense of fairness.  Too bad that so many seniors have. I’m often ashamed of other seniors who feel that they are entitled to so much. The photo below came from CNN and, if I can read it correctly, a bunch of Medicare seniors are saying ‘No!’ to the Affordable Care Act.  I wonder if any of them were in similar photos back in 2009 that showed Medicare Tea Party activists saying the same thing?  Pathetic.

‘I’ve got mine, now you get yours!’

  Some seniors have been referred to as, ‘The Greatest Generation.’  I’m  younger than this group who served in WWII and who came home and moved the Middle Class to epic proportions during the late 40’s and the 1950’s. This group knew what it meant to share; after all, they shared their blood and guts on the front lines and their ambition and talent on the home front during those long war years.

The people in the photo above, however, aren’t from that generation. They never fought in WWII.  They, like me, were kids at that time and we, the children of the soldiers, had just about everything we wanted in that post-WWII decade as America boomed and the suburbs were paved and well-watered. Baby-boomers.

So who are these ugly people shown above? And why are they entitled to their own government health care, but not the next generation?  Who gives them the authority to grab-and-deny? What did they do for America that makes them so special?

My generation floated along on the ship that the Greatest Generation constructed for us. They were the ones who did the dirty grunt work.  They survived the Depression and the War. Did my generation not realize that?

They were the children of immigrants- immigrants who respected other immigrants because they knew the hardships of those not born in the United States.  Did my generation forget this history? Why are so many seniors against immigration these days?

Interestingly, today’s seniors love their grandchildren, but vote to deny them much of what they themselves enjoy. Fairly odd grandparents, indeed!

This generation, my generation, largely runs the Congress. The do-nothing Congress,  The special interests Congress. The Congress that appropriates 2/3 of a trillion dollars to the Defense Department each year, but votes to cut programs for the poor, disadvantaged and children. That Congress.  The one that supported the idiotic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They and I floated along in our 1950’s ship, enjoying the ride- the ship that the Greatest Generation built for us. Yet, we won’t allow any more passengers aboard our cruise ship. How narcissistic of us.  How greedy.  How truly un-American.

Baby-boomers. Crying like 2-year-olds!


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  1. First of all, thanks for a fresh post…If the previous post was still
    the current one, I was going to ask where is your sunday homily,

    “They were the children of immigrants- immigrants who respected other immigrant” Well, as long as they stayed in their own
    neighborhoods or on the other side of the tracks, or across
    the river.

  2. BTW, came across an interesting statistic yesterday and have to
    give it now, or it will be forgotten…my short term memory is not
    all that it used to be, lol…Anyhow, only 8% of Americans are
    involved in manufacturing, according to the Bureau of Labor.
    Eight percent, and yet we out manufacture any other nation in the
    world. There must be a story in there some where! Probably more than one, eh?

  3. Moreover, the word “entitled” was used. That is something I have
    been meaning to bring up… The world given to our safety net
    programs has been “entitlement”. Therein is the problem. An
    entitlement can be taken away. The right word to be used is that
    these programs are a “natural right”. A “right” cannot be taken
    away. Health care is a right, as is social security and food.

    1. The right word to be used is that these programs are a “natural right”.

      Natural right as in Paine? Or CLassical Greece? Or any number of other cultures?

      Yet, my friend, there are many [or at least the vocal ones] who don’t believe that any of us have natural rights. A person has to earn and deserve these privileges. And God forbid that THE GOVERNMENT gets involved! Oh no!! Not THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

      1. But, if it is a natural right, then it is a government function to provide it. Now, there is a question for Latta and his opponent.
        Do they view social security and health care as a natural right of
        citizenship or is it an entitlement which the government can giveth at any time and taketh away at any other time?

  4. Another good post – well done!

    I’d stipulate though that these grumpy old fat white people are NOT representative of the majority of that era – the era that came of age in the 60s. and 70s. They are the low information, low educatoin voters who love conformity more than freedom – or anyone else besides themselves.

    They are short sighted, greedy, fearful, and lack any understanding of civics, history, literature, and seem to have missed out on the main message of the major religions about love despite their faux piety.

    Not anyone i’d want to be trapped with on a real cruise ship, LOL. Can you imagine how boring the conversation would be at the assigned-dinner-seat meals? Ewwwwwwww! No amount of gourmet excess on plates could compmensate for that misery.

    1. They are the low information, low education voters who love conformity more than freedom – or anyone else besides themselves.

      Low information voters = true, but Conformity? Conformity is an interesting choice of words, Dog. If they [we] came of age in the 60’s, then we were the rebels, ie. Rock ‘n Roll and the styles of the rockers. How did the ones you cited above become conformists then? Or were they the ones who didn’t have fun during the Elvis years?

  5. Your comment Dog Gone reminds of a recent trip a friend of mine and wife took on a cruise to Alaska. He is a rancher and business
    man from Montana…Has a Masters in History from the University
    of Montana and was under the instruction of the foremost historian in Montana and is known nationwide on the corruption by
    business on the state politics of Montana. We taught together at two universities and then we were in business together. He was as
    liberal as you can be back then. However, in the last 15 years he has flipped and is now basically a teapary relgious fundamentalist.

    To make a long story short, the cruise I mentioned above was a tea party sponsored cruise..Do I need to say more, lol…He was in hog heaven. One night his dinner table included former Sec of Defense
    Rumsfeld and I had to listen to the rants and raves of how great this neocon is and how the liberals have tried to destroy a great man.
    Now, here is an example of a guy not being in “misery” at the
    cruise dinner table, lol…

    1. It is stunning that the man made a 180-degree shift in his thinking. I wonder what event in his life caused that shift? Often one can find a particular tipping-point. Do you know?

      1. Not really…It may have been his wife. She was born and raised a Mormon but coverted to Lutheranism, his religion. They were
        McGovern, Carter, Mondale supporters. The change started in
        the Bush-Clinton-Perot campaign, and they became supporters
        of Perot. At the same time, the wife became outspokenly right
        to life. It sort of increased after that.

        As you know, the SCOTUS this week reversed a 100 year old Montnaa campaign finance law He always talked about that law and his Master’s thesis was written on the exploitation of Monntana’s resources at the end of the 19th century by the mining companies and the railroads. And, I think, that there was some
        push book against all the government’s land use regulations
        affecting the ranchers and farmers. It’s a good question, I will try and ask him sometime. But, I am sure that he and his wife like
        collecting their social security check every month, lol…..

  6. Just for a reference point, my father was probably in the youngest group to fight in W.W.II and he was born in 1929. At the end of the war they really weren’t accepting anyone younger than 18.

    An doesn’t it just kill you that the biggest bitchers seem to be the ones already on government relief? I once heard Marcy Kaptur try to explain how the Affordable Health Care Act was exactly the same type of health insurance coverage Congress has now and it works wonderfully. In addition, Medicare is another successful program, operating now, that is run by the government and the new program is basically just an extension.

    Now for a math lesson. There are commercials running on Toledo TV that erroneously claim it will increase costs. Really? The people “they” are afraid will be covered by the new program now get treated in hospital emergency rooms at more than 10 times more cost to taxpayers.

    1. There are commercials running on Toledo TV that erroneously claim it will increase costs.

      And, NON, who is the target of that type of TV ad? Of course, you and I already know who ‘they’ are- the ones easily moved by propaganda.

  7. Well, NON, it just seems common sense that you can’t add 30
    million uninsured citizens and not have the cost go up. It’s not

    1. …you can’t add 30million uninsured citizens and not have the cost go up. It’s not

      How about this analogy: a cruise ship will sail from port A to port B regardless of the number of people aboard. The more customers, the cheaper the cost of sailing.

      1. Excellent! Too bad our government can’t run ads with simple analogy that more people would understand.

      2. I think that is an incorrect anology. I believe the CBO has no even changed it’s estimate of the cost upward. It seems to me that the only way to change the cost spiral of medical care is to change
        how doctors and hospitals are paid. Doctors need to be placed
        on a salary and not cya-ing themselves with added tests. And, we
        know that hospitals were covered by a secrt meeting at the White house, and Big Pharma too, that they would be all covered and come on board with Obamacare. We have to end “fee for service”. I believe the Cleveland Clinic is working on that with their doctors?

        1. I wouldn’t rush to put the blame on doctors, my friend. How about outrageous hospital charges? We’ve known that for decades [$15 aspirin]. Take my latest prostate biopsy @ the Cleveland Clinic: a 20 minute procedure billed for $8000! Why? Why? Because they have to grab from my insurance to pay for those with no insurance,

          On the CBO comment:
          “CBO’s actual revised estimate is that the “gross costs of the coverage provisions” — the money used to provide people Medicaid or private insurance — has risen by about $50 billion over the 2012-2021 period since its previous estimate, from $1.445 trillion to $1.496 trillion. That’s the only relevant change to spending projections in the report.

          When it passed in 2010, CBO said its 10-year outlays would be about $940 billion. But because the law isn’t set to be fully implemented until 2014, when the coverage expansion takes effect, that initial estimate included several years in which the law cost very little. Now that it’s 2012, CBO’s 10-year outlook captures more years during which the law will be in full effect.”

          Conservatives and right-wingers are charging that the cost ‘doubled.’ What’s that old adage about ‘figures don’t lie, but liars sure do figure.’

          1. Whatever the cost, M_R, how are we going to pay for it? We have
            a President waging a “nation building” war in Afghanistan for
            the last four years at a cost of 2.5B. That is money not being spent
            to nation build our own country, plus it significantly increases
            the national debt on which we pay huge sums of interest. The only program that makes sense is medicare for all. and not divert the
            money to private insurance companies.

            I did not leave hospitals out in my comment, M_R Just as doctors, hospitals want those extra test fees. My wife was in the E.R.
            recently for 23 hours. She was being treated there for heart
            PVCs and possible A-fibs. So she went thru constant EKGs,
            blood thinning injections, nuclear stress test, and
            echo heart gram. And the results were all negative…After all that a simple blood test indicated thyroid problem. Now, get this,
            instead of notifying her endocronologist , they totally ignored
            him, even though his offices are right there at the hospital. They told her to make an appointment to see him and she went home still with the PVCs. She is now on an increased amount of thyroid meds and feeling good. When she asked the endo guy why he wasnt notified and could have prescribed at that moment in the E.R. his response was that it is a hospital systems failure. The E.R. doctors were heart specialists and so they wuld not call in the endo specialist because that was not there concern; they only recommended that she call her endo for an appointment.

            As to your tests at Cleveland Clinic, the new data seems to suggest that we men should pretty much avoid the PSA test as it gives false negatives and then puts us thru the procedures that you have had. I believe it said that the finger exam by a competent doctor can tell if the organ is cancerous or not. . QUESTION: Does the Dr. get paid for the test or is he/she on a salary?

            1. The only program that makes sense is medicare for all. and not divert the money to private insurance companies.


              So what will SCOTUS decide today- to defend the insurance companies or to extend the natural law to all Americans?

              Isn’t that the choice?

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