Joe the Plumber Even Dumber


Get this: Phil Christofanelli, Joe’s campaign manager, suggested yesterday to the inquiring press that if only the black slaves on the plantations had had guns…  [the idiocy is squared]

Joe the Plumber links Holocaust to gun control.  Yes, you read that correctly! Samuel Wurtzelbacker, aka Joe the Plumber, released a video of himself shooting apples with a shotgun and linked gun control to the success of the Nazis in the Holocaust. Yes, I know, but that’s what he said. Last week he pimped the Bible to Catholics; this week the Holocaust to the Jews. The ever-pimping, albeit ignorant Joe the Plumber digs a deeper hole day by day.

CBS News quoted Wurtzelbacker,

“In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.”

“I love America,” a smiling Wurzelbacher concludes.

Does the word pathetic even come close?

Not only does the video scream idiocy, but his defense of what he said may suggest a much-needed lobotomy: “If people are looking to be offended by this video, they are probably serving a political agenda. Unfortunately there are a lot of whiners out there.”

He’s a candidate on the GOP ticket for a seat in Congress. Too bad that there aren’t entrance exams for that position- perhaps in World History. His campaign spokesman , Phil Christofanelli, said “there’s nothing offensive” about the video and discussed how gun control may have led to slavery in the United States too. Christofanelli said [hold onto your chair] “Joe is a student of history.”

Two years ago the GOP candidate for Ohio’s 9th district was photographed playing dress-up as a Nazi SS officer. He admired the German SS, he said.  He was summarily defeated for that congressional seat.

Nazi fantasies apparently are alive and well here in northwest Ohio. I wonder how common this idiocy is in backwoods Alabama? Or is it pervasive all across the land? The TEA Party: defining imbecility, one person at a time.


13 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Even Dumber

  1. Christofanelli, spokesman for Wurtzelbacker, is himself a bit of a whiner. A few years ago he attended college in Missouri [UMSL/UMKC] and took a course called, Labor Studies. Rather than learning about the labor movement in America, the right-wing student took the university to task in a YouTube whine. He charged that it was nothing but communist propaganda and indoctrination. Luckily for him, he was not a ‘victim’ of the indoctrination and today leads a perfectly ‘normal’ life as a Tea Party member and spokesman for Joe the Plumber.

    1. M_R, turn your muck rack on Latta. Scoop his crap out. What’s his postions on unions, immigration, jobs, Syria, Iran, farm
      subsidies, climate change, and the other hot buttons.

      Hey, did you hear about the Texan who is funding a way to
      encourage trerm limits? He is funding the opposing candidate and has already defeated something like four or five incumbants. He is bipartisan, not just one p{artuy, just get rid of the
      incumbant. Now, there is a pack I could support….

      1. The Latta supporters? You mean like Joe the Plumber? And the farmers in Putnam and Van Wert counties?? Not a chance of changing their far-right political positions.

  2. Regarding the Plumber and his spokesperson: do you find them delusional at best? The boast that Joe is a ‘student of history’ is laughable/ delusional. The poor man.

    Then there is Phil Christofanelli who brags on his blog and on the YouTube that he ‘took on the elites of the university.’ Took on? Or was he merely a whining ex-student who didn’t like the professor or his class? The poor man. By the way, I wonder if he actually got a degree or did he ‘attend’ the university?

  3. It’s so seemingly bizarre that a marginally sane character like Wurtzelbacker could parlay his brainless, self promoting ambush of The President touring Toledo neighborhoods into a political carreer…reinventing himself, becoming a fictional character as part of the process. But then again, the entire Republican Presidential campaign is focused on a fictional character. Romney in effect has become the man with no real identity. He will not speak about himself, he obscures his real life, constantly rewrites, lies about and reinvents historical facts to fit what ever person he thinks he needs to be.
    Obviously, you do not need me to point of the absurdity of Wurtzelbackers distortion of reality in the ad…The Armenian Holocaust was caused because the Turks banned guns? But this is the kind of crap that obscures the real issues. The man must have some kind of backing from the NRA to use this issue as the focus of his campaign.
    This is more about the real destruction of democracy by corporate lobbyists and anonymous PAC donations.
    I am so grateful that I do not have to think about this jerk on the next time I have to vote.

    1. …and yet, Microdot, he will receive tens of thousands of votes in November by like-minded dolts. The word scary doesn’t come close in describing what goes on inside of their skulls!

      1. MD says it well, M_R, “I am so grateful that I do not have to think about this jerk on the next time I have to vote.”

        I am confused why M_R wants to waste his time on Joe when he is no longer in the 9th District. He lives in the new Latta District
        and woul expect his fine writing and oratory to be taking on Latta.
        It’s not that you have to defeat Latta this time. It might take 2 or 3 more elections to do that, but it has to begin. What was that quote that JFK gave: “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first

    1. Laci- although you have given us 2 links and many of us learned our WWII history years ago, there is a large clutch of under-educated people here in the Land of the Free who ‘believe’ the nonsense. Why? First, because they WANT to. Second, because they ‘heard’ it- you know, someone said that, ergo, it is true.

  4. Another good example of believing in the concept of just wanting to believe that one believes rather than actually believing in anything real.

  5. Joe the fake Plumber more than proved himself to be a fraud and an absolute idiot 4 years ago. This worthless malcontent must NOT be elected to Congress.

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