Taliban Forbids Polio Shots; Vatican Forbids Condoms

Do these two headlines summarize the idiocy of religion? Or, must I give more examples to change your mind?  Well, I won’t. Enough said.

During a dinner conversation last evening, I was reminded of the deep-seated fear held in the hearts of many of the less-well educated  citizens of this nation. The woman across from me spoke of her mother-in-law, a 7th grade drop out, who lives south of here and is both a fundamentalist Baptist and a right-winger. Are the two inexorably interwoven? Did I mention that she hates President Obama?

My friend told of an ugly scene at the deathbed of a family member wherein her husband, a non-religious fellow, was forced to ‘accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior’ before the dying man drifted out of existence. The Taliban. Such medieval stuff; such an awful fear-based life and/or death.

Fear. How much of what goes on in this world is fear-driven? Oh, not the natural life-preserving fear innate to our species, but the absurd fear-mongering whipped up by both religious and political leaders. ‘Obama is a Muslim’ seems to be rearing its ugly head once again. Of course, for many of us with the intellect switch in the ‘on’ position, we might retort: ‘ and so, if he was?’ Yet, for right-wingers, this sentence seems to release a pound of fear-feces festering within their bowels.

That line from FDR comes to mind, yet I wonder if a large swath of our citizens need fear- in some perverse symbiotic relationship- in order to justify their own existence. Although a psychiatrist could easily label such behavior [Freudian and/or Jungian] to me it is much more simple- children, bathed in fear [or is that baptized into fear?] grow up to be fearful, suspicious and superstitious adults, ripe for propaganda infusion. Sponges, really, programmed to absorb anything spewed by an ‘authority’ figure such as a pastor or TV/radio personality [Limbaugh, Hannity].

Are we that far removed from the German scenario that played out so badly 80 years ago? Have we have forgotten the power of fear and propaganda especially in unstable economic times? Could it be that right-wing politicos find this time in American history ripe for the infusion of massive amounts of  fear and race/ethnicity bating? What would the agenda be for these powerful people? What do the puppet-masters hope to gain after this scenario plays itself out in November?

Aye! There’s the rub.


9 thoughts on “Taliban Forbids Polio Shots; Vatican Forbids Condoms

  1. “is both a fundamentalist Baptist and a right-winger. Are the two inexorably interwoven?”

    There is a new book out on that very topic, and it is written by
    an evangelical sympathizer. It is called something like “Teaevangelical”. It’s about the blending of the reactionary right with the evangelical movement. Have you heard about it?

    1. Brody File Book ‘The Teavangelicals’ Is Now in Bookstores! Get The Inside Scoop

      And so it begins… The Brody File’s new book, The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of How the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America, is now available in bookstores!

  2. Well, my friend, I hope that they don’t build these fences so high on our southern and northern borders to keep foreigners out that we can get out if the time comes, lol…..

      1. Couldn’t the trust be built upon their faith? “Fear of eternal
        damnation” may fade into the background because of their faith
        in the word of God and in Jesus’ saving grace. Once they have
        accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they are saved from that
        eternal damnation, so wouldn’t faith then replace fear?

        1. Don’t know and never will know. So as the logic goes, in that they have already been saved, then this earthly life is of no particular consequence to them, eh?

          1. Exactly, my friend. Besides that, the end days are coming. So, for
            either of those reasons, they believe that nothing needs or can be
            done to change life at this point…But, they have to “make way for
            the Lord”, right? So, they support a military build up to get us involved in the “holy land”. I think that you are correct when you wirte, “this earthly life is of no particular consequence to them…”

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