Joe- Dumber and Dumber

Joe the Plumber [who is neither Joe nor a plumber] seems to have gotten dumber since he burst onto the national scene during the ’08 presidential campaign. He’s currently running for Congress against long-serving Democrat Marcy Kaptur. He’s an author, too. His solitary book is Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #442,855. Six are for sale on Amazon for 1¢.

Today Samuel Wurtzelbacher [his real name] and I were at the same event in Toledo. At the county courthouse in downtown on a amazingly sunny day, a few hundred conservative Catholics gathered to protest the Affordable Care Act.  Their beef? “Religious Freedom.” Catholic organizations don’t want to pay for birth control.  I suppose you thought that there was a compromise with the Catholic church and the Obama administration on that. Well, there was, but it was not good enough for this clutch of purists. So they gathered, sang songs and listened to speeches.

Interestingly the host and one of the speakers touted that the gathering was non-partisan. My arse! Innumerable times the crowd heard anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anti-Democratic rhetoric. They were told to go to the polls and vote Obama out of office.


That’s why Joe the Plumber was there- because it was non-partisan.  He had fliers and a Bible. Too bad that Joe [Sam] didn’t know that Catholics don’t read the Bible. He was pimping for Catholic votes with a Bible in his hand!

Then there was the campaign literature that he handed out. Check out the panel below:

Yes, this is the skyline of Cleveland.  Trouble is, the congressional seat he is running for is not in Cleveland. It runs from Toledo to the western part of Cuyahoga County, but not into Cleveland.

Poor Joe: he didn’t know.  Apparently he likes the skyline of Cleveland more than the skyline of Toledo.

Oh well, what can one expect from a guy with an odd name.  By the way, did you know that during the primary earlier this year, three voters charged the Board of Elections with voter fraud because they couldn’t find ‘Joe the Plumber’ on their ballot?

By the way, THIS is the Toledo skyline:


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  1. May I offer a constructive suggestion? I think the content of this post – which is another wonderful effort – would make a better LTE – Letter to the Editor, better yet – more than one (send different one’s, at different times a week or two apart, to different area publications – a large metro daily paper with circulation in the applicable districts of Cleveland and Toledo, but also smaller more local area weekly papers, spaced out over a month or two).

    I think that little detail about Joe the Plumber not being found on the ballot is hilarious. I’ve seen our ballots have in parens someone’s more common given name, for example, but not that kind of name.

    That is absolutely hilarious!

    Muddy, could you share with us how you came across the information about the cases who were looking for ‘Joe the Dumber Plumber’?

    This was a very fun post on one level, and a very serious one on another. Applause for being able to combine the two so very well.

    1. Thanks for the kudos. Wurtzelbacher is an odd character altogether who is way over his head in the world of politics. I think he’s been forced into a role that is not his cup of tea, so to speak. He is quite unlearned and has a small set of talking points that he repeats nauseously.

      His 3 point plan, according to his [Cleveland] brochure are:
      End job-killing regulations…Keep taxes low…Protect our Veterans

      It would be interesting, although unkind, to ask him to list 5 job-killing regulations that are hampering job-creation in Northwestern Ohio. He just might stumble over his tongue. A similar result would happen if he were asked, ‘Which taxes ought to be ‘kept low.’ I’m sure that he’d say something about the ‘job-creators,’ but would he actually know that President Obama’s job-creation plan calls for lower taxes on entrepreneurs as well as other incentives for hiring workers? Would ‘Joe’ know that? Or does he think that the top 1% are the ‘job-creators?’

      I was going to walk up to ‘Joe’ yesterday and ask him if he was here to pimp the Catholic voters, but I figured that it would embarrass him so I kept on walking.

      Re the voter-name hoopla, The Toledo Blade mentioned the incident the day after the primary.

      1. Thought just came to me……if you run into Sam carrying a Bible for Catholics again, see if the Bible is the King James version.


    I wanted to go, but couldn’t make it. Thank you for going and showing that not all people in Northwest Ohio are nuts.

    Every time I attempt to broach the subject of the Roman Catholic Church’s behavior with my family, they overhaughtily reply they don’t want to talk politics. Excuse me, but isn’t that exactly what the Roman Catholic Church has been doing profusely for more than two decades now?

    1. Today’s [orthodox] Catholic Church is ALL politics- not the D’s or R’s but the politics of hierarchy. It is essentially the model of a kingdom, with lords, serfs and peasants. The lower classes of the church, as in a medieval kingdom, have no rights and no voice; they are told what they can and cannot do, what they must and must not believe and how much ‘tax’ they ought to give to the king.

      Interestingly, the lower-class members of this medieval model were protesting their “rights” in a 21st century democracy! The irony is stunning! Pathetic, but stunning.

  3. Ah, thanks, M-R, for a fresh post…I feel more like participating
    when i don’t have to fight my way through 30 week old comments
    and try to write something meaningful for discussion and then
    wonder if any one is going to wade the previous 31 to even notice
    it… I only wish your other “posters” would participate as Engineer did this past week. Well, we will just have to muddle through, much
    like Obama has done for these 3.5 years.

    BTW, would you list the reasons based on his performance, why President Obama should be re-elected?

  4. I thought, M_R, that 2010 census took your vote away from Kaptur and moved you into the Latta congressional district, not so?

    If you’re in that new Latta district shouldn’t you be more concerned
    about Latta than “Joe”?

    1. Latta is pretty much a shoe-in. If he gets less than 70% of votes cast, I’d be surprised. I remember his father raking in over 80% of votes cast even when he was running unopposed.

      1. Interesting comment, M_R, because it seems that you criticize me
        for living in a GOP state and congressional district. You seem to chide me for not working to end GOP control in this bible belt
        district, yet you and NON are suggesting that the GOP is a shoo-in
        in your Congressional district. I realize that the voting pattern for your district has changed since 2010, but by what number and percentage did Latta win in 2010? And, what is the projection for
        the new district in 2012?

        You know, even living in a majority GOP district, you are much better able to have change than I in my Mississippi district. What not hit Latta in the way Obama is not doing? I mean go after the
        job record of the House. Go after him as a tea party sympathizer
        who are only considered with ideology and not moderate change.
        Go to Obama’s JOBS BILL and show it is really bi-partisan and
        that economists of all stripes say that it would have put over 2 million to work. Do they really want less fire and police to help
        them, and less teachers for their good schools? That is what Romney said yesterday.

        1. EVERY thing you listed to go after Latta for are the very reasons almost everybody in Northwest Ohio votes for him. People will go on and on about supporting Israel, but when you ask the reason why, you get a blank stare.

          And when you do mention things that could be very questionable, people will accuse you of making it up. Case in point: My very own mother. She depends solely on social security and medicare, but when I point out that Latta wants to reduce them, she calls me crazy. When I mention to my sister that her golden retirement package is solely a result of unions working with Democrats, I hear “I don’t want to talk politics”. And you think Latta wasn’t aware of Tom Noe’s raiding the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fund? Like many, he knew YEARS before it was public knowledge.

          STORYTIME: Way back when I was in school a school levy failed.

          1. ….The girl sitting next to me in English class mentioned her precinct voted 100% against it. I asked “How terrible, aren’t you embarrassed?” To my utter amazement, she replied, “No! We’re VERY proud of it.”

            When I mentioned that Bob Latta was rated the 7th most conservative Congressman, instead of disappointment, I always hear what a good thing that is.

  5. Read the article about the protest in The Blade today. So Bishop Blair kinda implies (section B, page 3) the “unfaithful” were the ones who attacked the Virgin(?) in Rosary Cathedral this week. I had to reread that part several times because I couldn’t believe he actually said that in public.

    Also, section A, page 9, Maryilou Johanek wrote an excellent column regarding today’s Roman Catholic Church. I’m calling my sister to suggest it might help mother understand my issues with the Church. The article might be available on The Blade’s website tomorrow.

    1. Your’re so MOD, Engineer! But, you know what I have been
      thinking about a little scooter to get around the neighborhood
      here in Mississippi…Could almost use it the year round down
      here in the “bible belt”, lol….take care now, man….

  6. Thanks for the lead, NON. Just read her artcle in the blade.

    Johanek says, ” A smaller Roman Catholic Church in the United States, burning with fundamentalist fever, will do the Vatican’s bidding without question.”

    Well, it seems to me that is nothing new. Maybe M_R, you can be
    helpful in showing how the local church has been on a rightist bent
    for some time now. Remember Father Leyland and how he was
    removed? Did any protest return him to his parish? I think that it is just so much the same, except now it plays into the culture of the

  7. Geez, M_R! Did you read about the 18 year old killed in Yellowstone? She wanted a closer look down in the Grand Canyon
    of the Yellowstone and stood on the very edge of the cliff. Yep,
    it gave way, and she plunged 400 feet down. Can you imagine
    anyone wanting that close of look of what was over the side?

    1. Uptheflag,
      I heard this on the news this morning, how horrific! I guess it became so tangible to me as my youngest will be 18 this August. I don’t even want to think how I would handle it if I lost her.

      OK Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts.

  8. How much of our income from wages ought to be taxed. That is,
    total taxes owed on the local, state, and federal level? No loop holes
    involved, just taxes. Should we be expected to work 12 months, but
    only keep the money we earn with our brains or body for only
    six months? Although a public school teacher and a welder can make the same income, should the school tgeacher working in a much more friendly environment pay the same amount as the
    welder who works in a unhospitable environment working in the
    heat and cold, in dangerous positions, with a hot flame and smelling noxious gases make the same? The teacher wouldn’t be in a nice
    secure building and classroom but for the welder who joined the
    beams to create the school building. Where is the equity not just
    in this example but in all other cases as well?

    1. Thinking about almost the exact same thing this morning. That’s a tough call. Capitalism would determine, by market forces, who gets paid how much for what job. Unions throw a monkey wrench into that, but without ’em you get abuse of workers when owners collaborate. And when unions get too strong, you get abuse of the owners of the capital )or the taxpayers).

    2. How much of our income from wages ought to be taxed.

      I’d say that the amount of tax ought to be similar to the tax imposed on paper income which is about 15% lower.

      Should we be expected to work 12 months, but
      only keep the money we earn with our brains or body for only
      six months?

      …or only from interest and dividends like Romney?

      Where is the equity not just in this example but in all other cases as well?

      Equity? Are you a communist??? This is a dog-eat-dog capitalistic democracy for Pete’s sake!

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