Fanfare for the Common Man

I thought that with the “Recall Election of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker” today, I would post this song by Aaron Copland called “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  The song was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra when American Citizens had a clear mind of who to empower and still had the fresh mind of the 1%, when left unchecked would allow their Greed, Predatory Capitalist, Conmen, and Thieving tendencies to take over.

It does appear that per the current polls today, Scott Walker will prevail this recall in Wisconsin.  But this is more to the fact that the current generation does not remember how many died, sacrificed all, to hand to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the rights to be treaded humanely, with honor, and respect.

Scott Walker has run a corrupt government, a government which has taken away labor rights and favored the wealthy over the average Wisconsin citizen, and allowed himself to be influenced and purchased by right wing interests led by the Koch Brothers.

It appears that time has taken its toll on the memories of this current generation of American Citizens of what it use to be like for the Working Middle Class before the 1930’s.  If Walker wins, it will be a major setback to the progressive movement, embolden conservatives, including the Tea Party Movement, and the other “Bully Governors”, and could affect the State’s vote plus the National vote for President and Congress in November.

Well I say, once again just like our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers knew, it is better to fight and lose, than sit back and allow regressive policies to be emboldened and affect the nation as a whole! We must not cave in, but instead, continue to fight for basic principles of fairness and equity! The current generation will soon have to learn this lesson once again but will have to pick up the fight for human dignity coming from behind the abuses and regressive mandates that will already be installed.  It would have been much easier to fight to keep what they already had.  I guess each generation has to learn their own lessons.

The true and sad outcome for the State of Wisconsin is if Scott Walker does win and keeps up the worker’s abuse legislative mandates, doesn’t the Free Enterprise System still work and applied here?

An example of what I am talking about is if I were a very good teacher or police officer doing my job well, wouldn’t I decide to move to a State that appreciates and rewards those professions with respect, dignity and honor.

What I am saying those good and talented employees will eventually move and relocate to an area where a living wage can be earned with respectful treatment, leaving the “Lesser Than” behind to fill those ranks in Wisconsin.  In the long run this is “Where Water Seeks It’s Own Level,” and the State Of Wisconsin will be the looser in the long run.

I am thinking of those who escaped the economic enslavement of “Company Coal Towns” of West Virginia.  Those with the intelligence, foresight, and clarity of mind, to move to other more economic opportunity areas leaving the illiterate, less intelligence, behind in those coal mines.  Are these the type of people you would want for a workforce pool to draw from, teaching your children or policing the towns and neighborhoods?

This is what Wisconsin is going to get should Governor Scott Walker withstand the recall.  Wisconsin was once better than this and still could be.  It will all be left to the voters today.

In conclusion, I do take comfort and solace with the fact that Freedom, Civil Rights, and Worker’s Rights, will be much like Pandora’s Box; once opened and let out, you can never force the Freedoms and those Rights that were once enjoyed by the Working Middle Class back into the Box, no matter how hard others try.  In the long run, these reapplied shackles of repression will be thrown off once again in due time.


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  1. Don’t despair just yet; it is quite possible that the rich won’t be able to buy this election despite spending 25 to 1 by Walker to Barrett.

    I was part of a vote telephoning effort yesterday; there were nearly 30,000 calls an hour being made by volunteers, which will continue through today.
    Many of those were inside Wisconsin, but plenty were outside the state as well, pitching in at the last minute to make their ground game stronger.

    People vote, even rich people only get one vote. We are the 99% and we ARE paying attention. And many of us think.

    I wrote a blog post just this morning about HOW enormously corrupt the Walker administration is.

    And even if there is a loss — the right can’t sustain spending 25 to 1 for the rest of 2012 and beyond. Either way the election turns out, by the measure of participation, we have already won.

  2. Hello, Engineer, good to see your post. If you havent checked down under M_R’s last post, I made a comment back to you. Am looking for your feedback. As to this post, I have some specific comments to make.

    First, you state, “it is better to fight and lose, than sit back and allow regressive policies to be emboldened and affect the nation as a whole! ” I agree completely with that statement. However, my friend, there is no leadership. The President, who was in Iowa and Minnesota and/or Illinois just a couple of days ago, refused to go
    over the border into Wisconsin, as if it is a foreign country. Clinton goes and gives a rip-roaring endorsement of Barnett, but Obama avoids it like the plague. Now, get this, Obama sent a tweet yesterday of one small sentence that he supports Barnett, a tweet! As you point out, it is on the line in Wisconsin, and they had the
    courage to rise up and campaign to empower the recall, and our
    Democratic President is missing in action. Oops, its Tuesday; he
    is down in the situation room picking the next terrorists and by-
    standers, he is going to murder..Yep, that must be more important.
    Have to save Afghanistan, even though he knows it’s been lost since he sent the additional troops, to hell with saving the United States.
    Unfortunately, for us, this is the way it has been with this President.

  3. Hello Uptheflag,
    Sorry for not following up and responding to your comment in the last blog. Please do not take it personally; I did not see or review the last posting your are talking about.

    Truth is I am very busy wrapping up loose ends before I fly out to Columbus this Saturday. I am spending as much time with my wife before I go because it will be at least a month before I can even get back home. We have been going to the movies and dinner, and then just holding her as we watch TV.

    I think that everyone already knew that Wisconsin was lost so if the President went in and made a high profile campaign with the lost coming, there would be no way to save face for the rest of the election. Kind of Damn if he did, Damned if he didn’t.

    Of course that being said I do understand your comments and see your points.

  4. I sort of figured that your were making arrangements for the move to Ohio. As you say above to my points, I too understand your meanings and comments. Sometimes, for the sake of encouraging discussion, I have to play the devil’s advocate, lol…Maybe after you get settled you can backtrack to the comments we both made under M_R Posts concerning the “common welfare.” I do have more to
    say under this current Post, but I think that they will only re-enforce what you have written.Have a safe move….

  5. The results are in from Wisconsin. Money won, and democracy lost.

    The United States is moving down the road from democracy to
    oligarchy and plutocracy. Can it be stopped? How do we stop it?

    1. except that the Dems wrestled back control of the state senate; that ought to put the brakes on any draconian right-wing legislation from Walker’s boys.

      1. Well, wb, M_R…You have been AWOL, lol…

        All that money and the loss of union credibility is worth one state
        senate seat? It’s worth all the talking points for the Reactionary
        GOP talking heads? Look at it this way too, M_R, all the money
        that was wasted on the recall could have been used to win back
        the U.S. Senate seat in November. Dems just don’t have the money
        machine to squander campaign funds like that. Moreover, Wisconson now has breathed life back into several GOP Governors like Kasich and McDonald, and Mitch Daniels and the FLA

        In addition, many voters are not sure of public union striking power. Far different story for private sector unionism. States really do have a revenue problem in paying out these large sums of retirement benefits. Taxes can’t be raised high enough to pay those costs, and continue funding them at the present level, it
        seems. And, to pay welfare during this Great Recession, thanks to Bill Clinton’s program of “ending welfare as we know it.” And, do
        all the other things like education and infrastructure. It’s easy to say about winning the State Senate back, but at what price? It just might be a pyrrhic victory….

        1. I hope the scares people enough to get involved and vote. The money thing bothers me, but no one (politicians) seems to want to correct it.

  6. “…would allow their Greed, Predatory Capitalist, Conmen, and Thieving tendencies to take over.”

    Precisely, Engineer. The farther we move away from TR, Taft,
    Wilson, FDR, Truman, and the muckrakers, the less is remembered
    what these men and women did to change the U.S. for the better and
    to encourage the making of the American Dream. For many since the late 1970s it has become the American Nightmmare.

    I like giving a quote and getting our friends to think about who said
    it, and how it applies today. Here is a quote:

    For too many of us the political equality we once had was
    meaningless in the face of economic inequality. A small group
    had concentrated in their own hands an almost complete control
    over other people’s property, other people’s money, other
    people’s labor-other people’s lives. For too many of us life was no
    longer free; liberty no longer real; men could no longer
    follow the pursuit of happiness”

    There are a couple more sentences which I will add later. So let’s hear it on whom the author is of this quote…..

    1. President Roosevelt’s speech before the 1936 Democratic National Convention Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1936 titled, “A Rendezvous With Destiny.”

      My favorite passage is:

      We do not see faith, hope, and charity as unattainable ideals, but we use them as stout supports of a nation fighting the fight for freedom in a modern civilization.

      Faith – in the soundness of democracy in the midst of dictatorships.

      Hope – renewed because we know so well the progress we have made.

      Charity – in the true spirit of that grand old word. For charity literally translated from the original means love, the love that understands, that does not merely share the wealth of the giver, but in true sympathy and wisdom helps men to help themselves.

      Unfortunately, we as a country have lost this wisdom, purchased away by “Corporations are people too,” corruptions.

  7. Very regrettably, last night the common man perished, having been buried in a tsunami of tainted corporate campaign cash.

    1. Hello Jack and Uptheflag,
      There in lies the $50,000 question. (Or maybe it is in the $Millions now) Do they think that voting to empower the rich, will make them rich too?

      Never before in history has this scenario proven to be accurate. If nothing else, the exact opposite is true.

  8. I know many teachers. The good ones probably won’t move, but they will go into the more lucrative private industry. Even the teaching environment and/or community support make a difference. Saying this might piss some people off, but it seems most good teachers choose to teach in non-urban school districts.

    I supported SB-5 in Ohio (it was later voted out). Then it struck me; we’re not talking about going back to the class distinctions of the 60’s, but the class distinctions in the early 1900’s.

  9. Wow, Engineer, you hit that quote of FDR right on. Here are the last couple of sentences:

    Against economic tyranny such as this, the American citizen could
    appeal only to the organized power of Government. The collapse
    of 1929 showed up he depotism for what it was. The election of
    1932 was the people’s mandate to end it. Under that mandate it
    is being endded.”

    I have now given two quotes from both Presidents, TR and FDR,
    one GOP and the other Democratic. Is there a dimes worth of
    difference in those two quotes? Nope, both Roosevelts saw the
    same malignancy infecting the United States. And both attempted to deal with it. They both angered Wall Street and their socio-
    economic class. They were Presidents of the people and not

    I tend to think that this country is in more danger today than in 1901 or 1933. This is because of technology and the legal doctrine that
    corporations are people. They both make control over the masses
    much more possible. Money makes the propaganda to be widely spread over all the newe media technologies.

  10. Hello Uptheflag,
    I really liked your statement, “They were Presidents of the people” and maybe it is because both were Freemasons. FDR was also a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite (just like I am) at the Albany, NY Consistory in 1929, and joined the Shriners in 1930.

    Both were very good men and the results are proven in their Presidential deeds. They should be emulated today…..but in today’s political atmosphere and we are in danger more today than at any time in our history, I say Wish In one hand and Crap in the other and let me know which one fills up first. :-)

  11. How interesting it is to read not only the Roosevelts but the other Presidents as well…Their words are live today. A leader today could be using the same words and rallying the 99%, but he/she isn’t.

    Can we imagine Obama using the word “tyranny”, “despotism” of the moneied interests, “organized power of government”, the people’s mandate”,”political equality”, , “economic inequality”, “small group control of other people’s property” “life was no longer free”, , “citizens must control the mighty commercial forces”, “unfair money getting” and a “small class of enormously
    wealthy and economically powerful men.” It seems to me that
    what needs to be said in this election year is just that, these Presidents. Not the betrayal Clinton.

  12. We will have to see what the future brings. If the President wants to keep his posistion, he is going to have to Go For Broke and let it rip. If he lays back and plays nice…..he is done.

    1. You are welcome, M_R, now if I just have the Posting ability, lol!

      Ok, now you said your back…Lets here your comments on the discussions please…..

      1. I am only marginally ‘back,’ due to my responsibilities with family and the Obama campaign- too little time to spend at the keyboard.

        1. November is a long way off, M_R….People dont really give a rip about the back and forth now….Too much other things going on
          during the summer…as we say in Texas, lol, people are not going
          to stay hitched, this early in the campaign. Play the registration rules and get as manyregistered, that’s the end game it seems to me
          for now…

          1. Tell that to the Obama people in Ohio. They have door-to-d00r shifts planned for all-day Saturday & Sunday and Wednesday evenings, plus phone banks M. Tu, W and Thrs.

            No rest up here in this state.

  13. The NYT editorial says re Wisconsin:
    “Nearly a third of union voters voted for Mr. Walker…as did nearly
    half of votgers from union households who were not union members.
    …Mr. Walker and his allies managed to convince even union
    households in a former labor bastion that bargaining rights for
    public sector employees were bad for the state…How did he do that?
    With the aid of more than $45.6 million, most of it from ouside the state, that paid for ads praising him for his “couragage” in taking on
    on unions and attacking labor for its “selfish” intransigence……But, from the beginning, the money behind Governor Walker was
    intended to turn a once-reliable blue state into a laboratory for
    Republican ideas, where business could grow free of union fetters,
    taxes could be cut and thousands of people could be removed
    from Medicaid rolls.”

    The last four words of the above quote was provided by Democratic
    President Bill Clinton when he enacted the bill “ending welfare as
    we know it.” M_R, when I see Clinton on a talk program now, it’s
    live waving a red flag in front of a bull, lol. In all his glibness, he
    has reversed the New Deal of FDR and LBJ’s “war on poverty.” A
    Democrat did this. With Dems like that, who needs the GOP?

  14. Engineer wrote: “if I were a very good teacher or police officer doing my job well, wouldn’t I decide to move to a State that appreciates and rewards those professions with respect, dignity and honor.”

    Seems reasonable, but which states would that be?

    You know, if I were a younger teacher or policeman, I would like at being self employed. If a teacher, I would look at sitting
    up a home schooling program and charge about $300 monthly,
    something along the classical lines. If I was a policeman, I would
    look at sitting up a protection service for homes, businesses, and

  15. M_R, you recently posted on Vatican criticism of Catholic nuns. Here is a follow up to that discussion.

    The nuns have responded to the Vatican statement through their
    organization “The Leadership Conference of Women Religious”.
    The Vatican accused the nuns of promoting “certain radical
    feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith” and failing
    to emphasize core teaching on abortion. The Vatican ordered
    a full-scale overhaul of the organization. The nuns are fighting back!

    Their statement says, “Board members concluded that the
    assessment was based on unsubstantiated accusations and the
    result of a flawed policy that lacked transparency….Moreover,
    the sanctions imposed were disproportionate to the concerns
    raised and could compromise their ability to fulfill their

    The Vatican studied the Nuns Conference for two years and
    concluded that “the organization has serious doctrinal problems”,
    and taking positions that conflict with United States bishops
    and undermines orthodox Catholic on an all male priesthood,
    marriage, and homosexuality, as well as abortion.They support the President’s health care plan on birth control. The nuns will
    travel to Rome for a June 12 meeting with the very orthodox
    Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. What is interesting,
    M_R our Jesuits are writing in support of the nuns. Their
    publication is “America” and it may be based at Georgetown
    University, a Jesuit institution

    1. Today a cluster of nun-supporters are counter-protesting the bishop during his anti-Obama rally at the courthouse. That will be a great clash of ideology for sure! Too bad you can’t be here for the confrontation.

    1. The bishop didn’t show up! But a Baptist preacher did [imagine that among conservative Catholics!] So did Joe the Plumber–carrying a Bible. Apparently he didn’t know that Catholics don’t read it. The fool!

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