The Butler Did It!

The Vatican is in lock-down mode after the butler leaked ‘sensitive’ documents to the Italian press.  How deliciously wonderful!

Today CNN is running the headline: No cardinal suspected of pope papers leak, Vatican says.

‘It’ will go on for some time at the joy of many in the Catholic Church who are fed up with the tight hierarchical control of the all-male club. This is happening as the Vatican investigates the Catholic Nuns for ‘purity’ and the Irish  wonder why the Irish priests were given a pass on child molestation. Just recently the hierarchy re-wrote parts of the Mass to show their assumed authority over the laity. All of this as more and more parishes are closing their doors as fewer Catholics find church attendance satisfying.

Past history is on the side of the Vatican as it was seemingly  been able to cover-up and squash dissension and scandal that arose in the church.  Here in 2012, is appears that this is no longer possible as more and more Catholics are fed up with this nonsense.

This feeling among many Catholics is that the bishops are an integral part of this investrigate-cover-up scheme. Just a month ago, these U.S. bishops came out against the birth control aspect of the Affordable Care Act, citing some nonsense about church-and-state boundaries. Most astute politicos read that maneuver as the bishops siding with the GOP against President Obama in the 2012 election. Some Catholics ‘fell’ for it while others understood what it was really about.

Now that the butler scandal has hit the fan, and the cover-up begins, will Catholic voters be as easily swayed to vote against President Obama as the bishops wish? And with the nun investigation scandal too?

I think that the Obama re-election team is much-less worried about Catholics moving toward the GOP this fall as the butler story continues to unfold and fester.


11 thoughts on “The Butler Did It!

  1. There is a huge group of Austrian catholic clergy pushiing back against the tyranny of the Vatican. I have to wonder if it is possible that this scandal – and it is surmised that the butler was NOT acting alone – will help them to gain some ground. I don’t see the Vatican pulling down a lot of sympathy for the leaks; it has been pretty hairy stuff that puts the pedophilia scandals to shame… by which I mean it is as bad or worse at the top of that religious hierarchy. This SHOULD give them some challenges to claiming any moral high ground — but I’m sure they’ll still try.

  2. I’m still waiting to hear what “leaked”. I have a dream…….That maybe these leaks will play in the United States and finally there will be some sort of justice for those who have been “shunned*” by The Church.

    * I recently made a personal decision to hold participating Roman Catholics accountable for the misdeeds of their church. Interestingly, I discussed this decision beforehand with a prominent Roman Catholic nun and she wholeheartedly supported by decision.

    1. When the current ‘investigation’ of the nuns became public a few months past, Chris Matthews had as a guest the head of the Catholic Sisters organization. She spoke eloquently and made the case that the bishops have no right nor basis for such an investigation. During the interview, Matthews said, “Why are all of the U.S. Catholic bishops Republicans while all of the nuns are Democrats?”

      The answer seems so obvious that I need not repeat it here.

  3. Do you think the Vatican will come out and support homosexual marriage?

    And, M_R, you haven’t taken my quiz on the authorship of the quote in the comment section of Kansas…..

      1. Bingo, M_R! No Bongo for you, lol!

        Yes, TR made that statement in 1912, as he ran for President. To
        think that is 100 years to the date from 2012, and we are in the
        same place. Those words could be said today, and they should be by every Democrat. There needs to be a re-birth of Progressivism
        today and not fear that the GOP will tag everyone who does so as
        anti-capitalist. Obama ought to be in Wisconsin helping the workers, instead of showing his back side. M_R, where is that
        TR of today?

        1. His comment sounded like a reasonable, responsible and caring leader. In fact, he usually made salient points about the need to rein in large corporate interests. If he were alive today, he’d be labeled a communist by today’s GOP!

          1. Wasn’t this the same GOP President who called for national health insurance, and issued regulations for the meat, drug(pharmaceuticals that is), and food industries? Did that “damn
            cowboy” do all that?

  4. Beware of this statement: “Here in 2012, is appears that this is no longer possible as more and more Catholics are fed up with this nonsense.”

    The Church is gaining membership among Latinos in the United States…The new immigrants are flocking to the Churches. The NYT just had a picture article yesterday of a Catholic Church in Brooklyn that has now 2500 attending Mass on Sunday. The question is how long will the Latino be a Democratic Party vote with the acceptance of a strong church laws against abortions and same gender marriage?

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