Fired-Up, Ready to Go, O-H-I-O!

Lately there has been much speculation and political musing about the outcome of the 2012 presidential race here on Man With the Muckrake. To me, it essentially boils down to a 4-letter word: Ohio. The regular readers of this blog have been shown the various ways that President Obama can retain the White House through an array of electoral college combinations. Further, it is also evident that Mitt Romney’s chances of gaining the 270 electoral number are not as varied; they all flow through Ohio.

Simply put: Ohio is the key to a Romney presidency.

The problem that Mr. Romney faces is that President Obama collected 365 electoral votes to a mere 173 for John McCain. There was a 10 million vote plurality for then senator Obama as well, although that does not ‘count’ in our archaic election system. The website is helpful in the pre-election analysis.

Two hundred seventy is the number needed to secure the victory. Mr. Romney will have to shave 97 electoral votes off from the 2008 ‘blue states.’ Some will be easy- Indiana is already rustic; North Carolina and Virginia, blue surprises in 2008, may turn red once again.  But those 3 states whittle off  only 39 of those 97. Where are the other 58? Even giving Florida to Romney still leaves a void of 31. Ohio’s 18 votes loom large in any Romney victory scenario.

Here is the county map of Ohio after the 2008 election:

That sea of red occurs in the rural areas of Ohio; they will remain red. There are few resources and a pittance of Obama surrogates assigned to these areas of the state. The blue areas, mostly urban and densely suburban, are the key to an Obama victory. The President’s hopes lie in protecting [maintaining] the vote in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Canton and Akron. Here are his numbers; Romney needs to whittle these down significantly to turn the 2008 percentages [51.5% 46.9%] his way. That’s 260,000 votes.

There are 19 Obama re-election offices already in operation in Ohio. Actually 20 because Toledo just added a 2nd office.

In a few weeks, as the college year comes to an end, hundreds of college students from around the country will be flowing into Ohio from ‘safe’ states such as New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island,  Washington, Oregon and California. Here in the Toledo area, there is already a ‘housing’ committee dedicated to finding homes for these interns. Later this summer and early Fall, many other ‘safe state’ volunteers will be joining the Ohio teams.  Not only from ‘safe states,; but from solid-red states too. My friend from Mississippi surely will want to come to Ohio this Fall to campaign for the President. Ohio will be the happening place this Fall. Check it out for yourself!

Here’s the Ohio cheer:

leader: Fired up! [Fired up! repeat]

leader: Ready to go! [Ready to go! repeat]

leader: Fired up!

response: Oh-Hi-Oh!


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  1. Obama campaign workers are looking for places to stay in Ohio. Campaign funds are needed for advertising, so free lodging would be great.

    I can’t walk door to door and I’m terrible on the phone. Donating money is easy, but I think more help is needed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think this election will have a huge impact on the rest of my life.

    Discussed housing someone in my home and spouse went ballistic. Reading your post this morning has brought it up again. Big fight looming as I feel very strongly about getting more involved. Since I retired I have been feeling great about helping political causes, even when we lose. At least we tried and every attempt gets out correct information to the general public. But his is one race I don’t think we can afford to lose. Stay tuned*.

    * If you hear about a murder out by the airport, I’m innocent!

    1. NWO- there are other ways of ‘getting involved’ but right now the campaign if focused on door-to-door and phone calling. You could get involved by hosting an Obama Informational Meeting at your home. Someone else does the program and you and your wife merely host the get-together.

      1. Thanks M_R! Have thought over night about what you wrote, and I know there are a lot of things I can do. I will be stopping at the campaign office this week. Thanks again. You’ve made my day!

          1. Two questions, M_R. What is your report on your knocking on doors this past Saturday? I see your still with us, so must not have met any knife wielding residents, lol…Secondly, buy what domain for $18?

            1. No knives, guns or pit bulls, my friend. I was in a suburban area rather than in the central city.

              The manwiththemuckrake domain.

              1. Now, get serious about your canvassing…What did people say? What did they say after you tried to overcome their objection? Did you turn some NOs to Maybes? What were the types of objections they gave to you and your group?

                1. My brother lives in Sylvania Township and he’s rude. He’s the one who got mad at the shocked look on my face when he told me Reagan should be added to Mt. Rushmore. He’s also the one who was upset when Bachman dropped out of the race and he had to support Santorum.

                  (He got really pissed when I told him I walked out of a funeral mass at St. Joe’s when they started the “Vodoo” stuff.)

                    1. Specifically? No, but he has many clones into which I have bumped throughout my journey in life. They got ‘stuck’ in a certain phase of adolescence and never moved forward from there.

                      I do not say the following with any reference to your brother.

                      These men, sadly, and for whatever reason, are not fully-functioning adult men and, as a consequence, often appear angry, nasty and arrogant; further, they often are intolerant of others who, for some odd reason, don’t ‘measure-up’ to the ‘standards’ which they have idiotically set for those others.

                      I’m reminded of the adage, Don’t throw stones while living in a glass house. Of course, NWO, you have lived your life along side of his, although, I surmise, as in a parallel universe.

  2. Oh, btw, M_R, did you read my comment about “mutual nihilism” on the Right and the Left? Thought that would generate some response, hehehe

  3. Hello Muddy and ALL,
    An EOK Update:
    I was flown out yesterday to Columbus, OH for a final interview with a large engineering firm there. It went very well so we’ll see…..I could be living in Ohio by early June. :-)

    It is too late for an absentee ballot for Maryland so I guess I will have to see about registering in Ohio…..I may even change my 150 year family legacy Party affiliation :-0.

    1. I hope that your job application comes through, Engineer. You’ll love Columbus as it is quite the interesting place- large enough to have most everything and small enough to maneuver. Have you yet eaten a buckeye chocolate?

      Let us know how everything works out.

      1. Muddy,
        Yes I have eaten made from scrach Chocolate Buckeyes as I had an Aunt that taught in the public school system in Columbus. I still have a cousin there that I need to look up. Of course I will bring my Ravens hoodie sweat shirts with me though should I take up residence. :-)

        When I was a Regional Sales Manager, I had the Ohio Territory and know the area from Cleveland to Columbus to Dayton very well. Yes the area of Columbus is very nice and clean. Just across the highway from the airport.

        I will keep you up to date on your e-mail address as things progress.

    2. That would be interesting, Engineer. If I make it up to Toledo to help M_R win Ohio for Obama, we might be able to meet up. It won’t be Nashville, lol, but it would work

  4. Hello Muddy and All,
    Well it’s official and the engineering posistion has been offered, I will be in Columbus by June 9th. I maybe off the blogs until I get a new provider set up when I get out there.

    1. OMG! Great! I’m in Columbus all the time. If you need ANY kind of help, you have my email address.

    2. Congrats. Engineer. Good for you! But, not much time to pack and relocate…I could never do it, lol…

  5. LEGAL UPDATE: A while back I asked if a township trustee could start the meetings with a prayer. Mr. Mud suggested I contact the A.C.L.U.

    I took his advice and it seems the A.C.L.U. was already on it. On January 17, 2012, the United States Supreme Court upheld an appeals court decision involving two cases where prayer opened the government meetings. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment was cited. The Court “approv[e] legislative prayer only when it is nonsectarian in both policy and practice.”

    >non·sec·tar·i·an/ adjective
    not affiliated with or limited to a specific religious denomination
    (including prayers with repeated references to Jesus Christ and to Christian themes)

    1. So the trustee could ask ‘the great Spirit of the Universe’ to beam positive neutrinos upon the assemblage. Or they could skip that altogether and get on with the important stuff on the agenda.

      1. Only if the Great Spirit of the Universe is nonsectarian. Which brings up a point I’ve always wondered about: Do atheist make up a denomination?

        (Yes, I know those “types” try to pray at public meetings because they know we won’t come to their church to listen to them pray.)

        1. Well, according to Webster, a denomination is a name or designation, especially for a class or group. Therefore, atheists, agnostics and snake worshipers must be a ‘denomination.’

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