Job Creators: My Arse


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  1. That man is an absolute truth-telling genus whose filmclip should be required viewing in every single classroom in the country!

    1. That man is a genius who’s film clip should be required viewing on every television and radio station in the nation until the election.

      Kids need to learn this, but so do adults.

      Better yet, let’s make this on a continuous loop in Congress before we have the next debt celiing go around to kill our country a little bit more each day. Republicans are economic death..

      Muddy I like this so much, I’m going to copy it, run it on my blog.

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  2. This morning on MSNBC there was a lively discussion regarding the ‘creation of jobs.’ The panel included a Harvard Business School professor along with other economists. One of the most stunning statements that came out of the discussion is that ‘perhaps we are paying U.S. workers too much.’ Another point concerned ‘regulations’ and their effect on productivity.

    To me, conclusions such as these harken back to the 1920’s when American labor was a cheap as dirt and regarded as expendable clutter in the workplace.

    Is THAT where corporate America wants to head? Imagine the effect on our economy and well-being if solutions like these become the norm for America.

    Forbes in March of this year posted a story titled, How America’s Wealthiest Get Rich. Topping the list with 143 billionaires is ‘investments.’ In other words, Job-Creators not needed; workers need not apply. One hundred two billionaires ‘earned’ their billions in Real Estate. Once again, Job-Creators not needed; workers need not apply. Seventy-seven billionaires ‘earned’ their billions from Finance. Workers, Job-Creators not needed. Ninety billionaires got rich off of technology which requires only a few, highly-skilled workers.

    So, 400 billionaires in America obtained their billions without the need of American workers. And Romney and the GOP want THEIR taxes reduced because they are the Job-Creators???

    My arse!

    1. “One of the most stunning statements that came out of the discussion is that ‘perhaps we are paying U.S. workers too much.’ Another point concerned ‘regulations’ and their effect on productivity.”

      Yes, I saw the Harvard Professor make those points. What struck me, M_R, was that the panel was mostly made up of progressives, Mika-Professor Rattner, the man who put together the GM bailout- the Washington Post Editoral writer- David Gregory of Meet the Press-Joe was not there today, and they all seemed to accept his conclusions. Rattner came right out and said he agreed with the Harvard’s Committee findings. Oh, Dan Senor of the Council on
      Foreign Relations and now the chief foreign policy advisor to the Romney Campaign. Mika did say that there was just too little time to discuss the issue and wants to schedule an hour discussion.

      The one remark that I remember is how are we going to pay the American manufacturing worker at $55 an hour plus benefits and the worker in Mexicoand Chinese worker makes $3-5.

  3. Hell Muddy,
    The recent outrage of Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, has come under increased scrutiny for his avoidance of paying U.S. taxes on money and wealth he made under the entrepreneurial benefit aspects found in this country… does this differ to Mitt Romney’s hiding his profits and wealth in the tax havens of Caymans Islands and Swiss Bank Accounts? Unlike Eduardo, Mitt has the nerve to think he wants to be made President…..and there are plenty “Mindless Republican Enablers,” “Low Information Voters,” “Eloi,” dumb asses who will vote for him.

    1. And, I believe that you know why this is so, Engineer. We have talked about it before under a previous post, where I said all the ranting and raving that M_R hits them with is not going to change their minds. And, I believe, that you agree with me that we had to move on and ignor this group of 30 to 40 percenters. And, the same is true of religion and the evangelicals and fundamentals and conservative catholics.

      And, why is that? It’s psychology,and here I can get into difficulty, lol, as I am no psychologist or have even taken a course in pysch.
      Let me suggest it is group psychology and that is the re-enforcer.
      They are members of a group that they trust in. The group and
      the trust keeps them together. The group is bound together by religion and an idelogy of small government. Religion teaches them that homosexuality is condemned by God and that it is a choice which is sinful and therefore they oppose it acting on a faith tradtion.They deny science as we very well know, and this leads to a denyial of reality. And to talk across this ideological divide is impossible. Moreover, it becomes a moral issue on both sides, nd this is why we cannot compormise in politics any longer. It’s mutual nihiulism. We are banging our head up against the wall, Engineer and M_R, to think that we can reason with them. The Right denies everything that is put to them…As the newly elected GOP senate candidate in Indiana said, the Dems have to move to the GOP position. Unlike science, the religious and political Right does not update; they stay in their reactionarism. There can be no consensus or co-0peration. And, isn’t that what we have seen not just in the last four years but in some ways since 1980? To be sure it is much more observable now.

      1. I think the swing vote will determine the election. If people are on the fence, they will vote for whomever they think is the winner and/or choice of the majority. If somebody shows up at their front door pushing a candidate, they will be more likely to go with that candidate who they will perceive as the winner because all these other people are taking the time to knock on doors.

      2. Hello Uptheflag,
        I do say I have to agree with you. There is the segment that we will never change their way of thinking but I say we have to target and get the information to those who can still think for themselves. “You only loose when you quite trying.”

        Yes there are time I too get fed up with the Ultra Conservative stupidity. That being said, I cannot leave only their voice to be heard. I have to put forth the sanity counter argument.

        1. (Well, M_R, it has just happened again, my reply to Engineer did not print…Good job, wordpress)

          1. I can buy the domain,, for $18/year if I want; or, you could. Then it would be a dot com rather than a wordpress blog.

  4. I studied in the Business Administration College of a liberal arts university in Ohio majoring in accounting. I made a living in mortgage banking. I retired early and live off investments now.

    Even I know that under-taxing the “wealthy” in the past and now has NEVER caused increased employment. And all I ever hear as a reason is “With the extra money, the wealthy create jobs.” So humor me, please be more specific how this financial model works.

    (And how in the hell did they convince the underemployed and unemployed this would actually work? Or to be more specific, why do they believe the crap like Fox News broadcasts as news?)

    May 18 1843
    “I prophesy in the name of the Lord God of Israel, unless the United States redress the wrongs committed upon the Saints in the state of Missouri and punish the crimes committed by her officers that in a few years the government will be utterly overthrown and wasted, and there will not be so much as a potsherd left.” — Joseph Smith, prophet of God and founder of the Mormon church

    May 18, 2012
    Breitbart News has rekindled the birther controversy with their:
    The Vetting – Exclusive – Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’

    NOTE: Do you think the birthers know about Joseph Smith?

    1. UPDATE: (Reuters) – Arizona’s secretary of state said Friday he had asked officials in Hawaii to verify that Barack Obama was born in their state in order for the president’s name to appear on the November ballot in Arizona.

      Ken Bennett, who is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chairman in Arizona, said he made the request on behalf of a constituent.

  6. Hello Muddy and All,
    I thought I would pass on this bit of information to show how ignorant and mislead the Conservative publics is. Well here is some food for thought and I suggest the Ultra Conservative Wing Nuts apply some “Critical Thinking” here.

    Mr. Joey Ricketts who touts as a prized possessions of owning the Chicago Cubs, has been building a political operation seeking to curb government spending that could reach a crescendo in August with an unexpected, multimillion dollar attack on President Obama.

    The over wealthy 1% Joey Ricketts expects to spend $10 Million on the anti-President Obama advertising, but in the same breath and voice is looking for political and financial “Corporate Welfare” support of tax payer’s money to make renovations to the 98 year old Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field baseball stadium.

    Yes, it appears that Little Joey Ricketts has $10 million for attack ads against the President but has no money to renovate his own Chicago Cubs’ baseball stadium and thinks it should be paid for by the Working Middle Class Tax Payers’ “Corporate Welfare”……Isn’t American Capitalism GREAT for Little Joey Ricketts?!?!?

    1. Engineer, pardon me but I am working on your previous reply as wordpress lost it in transmission.

      It just seems to me that there is this group psych on the Right and the Left. This amounts to roughly 40% on each side. In the middle are the Independents who possess about 20% of the electorate.
      As you write above, “those who can still think for themselves.”
      I seriously doubt that anyone on the Reactionary Right or the Radical Left can change their mind and support one side over
      their trusted side. However, I can see some on both sides moving into the Independent group, not many but a few. In addition, it just seems to me that we waste our time and effort in attacking
      the Reactionary GOP; they will only smile and just keep on going.
      And, we certainly cannot attack the Independents, less they move
      to the Right. It seems it must be an educational and common sense approach to them. Indeed, I am suggesting that we need to zero in on finding the Independent blogs and dropping comments
      there that are not rants but informative positions, like showing how Romney and the GOP has stupid thinking on private enterprise existing without government welfare. It’s a lie, and that needs to be conveyed to the Independents. Moreover, it seems to me that we need to organize in our own cities a group of 30 newspaper opinion writers, who would all be responsible for one
      letter a month, which would get around the rule that a person can only submit one opinion per month. We could even offer to be a
      “ghost writer” at times for anyone not being able to submit an
      article. It seems to me, Engineer, this type of activity would produce more positive results with, as you write, “the sanity
      counter argument.”

    2. Hello Uptheflag,
      Independent blogs is a very good idea and I agree that logical argumentation and promoting critical thinking aspects is the key to this election.

      Are you aware of any Independent blogs to contact?

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