Ohio as the New Keystone State

I’ve been fascinated by maps all of my life and, in my later years, especially political maps. Ohio, as anyone who frequents this blog knows, has often made the difference in who is sworn in on Inauguration Day. Take 2004, for example.  Had Ohio gone for Kerry, GW Bush would have been a one-term president. Those 20 electoral votes from Ohio made the difference. One state.

The most interesting political website for the 2012 election is 270towin.com. It is fascinating material for political junkies like me. Politicalphiles can manipulate the outcome of the electoral count by changing the colors of each state. It is terribly frightening to note that there are many ways that the contest will result in a dead heat! Barring that onerous outcome, it is noteworthy to fiddle around with the numbers and to note that Romney has quite the task if he is to unseat the President.

If one takes the 2008 map and chooses margin of victory view, then the solid blue states add up to 187 electoral votes, but the solid red states add up to only 71 electoral votes. Further, adding all shades of red add up to only 174 electoral votes, nearly 100 less than the 270 needed.

What about Ohio’s role in 2012? If one manipulates the 2012 state map and gives the following states to Romney [states that Obama won], then the GOP total is still only 266, 4 short of victory: Indiana, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa and New Hampshire.  Losing ALL of these states, Obama still has 254 votes without Ohio.  Those 18 + 254 = 272! Ohio seems to be the key to the White House.

Therefore, if you live in one of those solid red states, and wish to see a 2nd term for President Obama, come to Ohio for a week or a weekend, and knock on some doors in my neck of the woods. After all, your vote in November is pretty much wasted, as far as the presidency is concerned.


14 thoughts on “Ohio as the New Keystone State

  1. Well, M_R, didn’t you learn anything from the lady answering your knock on the door brandishing a knife in her hand?

    1. I learned that the woman was terribly afraid of living in her own neighborhood and that she had a problem trusting strangers at her door.

      1. Well, I know that I would not be going into those neighborhoods.
        Why waste time in the base neighborhood?…It’s the Independents that will give OH to Obama. Talk to the Independents and the
        18-26+…That is where the election is going to be determined, not with the base…

        1. The incident to which you referred, my friend, was in 2010 when ‘they’ didn’t come out to vote and, as a result, we got our right-wing governor.

          I doubt if much if any effort will be directed to that area this time. Rather, the targets are in the suburbs north and west of the city [Sylvania, Springfield, Holland] where the people actually DO VOTE.

          1. And what is going to be the pitch to these seemingly GOP areas? Is this where you have been getting the negative responses to health insurance and gay rights?

            1. The Sylvania area went for Obama in 2008 by a slim margin. Intelligent people here, you know. We’re knocking on doors this Saturday and I’ll report how we are received in that area.

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      At the top of your screen (probably upper right side) you should see the word “Safety”. Click on the dropdown arrow (little black triangle) and select browser history settings. Look for the setting for erasing/not erasing browser history. These directions might not be exact for your particular browser version, but it should be close. Good luck!

      1. Oh, it this doesn’t work for you, try adding this site to your “trusted websites” list. If you don’t trust adding “unknown” cookies to your computer, this way is safer.

  3. What: Go door to door in Toledo

    Where: 4833 Dorr Street
    Toledo, OH 43615

    When: Saturday, May 19th
    Shifts start at 10:00 am

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