6000 Years Ago God Created Marriage

There it was in black and white in a guest editorial in the Toledo Blade: “Some 6000 years ago God created marriage. Real marriage.” Not surprisingly this dimwit statement was made by an evangelical pastor of one of the largest congregations in Toledo. Pity the congregation who say, Amen! May I add this footnote of my own: Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

What DO you do with an entire congregation of cement heads? Not only here in one church in northern Ohio, but all across this land. Thousands upon thousands of people sitting in pews each Sunday [and Wednesday] being filled with complete nonsense.  And they vote. There’s the frightening part! They show up at the polls to elect the leader of the Free World.

Six thousand years ago, he said. Amen! they say.

I assume that the good but unread pastor was referring to the ‘creation’ story in Genesis in 4000 BCE. The ‘first people.’ Except for the Egyptians, Sumerians, Mesoamericans and Turks among hundreds of others who ‘existed’ way before Genesis.  Do they count, Pastor Scott?

Take the site in Turkey named Göbekli Tepe. The site isn’t just old, it redefines old: the temple was built 11,500 years ago—a staggering 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid, and more than 5,500 years before Eve ate the apple.  The ruins are so early that they predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture. Here lay the first embers of civilization.






But not at The Church on Strayer where Tony Scott tells the faithful that God created Adam and Eve ‘some 6000 years ago.’ And the nod and say, Amen!

What about marriage? Did God marry Adam and Eve 6000 years ago? Who was the best man? Who was the bride’s maid? Did they have a marriage license? What were their vows? Was apple pie served at the reception? And who came to the reception?  Further, whom did their children marry? Brother marries sister??

To extend the idiocy even further, why did ‘God’ permit David and Solomon to have concubines in addition to many childbearing wives? For the Bible says in the Books of Kings  that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Sorry Pastor Scott, but your biblical righteousness hits a brick wall.


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  1. You know, I’ve been reveling in the images of Gobekli Tepe for the last month….Their esthetic was so sophisticated and it is so unique that it seems like it belongs in a sci fi movie…Nothing to do with the Egyptian esthetic and only vaguely related to the Assyrian culture which came after…The site indicates an incredibly advanced culture. It says a lot about the development of civilization and ideas. How an entire civilization could rise, fall and be buried in the sand centuries before anything like it arose again.

    1. Microdot- you win the door prize because you have made the 7,000th comment on the blog! The door is in the mail.

      The Gobekli Tepe site is rather si-fi-ish in that it doesn’t seem to fit into this time capsule; it appears to be of a later time period in its sophistication, style and artistic representation.

      I wonder if Pastor Scott ever heard of the site? Well, actually I don’t wonder at all, except for the ‘wonder’ of the dullness of the evangelical brain.

  2. How does that relate to the Lascaux mural art however in France?
    I’m a fan of paleolithic art, including the various neanderthal carvings known collectively as Venuses, although the actual images are not all female forms.

    Those art pieces are 35,000 years old, and also indicate not only family and tribal or larger than familial groups, but also suggest abstrat thought, including possibly some of the earliest concepts of god, death and afterlife.
    Clearly such organization of people with exquisite representation of themselves and their surroundings – especially animals – is FAR older than 6,000 years.
    These people are simply bone ignorant, factually inaccurate, and often biblically illiterate — like the Tea Party person mentioned on Engineer of Knowledge’s blog who thought that if the King James bible was good enough for Jesus it was good enough for him. Or the notion that God favors monogamy when all three of the Abrahamic religions, so far as supported by their respective religious texts, clealry favor polygmay (along with slavery, including sexual slavery). We also have bizarre citations of the Bible to justify opposition to masturbation, based on Onan (you know, the guy who ‘spilled his seed upon the ground’). In point of fact, Onan got in trouble NOT for masturbation but for failing to comply with what was termed a Levirate marriage, where if your brother died, you were supposed to get his widow pregnant with the next closest similar DNA. Onan instead engaged in coitus interruptus, not masturbation.

    I do find a good biblical background is useful when one encounters the ignorant fundies, especially the ordained ignorami. Would that be the polar opposite of the illuminati????????????

    Ah, the right is SO terrified of their sexuality – or anyone else’s. And science, especially when someone is knowledgeable about the science of sex. You can just see them clench if you start blythely discussing subjects like semen activation or the finer points of the acrisomal response….

  3. Hello Muddy,
    I too have come in contact with those “New Earth” mindless and as you have said, they let these people vote. Even when you present actual facts showing the inaccurate aspects of what their beliefs were….well they were just disregarded that information because it did not support the facts of what they wanted reality to be. Self-Inflected Ignorance.

    Now this is why I enjoy this site is because you do learn new and actual facts all the time. I was not familiar with Göbekli Tepe before and enjoyed reading and EDUCATING myself on this topic.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Engineer. I was saying to my wife yesterday that I do not know how anyone with a college degree could attend that church, sit in the pew, and absorb the gross scientific/archeological fallacies that are at the ‘core’ of their belief system. Some Sunday morning I’d like to sit in their parking lot and observe just who these people are as they arrive for services.

      The national trend, fortunately, is for more and more tolerance of people with differing life choices; but not in these evangelical churches. The other day, as we were making calls on behalf of the Obama reelection team, one of our team reported that she was told, “We’re Christian and we’re not supporting Mr. Obama and his gay agenda.”

      Of course, this begs the question: what would Jesus do? But, of course, there are Christians and then there are Christians- which is the very root of today’s theological conundrum in Christian churches.

      I recommend Engineer’s current post for a deeper look into the oddly ignorant Christian right: http://engineerofknowledge.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/the-full-quiver-project/

      1. The problem is that there is now a whole assortment, a liinking network, of militantly Christian colleges that teach this same kind of non-factual beleif system, which they take to mean that if they heard it in college, it must be true. Which is the same premise as if the national enquirer or the Weekly World News put up covers claiming that HIllary Clinton back in 2008 was selecting big foot as her VP candidate, it must be true because otherwise they couldn’t print it.

        These people are willfully, militantly ignorant; they are the Christian equivalent of the Taliban. They don’t want to know, and they hate the schools for teaching fact that makes their faith in falsehoods look bad.

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