are you aware of Kosher elevators?

are you aware of Kosher elevators?

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  1. Well, what is to be said at all about any ‘religious’ talk? I find it utterly amazing that here, in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, so many Americans are so mesmerized by religious voodoo- the same voodoo that ruled [literally] the lives of 11th and 12th century people! It is mind-boggling.

  2. On a Friday night in the late 70’s in Manhattan on West 38th Street, when I was a bike messenger, I did a delivery and picked up an envelope to go to another location…I got on the wrong elevator and it took me 17 minutes to get to the street level. The Kosher elevator automatically stops at every floor so the devout do not have to sinfully operate the mechanism after sunset on Fridays…technically it is forbidden to even turn on a light switch. Now the head Rabbi in NYC has even ruled that riding in one of these trayfe devices is sinful after sunset on Friday. So nu? Oy Gevalte…30 flights of stairs? Well, at least it’s down stairs…..

  3. “Sarkozy faces a slew of probes after immunity ends”

    So we’re not the only democracy that needs help……..

    1. Yeah, with sarko, the fun has just begun….he spent the last week of the election denying the Libyan/Gadhaffi illegal campaign funding for 2007. The story has been bubbling for a few years, but the French site, Mediapart has the goods…so, he threatened to sue Mediapart for slander, they turned around and filed charges against him for calumny. They have the letter and the testimony of Gadhaffi’s Prime Minister who is in prison in Tunisia. The Ex defense minister of Libya turns up dead in the Danube last week…what was he doing in the Danube in Vienna? Good question as he only had one arm and didn’t swim. On Thursday, Mediapart revealed that they had the transcript and recordings of the phone calls Sarkozy made to Gadhaffi days after his election about an arms and nuclear deal. He always denied it, but now the smoking gun is there. This particular imbrogilio directly involves the last 2 Interior Ministers of Sarkozy’s government on a criminal level.
      To his credit, Hollande stated he is doing away with the constitutional presidential immunity that Sarkozy hid behind.
      But the Libyan deal is almost small potatoes compared to the ongoing Karachi Submarine scandal, which has been simmering for almost 10 years, or the Bettencourt/Oreal money drops….
      Stay tunerd…Sarkozy has kind of dropped out of sight…the real transfer of power is on Tuesday, but he’s already out of the l’Elysee and supposedly down at Cap Negre, helping Carla with her record…..
      You want French political gossip?…you came to the right place! I got lots of good stuff!

  4. Moren French political gossip…pay attention to the legislative races coming up in June. The Leader of the Front National, Marine LePen is being challenged head on by her worst nightmare, Jean-Luc Melenchon, the very popular leader of Le Front Gauche for the seat she thinks is is her throne of power in Eastern France….both very populist leaders but extreme right against extreme left…addressing the same issues that are decimating and inflaming the common people in that part of France…Melenchon speaks of economic reality and LePen tries to use racist nationalism…..Both were presidential candidates and ran neck and neck in the polls!

  5. Never, ever thought I’d see the day when I wondered why Europe “gets it”, but the U.S. doesn’t…….

    ” BRUSSELS – The European Union says continuing Israeli settlement activity in occupied territories and ongoing evictions and demolition of Palestinian homes threaten to make a two-state solution impossible.

    Foreign ministers of the 27-nation bloc emphasized on Monday that “settlements remain illegal under international law.” They reiterated that the EU would not recognize any changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem. ”

    Seriously, how long have most of us here in America already known this?

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