So What’s Romney’s Plan Now that Sarkozy is Out?

With the election news out of both Greece and France this morning, I’m wondering how the Romney Camp will be playing these results. The French elected a socialist!  Gasp! Yes, a real socialist. What did the French dislike about Sarkozy? His snarkiness or his economic policies? Both, really. During his tenure and after the financial crisis of 2008, the French saw the transfer in wealth in recent history from the poor and middle class to the rich; does that sound familiar?

The Globe and Mail says:

France has now given itself a “normal” president who is much better equipped to deal with the economic and social realities facing the country. Francois Hollande has a mandate to end the idea in France that the poor are fed by feeding the wealthy. He has a mandate to look for answers to Europe’s economic crisis that don’t simply repeat the errors of the 1930s. And he has a mandate to work for social peace – with a big warning about what lies ahead for France if he fails. The populist right will be making its own play to replace Sarkozyism in the French parliamentary elections later this spring.

I quite enjoyed the line: Francois Hollande has a mandate to end the idea in France that the poor are fed by feeding the wealthy. Hmm.  I wonder how Romney will deal with that? After all, it seems that his economic plan is exactly that. Feeding the rich to feed the poor is, in fact, the GOP’s raison d’être.  Is there any doubt about that? Where do the poor and the middle class fit into the Romney Economic Model?  Surely you know- exactly as was the class structure during the Medieval era.

Just take a quick look at the brief outline that is shown on Romney’s website in the category ‘jobs.’   Taxes are listed first- flatter. Rather than raising taxes on the super rich, he wants to lower them. Naturally he wants a smaller government, cutting regulations and ‘free’ labor. Well not exactly free labor, but cheaper and fewer unions to interfere with profits. He also wants to amend Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview. In other words, burn, baby burn! Does this sound like the 1930’s with coal-fired plants belching smoke, soot and pollutants over poor neighborhoods?

Here’s the question, though- the question that I have perennially raised. Do The People know this stuff? Or will they once again become the victims of slick media propaganda? Are The People willing to investigate the truth for themselves, or will they be too lazy to do that? Will they actually get out of bed on November 6?

These are the known unknowns, to quote Donald Rumsfeld. And they are just as important and deadly as the unknowns before the disastrous War on Iraq because this clearly is also a war- a war on The People of this nation. Sadly, though, most don’t even know.



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  1. Good for the guardian – and thank you for calling our attention to that wonderful line, about feeding the poor by feeding the wealthy. I’d call it by giving all our money — AND POWER – to the wealthy.

    With help from people like you and I and the rest of the conscientious blogosphere, we can make a difference. Sometimes that difference is bigger than others – but it is always more of a difference than if we did nothing. Sometimes you just have to have a little faith, even if you get disappointed.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    I, like Dog Gone, loved the line, “Francois Hollande has a mandate to end the idea in France that the poor are fed by feeding the wealthy.”

    Yea that nihilistic “Trickle Down” theory, that “Snake Oil Bill of Goods” that was sold to the “Mindless Republican Enablers” for so long has to at some point and time come to light that it was just pure Bull Shit that they have been spooning into their mouths for the past 30 years. This along with “Less Regulations” and “Too Much Taxes” rhetoric they bought into thinking THEY were going to benefit from those laws.

    Maybe now they will realize that they were nothing more than the non-questioning or non-critical thinking Mindless Republican Enabler “Elos” to the Predatory Capitalist Controlling Republican “Morlocks” who has been feeding on them. For too long the delusional thinking has been employed that caused them to vote against their own interests for so many years.

    Mitt Romney has given us the classic history of his involvement as a Predatory Capitalist Controlling Republican “Morlock” through his deeds at Bain Capital.

    Just as the worldwide Occupy Movement phenomenon gets the word out as to what reality has been for too long; I am pleased to see that the Working Middle Classes in other countries have come to light to the Multi-National Corporations’ abuses around the world, and vote to correct it.

    I have hope the U.S.’s Working Middle Class will realize this too for our next State and National Elections.

    I will close by agreeing with Dog Gone’s statement alluding to, “You only loose when you give up!!” Keep the Faith and Keep up the Fight!

  3. Perhaps we should ignore the wisdom of our forefathers, the principles that have made us the most successful country in history and embrace the failure of Socialism. We could continue down the road of Greece, France, the USSR, Cuba, China (oh, yea, China, poisoning their people to make money for the government) and drive the country to bankrupcy to support the whim of the vulgarly lazy and the politicians hungrier for power then for freedom. Socialism has done so well in Europe where virtually every country is on the virge of collapse, why not try that here?Fortunately for us our forefathers knew they would need to preserve this precious virtue — freedom — against the whims and “licentious wishes” of its people themselves.
    Remeber these quotes from Benjamin Franklin:
    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

    When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.

    Remember, all Socialist Promise the same:Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, etc… and always deliver tyranny. The irony is they always tell us that they are not like the Socialist before them, their Socialism will be good!

      1. Well, a historian “Jim” is obviously not. Why do those who want to denigrate a certain political philosophy gather up all of the despots of the world and label them thusly?

      2. you cannot reason with someone who only believes in what they want to believe. you only have to read the real history of Europe to know how foolish and what a characterless propagandist “Jim” really is. Does he know the history of Socialism is Spain? The thousands of socialists brutally massacred by Franco and Hitler in the 30’s? Or how the Socialists were brutally suppressed by Mussolini in Italy? Or here in France, the tragic history of the prewar government of Leon Blum. A major step forward for the rights of the middle class, workers….only to be destroyed by the industrialists and the financiers who moved industry and money out of France to Germany in a blatantly cynical move which destroyed the Blum Government and the nation. But you cannot argue history with Jim..It’s like arguing with a sock puppet….he only mouths the words of the Koch brothers who have their hands up his….uhhhhh…well you know how sock puppets work….

  4. The developments should be quite interesting. In the background of the French election, there was a lot of buzz of contacts between the Obama Administration and The Socialistes. To put this in a real context, the relationship between Sarkozy and Obama was never comfortable. Obama personally disliked Sarko. Sarkozy’s biggest fault as a French leader is that he tried to mangage France as if he were a corporate CEO. Personally micro managing, hiring and firing and only heeding the advice of those who told him what he wanted to hear. He ended up with a cadre of advisors whose political strategy was increasingly far right and divisive…His anti labor policies really alienated the entire union syndicate here.
    Meanwhile all the French people heard was that the economy was in such dire straights that the immediate solution was more taxes for the middle and lower classes, cut social programs and education. His hyper active presidency’s reply to any perceived problem and he was driven by constant internal polling, was knee jerk legislation which resulted in a glacial mass of laws which had to be ratified by the legislature and then, in most cases were rejected by the Senate because they were unconstitutional. He actively never stopped trying to control and hamstring the judicial system, We are still suffering from his need to constantly reorganize the administrative functioning of France…quite like the American Republican tactic of redistricting to dismantle opposition voting blocs.
    Even more damning, it was a corrupt amoral government. He was responsible for criminal human right violations in his racist policies against the legitimate gypsy population here. America is guilty of illegal deportations, but here weekly there was always a slew of horror stories of families destroyed, children put in detention camps and then illegally deported before there was due process to satisfy the arbitrary quotas established by the Minister of Immigration. In the last few months of his administration, as the campaigning became more desperate ploy to woo the ultra nationalists, more and more French commenters came forward and actually called him a Petainiste….He gave a speech the week before the elction where he actually quoted Petain. I certainly felt the pressure myself. I became very guarded in what I publicly said or wrote as a legal resident alien. I had less to worry about, because, I am white, non african or eastern european and have the veneer of a respectable retired American property owner. I also live in a very left oriented part of France.
    When I hear the conservative Americans use the term Socialist, I realize that they have no idea of what they are talking about. It is as if their brains are locked into some kind of ritual stylized cold war kabuki play fantasy.
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a French Socialiste. He was head of the IMF!
    How can you even begin to rationally deal with reality if your brain is totally blocked by hysterical sirens of denial that drown any clear view of how things are now.
    The most important thing to realize is that Communism, Socialism are ideologies that existed long before the Soviets or Hitler used the word to identify themselves. They are evolving living ideologies. Whereas the conservative midset freezes an image and is fixated in hysterical labeling.
    In recent weeks, Mitt Romney has given his critics on the left and more importantly on the right ample evidence that he is a man of no conviction. He will simply cave into hysteria. His sense of entitlement is wearing thin fast. His lack of conviction and simply courage is becoming more and more apparent. Maybe the republicans see this as an asset, because he becomes a blank slate for them to project what ever they think they want onto, but in an election, that works both ways. Obama knows this.
    Interestingly, the Socialiste Victory here was due to very on the ground activism. They spent a lot of time liasing with the Democratic Party Organization, learning about
    Most importantly, people in France are empowered to vote. The open free system of public balloting and accountability makes fraud virtually impossible, There are no computer voting machines and there never will be after the evidence from America.In this election, voter turn out was 81%. Politics are passion here. Prime time television is full of hour long debates that frankly often turn into screaming matches…but well, that’s our character. Perhaps, that is why the French rappers and hip hop artists are so good. They have made it a distinctly French art form and raised it to political comment with a beat.
    We don’t do rock and roll here well…the language just doesn’t work unless you are particular kind of genius, but Rap? We love to talk, and the use of the language is hallmark of French culture.

  5. BTW…one of the thorns in the side of Sarkozy was the American ambassador. He used his role and cultural funding from America to create an outreach to the disenfranchised inner city kids in the Ban-lieus. These are the kids defunded by Sarkozy’s cuts to education and social programs. These are the huge segment of the population stigmatized by Sarkozy’s need to divide France and create a threat for his far right nationalist ambition to succeed. He made them “the enemy”. Charles Rivkin was in the news here all the time in the face of Sarkozy highlighting the achievements of these kids and the opportunities that the programs provided by America gave them.

  6. I hate to do this…but I’m going to take up some more space here…I wanted to add that Obama congratulated Hollande the night of the election and invited him to America in advance of the upcoming G-20 meeting. This is important here, because we are going to have out legislative elections and if Hollande is seen to have a good working relationship with America, it will give a big boost to the Socialistes across France. The Socialistes and the left already control the Senate, but the senate here is not where the power ia, if the UMP gets too many seats, then you can bet the Tea Party/obstructionist effect will start to happen here. To actually make his administration effective, he has to control the legislature. I am certain that this is why Hollande will vist the White House very soon!

  7. Did ya all notice that the problem seems to be who defines the word “socialism”? Many of the words used (liberal, conservative, socialist, etc.) seem to take on a different meaning depending on who is using the word at the time.

    I know that W.W.II was a result of the treatment of Germany after W.W.I. But all this talk, both here and abroad, about blaming the immigrants reminds me of Hitler blaming the Jews. How little we have learned in the last 70 years.

    1. The talk here, MD, is that Hollande will not be invited to the WH
      before our election. Socialism, you know…Instead, Obama will meet him up at Camp David, prior to the meeting in Chicago, I believe this weekend or at the end of the month…The issue is the
      continuation of French troops in the Afghan War. Obama wants that to continue, which will be negotiated by all countries in Chicago, and not have an unilateral French withdrawal…

      1. as I said, it is important to establish Hollandes image before the June legislative elections here. Yes, Obama invited Hollande, but Hollande has made it very clear that France will withdraw it’s troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year. Hollande is pretty interesting complex fellow. An excellent chess player and like a zen alligator, he seems not to move and waits until the perfect opportunity presents itself. Sarkozy was a knot of static energy. He could not wait, he had to provoke. That is his nature. Hollande seemed not to react, then when he did it was masterful. I think Obama will have come away from meeting him in person with respect. He really has a sense of humor. He was asked if he spoke english and replied in english that he spoke much better english than Sarkozy, but he didn’t have to because he is French. He speaks very good German as well.

        1. btw, I met him in person a few years ago in the small town of Juillac in the Correze at their village fete. He was on the street shaking hands. He was very approachable and didn’t mind speaking to me english and was very tolerant of my clumsy French. He is going to stay in his apartment in Paris with his companion Valerie Trierweiller where he has been living for the last 5 years. Until the campaign started, he regularly rode his motor bike around the city. I think he will establish a good working relationship with Merkle as well…they seem to have a lot in common.

        2. Microdot- I quite enjoyed your lines, Hollande is pretty interesting complex fellow as well as Sarkozy was a knot of static energy. Very well said! Back here in the States, neither of these descriptors fit Romney, but then, how does one describe wood?

          1. I have 2 more points here, in reference to UTF’s comments on upcoming visit of Hollande….1, Though Hollande has given a desired date for the French withdrawal from Afghanistan, the reality is that though the troops leave, the military hardware and the troops to secure it are another issue altogether. There are not enough transport planes in NATO to remove the French military materials by the end of the year. Each flight by a transport costs around 350,000 Euros!. The withdrawal will be a long and expensive process.
            2. The other bigger reason for Hollandes invitation by Obama will be to make a deal on the American Arms Industry project for a proposed European Missel defense shield. Europe at this point in time simply does not want it. On the other hand, if Hollande and Obama can come to some sort of deal regarding this, it would be seen as a win/win situation for both of them. Hoilande would walk away being seen as strong on defense for Europe and Obama would be owed one by the Arms Industry Lobby going into the election year.

          2. I’m sure that Romneys biggest weaknesses are his out of touch emotionless disconnect with the reality of America and his perceived lack of character. You spend a lifetime becoming yourself…all the pr and the spin that money can buy won’t change the basic person. On both of these issues, as bad as you thought George Bush Jr. was, he was able to project a much more public likability than Romney ever could. I suppose that is why the Republican line last week was that Obama was too cool to be president and trying to convince Americans that we regular white guys are dorks and want to vote for someone as dorky as we are….

  8. Hello Muddy and ALL,
    To give further proof to the statement from NON above:

    There is great fear tomorrow that the majority of voters in North Carolina will institutionalize discrimination, prejudice, and hate in the state constitution with the expected passage of “Amendment One,” endorsed by Franklin Graham, and his distinguished father, the Reverend Billy Graham. Both should be totally ashamed of themselves!

    I remember well here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland the signs of “White Only and Black Only” over the doors of bathrooms, water fountains, and such…..and as late as 1972.

    As I have now gone into my 6th decade, I cannot believe the regressive slide “Back To The Good O’l Days” we as a nation have seen here of late. “You Can Tell We Are Christians By Our LOVE” Franklin Graham’s version must exclude anyone who does not fit into his looks, accents, and Social NIHILISMS!!

    As Reverend Billy Graham was once considered a “Good Christian Man of GOD,” this latest “Coming to Political Light of institutionalize discrimination, prejudice, and hate,” one has to ask themselves what Little Frankie heard in the privacy of their home when the “Evangelical TV Cameras” were turned off.

    I thought this was all done and settled in the 1960’s. Where I thought we as a nation had come so far with regards to the enlightenment and treatment of our fellow American country men, those whom stepped up to defend and support our country, that we as a nation would even consider much less allow the repressive laws solely directed towards others. How did we regress back to this point? What a sad statement for the legislators of North Carolina.

    Let’s not just point at North Carolina because if this “Amendment One” does succeed, there will be plenty of other States willing to assimilate with more of their own such laws.

    One would think we were beyond this in the 21st century, and that we should NOT allow the ignorance of people to become law! It is shameful to let people VOTE on basic human rights. When it comes to personal human rights, there should NOT be any vote, as those personal human rights should be guaranteed in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    The fact in today’s time, we are having a vote on whether people should be denied the right to vote; blacks should be segregated; job discrimination of others should be reinstituted; workers should be denied collective bargaining; and many other social advancements where Americans gave their “blood, sweat and tears” for; and then the possible threat that the masses would vote to deny those basic rights.

    This is not what a democracy is about, to allow prejudice, hate, and discrimination to rule the day!

    Today Muddy, I truly feel that I have woken up IN a bad dream of some Bizzaro World!!

    1. What is terrible, Engineer, is Obama’s fear of supporting gay marriage as his Vice President has. Yep, he sure is change we can count on….

      1. Why do you suppose, my friend, that Obama does not want to come out with full-force with the support of gay marriage? Hint: North Carolina.

        1. Well, M_R, that was yesterday! LOL…Guess we both missed his
          conversion date….

  9. Hello Uptheflag,
    I know that there are short comings with President Obama, and has not pushed an agenda as strongly as I would have hoped him to…..that being said, Mitt Romney is surely not the viable answer we here on this blog would like to see. Any vote for Romney (or better yet against Obama), any progressive agenda you would have liked to have seen, will surely not be pushed forward under Republican Control.

    Late last night I talked with a local Jr. High Vice Principal I know and he was still in his office at school. In Maryland, they are throwing the responsibility of pay and benefits for teachers from the state level, like my father worked under, and onto the county level.

    Many countries on the Eastern Shore have no money at all so the school board in Caroline Co. is purging those who have many years of service and are at the top of the pay scale. They are being offered a buy out and forced onto early retirement and a lower retirement benefit package. Those teachers who do not take the offer…..will just be fired later on. The Vice Principal was reviewing and making up the list last night.

    Private Corporations have been doing this before anyone else and now the State Governments are doing the same.

    1. A local school system just north of here [in Michigan] just sent out 45 pink slips to the teaching faculty. Apparently the voters in the district as well as the draconian GOP governor do not believe that children deserve a good education in this current marketplace. Were this 1922, that hypothesis might be correct.

      1. Bedford was in our athletic league and was always considered on the same high level as Bowling Green. I am now totally convinced that education in not only a good thing, it is desperately required. I may not be 100% sold on President Obama, but the alternative literally scares the hell out of me.

        (Watched an excellent Obama ad on TV last night. I want more of these ads and Obama’s campaign needs more money to run them. Didn’t take too much thinking it over to realize I must be back on board, for good this time.)

      2. Hello Muddy,
        I would suspect that it is more of getting rid of those teachers with the most years of experience on the job. They are at the top of their pay scale, and if they are dismissed now, they won’t be adding to those years of retirement pay scale and benefits owed to them upon their normal retirement age if they had taught until the age of 58 or 60.

        The teachers dismissed will be replaced with those coming out of college who will only be making $25,000 per year and will be working under a new contract that drastically reduces the benefits and retirement scale…..if they even get there.

        Just as I have seen in the industrial segment in this country, they have hired and then through attritional cutbacks, dismissed those workers after only 4 years…and they have not been fully invested in the retirement plan. They owe nothing towards retirement to those workers with less than five years of employment.

        In Maryland, a teacher does not have to join the Union because it is not binding nor do they have the right to strike. So many of the “20” to “30” somethings, not understanding the importance of the Union in their profession, never joined because those Union Dues do nothing for them. Well when you remove the solidarity of the Teacher Union, you left behind any collective voice to address the needs of the teachers on staff and the administration abuses go unchecked.

        What you are seeing are those loyal, dedicated teachers who spent 15 to 25 years in the classroom, being forced out at the age of 40 to 50 years old. Now with the destruction of the Teacher’s Union, those older, more experienced teachers being thrown out, have no recourse to fight to keep their jobs. And let me tell you, if you are over 50 years old, it is very hard to find a job that will pay and give you the respect of what you had work so long to obtain.

        Bottom line the truth is, It is about reducing the public educational costs across the nation… the expense of the loyal, dedicatedmore, and more experienced teacher’s well being!

        The only thing left for those teachers dismissed in Michigan to do is label themselves as “Eloi” and realize they have fallen victim to the “Morlocks.” For the rest of the Working Middle Class citizens across the nation, we need to sit up and take notice what is going on in this country and work to correct it. It they did it to them, they will do it to you!

        1. I was speaking to an unemployed teacher last evening who said that she cannot find work [other than substituting] because no system wants a person with more than 4 years experience and no more than a basic master’s degree. Pathetic; only in America!

        2. Don’t want to say too much (the INTERNET stalkers), but a close relative of mine was forced to retire this year (not at end of school) year because he/she would have lost a lot of pension benefits for staying. And the ONLY work available is substitute teaching.

          Now for the kick in the pants and reason for the Obama campaign to educate the voters: He/she still strongly supports the Republican presidential candidate. In fact, they still hope for Santorum to return in some way. How do you explain to a retired teacher this if it wasn’t for Democrats and the union, they would be scrambling to survive?

            1. Brainwashing from an early age. And then brainwashing constantly reinforced in adulthood. Most frustrating fact is he/she is an educator and SHOULD at least consider listening to facts.

  10. NOTE TO M_R: You might want to familiarize yourself with the Obama online donation pages. They can be quite confusing to navigate and since so many people use the INTERNET for everything, we don’t want prospective donors to give up because they got lost.

  11. BREAKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann becomes a Swiss citizen

    No, really, it’s true.

  12. Hello Uptheflag and ALL,
    Special Report by Robin Roberts, In and interview with President Obama, he officially came out in favor of Gay Marriage on National TV…about 3:00 PM today.

    Hello NON,
    I am surprised Switzerland would have her……then again I bet she did rake in some dough through her campaign that she needs to hide from U.S. Taxes…..Because she is a Good American.

    1. Her husband, the one who runs the gay-to-straight clinics she founded, is Swiss.

    2. Right on, Engineer. I referenced it above in a reply to M_R. What will this do to Obama’s chances in Maryland?

      1. Hello Uptheflag,
        Maryland has just approved recognizing Gay and Lesbian marriages this past winter so the State of Maryland is ahead of the curve with this one. Of course the Eastern Shore’s O’l Johnny Rebels have not voted for a Democrat in a long while. But it is the majority of the population between Baltimore and Washington is what really calls the shots for Maryland.

  13. And what is Romney’s plan? The original question of this post?
    Well, he obviously only has one plan and I don’t think it will change, he will only double down. Lie, keep lying with the assistance of propaganda machine that will repeat the lies and never question them. Lie because the base he is lying to just doesn’t care and and can’t be bothered.
    Lie and lie some more and keep believing that the magikal mormon underwear’s special mystical fire retardant properties will save his ass.
    I posted the 1810 William Blake Poem, The Liar. Perhaps the origin of the catch phrase, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

    Deceiver, dissembler
    Your trousers are alight
    From what pole or gallows
    Shall they dangle in the night?

    1. Oh, yes, the original post.

      It seems to me that Romney has only one ‘plan’ which is the same ‘plan’ offered by every member of the GOP. That would be the 3-fold historic idea: cut taxes on the ‘job-creators,’ wipe out regulations and gut workers’ benefits. In other words, roll the clock back to the days of cheap labor, belching smokestacks and enormous profits. What else could they offer?

      Were I on the Obama re-election team, I’d dig up old black and white footage of such conditions and transpose Romney’s words onto the film to let The People know in which direction Romney wishes to go. I’d also use his words regarding ‘job creators’ along with photos of billionaires who pay 15% tax on dividends. Further, I’d run an ad of Romney complaining about ‘regulations’ with an accompanying list of regulations which save lives, protect the environment, and insure fair trade practices.

      The reason for this focus is because those three concepts do not resonate with the voters as they ought to. The People need to be educated as to what that trio of ideas purports for the citizens of this nation.

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