New Political Classifications

I was contemplating the updating need for new and more accurate political classifications.  They are listed below from the Right Side of the political spectrum progressing to the Left Side.

1. “Controlling Republicans” (Predatory Capitalist inclusive of Conmen, Crooks & Thieves, complemented with Nazi, Klansmen, John Birch Society hatreds, etc.)

A sad evolution from the beginnings of the Republican Party during the time of Abraham Lincoln, where “Man’s inhumanity to Man” of slavery was not to be tolerated, but within 25 years the Party was soon taken over and morphed into the “Economically Enslaving” of the “Working Middle Class” and socially downgrading to the status of “Working Poor” serfdom.

This is where the Republican President Teddy Roosevelt tried to bring the conscience of what was once the Republican Party.  The corrupt influences were just too strong within the Republican Party by then and just spit the Party allowing the Democrat Woodrow Wilson to claim the Presidency.

The same couscous warning was given by the Republican President and World War II hero, Dwight D. Eisenhower of the extreme influences taking control of his Republican Party after he was to leave office.  Unfortunately, his warnings were NOT headed and by the turn of the 20th century into the 21st century, the “Ultra Extremism” had taken over by means of propaganda rhetoric and was now mandating policy.

We are all suffering and now less for this fact.

2. “Mindless Republican Enablers” (Those who can easily be misled to support their own social destructive stratification downgrading.  Those believing, UNQUESTIONINGLY, the propagandists’ rhetoric such as the person on criminal trial in England, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Programming and Conservative Talk misleading and I even go so far as to say “Lies,” to give an example.)

This segment who cheered the mantle of “Less Regulations” and supporting “Tax Cuts” to the lowest levels in history foolishly thinking it was going to benefit them.

The accelerated “Tax Write Offs” only enabled the quick write off of investments in foreign countries causing the mass exodus losses in their own “Value Added” manufacturing jobs which then rippled throughout in the loss of business to other segments of the economy.

It was less than 20 years before we first saw the results of “Less Regulations” in the “Savings and Loans Banking” where the tax paying citizens had to bail out the abusive practices when the regulating safeguards were first removed from this “Savings and Loans Banking” segment.  How did they not see it would once again repeat itself in 2000 when even more Banking Regulations were removed on the broader Banking Markets?

This of course is a rhetorical question as we all know they did not even have the thought to consider looking past the mindless “Spoon Feed Rhetoric.”

Those who waved and wore lapel pins of the American Flag, outwardly demonstrating their “Loyalty and Patriotism” litmus test of assimilation to the policies that caused the crushing national debts, crashing the economy to the likes not seen since the abuses that caused the 1930’s Great Depression, and the loss of employment not only for themselves but their children coming out of college with their now massive personal debts funding their own education.

I cannot help but see the lessons from H. G. Wells’s book, “The Time Machine,” where the human race has evolved into two species.  The “Eloi,” a society of small, elegant, childlike, easily misled adults, hampered by their lack of curiosity and non-questioning or critical thinking discipline. (Mindless Republican Enablers)  The other society, the brutish light-fearing, because the light of day scrutiny would expose them for what they really are, “Morlocks,” who feed on the “Eloi.”  (Controlling Republicans)  Their relationship is not one of Lords and Servants, Employer and Employee, but of Livestock and Ranchers, and with no real challenges facing either species. They have both lost the intelligence and character of “Man” at its peak.

Based on the political prominence within the Republican Party today of both “Controlling Republicans” and “Mindless Republican Enablers,” maybe this book has accurately predicted our future as mankind if allowed to continue.

3. Confused and Indecisive Independents (This segment is still somewhat right leaning today, just not fanatical because they can’t really be bothered anymore.)

This group has lost interest and focus due to the over saturation of political corruption on both sides of the extreme political spectrum.  In essence they have just mentally shut down and will only intentionally take notice a few weeks before an election.  This segment is made up of disgruntled “Moderate Democrats and Republicans” along with true “Independent Thinkers” who do not want to be associated with the extreme rhetoric from both sides of the political spectrum.

The political divisions today are as such that this demographic segment is what swings the elections one way or the other.  So in conclusion, our economic futures and the safeguards of our civil liberties are in the hands of the “Confused and Indecisive Independents.”  This is the segment that really needs to be educated to the “Cause and Affects,” of their decisions.  Now being somewhat apathetic, or maybe better stated “Saturatedly Burned Out,” this should be a concern to all of the “Working Middle Class.”

4. Working Middle Class Democrats (Those suffering the most in today’s economic conditions and loss of civil liberties.)

This group is not solely or exclusively made up of those claiming the Democratic Political affiliation, but also clear and critical thinking moderate Republicans and Independents.  This group really refers to anyone of the financial stratification of the “Working Middle Class.”  All have seen laws that allowed predatory investment groups steal part of their retirement savings, loss of legal means to recoup these losses, loss of medical benefits for their families’, loss of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” laws protecting our wives and daughters from this employment abuse.

They have seen the even more important loss of the once legal RIGHT of “Unionized Voices” providing the collective protection voice from employer’s abuses to their workers.  With the loss of the “Unionized Voices,” the only representational voice to the “Working Middle Class” whether they were unionized or not, only cascades to all “Working Middle Classes” enabling and empowering employment abuses to us all.

Once again today we have seen the return to the callous lack of caring of Mine Workers’ protection causing the malpractice deaths of these workers in this industry.  This is just one example and not only limited to the mining industry.  Exposing workers to hazardous conditions causing illness, and sometimes ultimately death is no long a concern in other industries and some employers because the legal means for being held responsible have been diminished.  The burdens of “Less Regulations” for intentionally polluting, causing the medical burden sickness to the residents of communities in areas they operate, because the anti-polluting laws have been diluted to nothing more than a “Slap on the Wrist.”  The profits to be gained from such practices far exceed the fines and restitutions that would be paid out even if the polluting industries were found guilty of the few laws to be left on the books.

5. And last, but not least: Purged by Republicans of their voting rights “Working Poor.” (The down trodden, the already “Eloi” serfdom classes.  Those whom are targeted to be proactively purged from the voting roles as they are unjustly vilified, demographic targets, as being “Culprits to Voting Fraud,” but more to the truth of NOT likely to cast a supporting vote for  the “Controlling Republicans.”)

As too often seen in history there is always the need to have a group or segment to direct the hatred towards.  Those “Working Poor” whose burden is to accept the assigned blame for the economic conditions and loss of status within society.  They are the fist to loose their much needed employment and the last to be employed when trying to support their families the best they responsibly can.

What comes to mind is the character Rose of Sharon in the book by John Steinbeck, “Grapes of Wrath.”  We can draw so many parallels and examples from this Depression Era novel to today’s economic conditions as they are repeating themselves.

She is the younger sister to the main character, “Tom Joad.”  Rose was recently married to her husband, “Connie Rivers.”  Pregnant with his child and complicated with the loss of their home farm which they all were living on, the only option they had was to move west to California in hopes to find any kind of work as migrant labors.  Even with the worst of living conditions and the cheating of wage payment abuses from the crop owning employers, Rose of Sharon is the one adult who retains a sense of optimism in the future.  She still dreamed of a “Middle Class” life with her husband and child, but becomes disillusioned and then later paranoid with the reality once her husband abandons her when they reached California.  Connie Rivers tried in vain to do what was right for his family.  He tried to find employment while even trying to improve his educational status condition, but finally just could not cope any  longer with the “Dire Straights” conditions they found themselves and looses the total foresight of any viable, realistic, “HOPE.”

I am sure there are those of the downtrodden “Working Poor” that have progressed can only see the exact same outlook today.  The once “Working Middle Class” though the economic conditions that were of no fault of their own, shoved down to the level of “Working Poor,” now just trying to survive and preserve their families.  This class repression now with the addition of having your voting voice purged from the voting roles so your input will not be heard; is the most egregious, abusive fact, going on today.  An abusive fact that we as a nation did not even consider inflicting to the “Work Poor” during the “Great Depression.”


So conclude this posting, I see this is a statement of how cruel we have become as a society and one for my mind cannot comprehend why we as a nation tolerate it.  How did we let it get this far?

For those “Mindless Republican Enablers” who supported the policies of the “Controlling Republicans,” and now finding yourselves as the new “Working Poor” or less than that stratification today, you have no one to blame but yourself.  “You were not Republicans, you were Working Middle Class!!”  The shame is your mindlessness that bought into the rhetoric which enabled and brought down the rest of your fellow “Working Middle Class” citizens in the country with your irresponsible antics.

My message to you today is to remember this and vote to start correcting this error…..that is if you are still on the voting roles!


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  1. . “You were not Republicans, you were Working Middle Class!!”

    Thanks for the post and analysis, Engineer. You of course know that many of the group above were sucked over to the GOP through specious means- none of which were actual economic issues. Rather they were drawn there [sucked in] by social issues and religious issues as well for which they fall time after time.

    I have no doubt that they will once again lured rightward this November through clever propaganda aimed at them. Recall the book, What’s the Matter with Kansas of a few years back- the book that chronicled the draw of right-wing propaganda [religious and social] that changed Kansas into a solid red state and threw the working poor under the economic bus.

    That’s my fear again. We Americans fall for the propaganda like flies to rotting meat. When will they finally ‘get it’? When EVERYTHING is taken away??

  2. Oh my, Engineer! You have a problem. You think! Your essay is
    so discouraging, do you think we can roll back this wave of

  3. Speaking of workers, M_R, today is May Day. It is day of two separate holidays. One is the traditional pagan holiday from ancient
    times around the world which welcomed Spring from the harshness and barren Winter and the promise of the fertile months of Summer.
    Customs varied of course, but May 1st was the day set aside for
    festivals, partying, and merry making across the globe. Those
    naughty Irish had a crowing of a May Day Queen to symbolize the
    coming fertility of the land. With the coming of Catholicism the
    Church frowned on such activities and substituted in Ireland the Crowning of the Virgin Mary. You know, M_R, I remember the nuns at my elementary private Catholic school getting all the classes ready for Mary’s crowning. On the day of the crowning we all were
    encouraged to bring our May flowers, from raiding our mother’s flower garden or a neighbors, to place at her various
    statutes in and outside the school building. But, it all was for the
    The second holiday on May Day is know as Labour Day to
    celebrate the international workers. This Holiday changed in the
    United States because of the Hay Market Square Massacre in
    Chicago in the 1890s. Workers were parading and listening to
    speeches about having an eight hour day, an eight hour day, in the meat packing industry, (refer to Upton Sinclair the muckraker, “The Jungle, and T.R) and a riot began, some one threw a bomb and police opened fire on theworkers, (anyone remember Kent State),
    killing a number. The labor organizers were hung. Democratic
    President, Cleveland continued to smash the labor movement and
    moved the traditional day from May Day to September and renamed it Labor Day. Why did Cleveland move it to September?
    It was the end of Summer and people were more interested in getting their kids ready for the opening of school. This is how
    anathama an eight hour work day was at the turn of the century.
    And, lest we forget, children were workers as well! However, the
    rest of the world celebrates Labour Day on May First (and why I
    used the english word “labour”.

    Finally, I noticed that today is supposed to be the “reawaking” of
    the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Demonstration over the
    decline of the middle class and workers income inequality…..

    1. Yes, Mary’s crowing as Queen. Nothing like continuing the Medieval social structure, eh?

      Labour Day, indeed! Bet you won’t hear much of that on FoxNews today. After all, those greedy laborers and their damned unions!! They ought to be glad that some millionaire hired them at all!! They don’t even appreciate the goodness of trickle-down when they experience it! Ungrateful bastards!!

      1. Sorry for dropping the “n” on crowning, lol…But, in my defense I was up at 3 this morning with this stupid leg and thought I could pass some time getting an early start on my commenting and having to put up with all the obstacles that “wordpress” puts in path to see what I have typed. Why me, lol……

    2. I wrote about the origins of May Day over on Penigma, and did a separate post showing how both May Day Labor celebrations spread world wide from its origins here in the U.S., but also the occupy protests. The photos, taken together are indicative of something very large and powerful.

      Engineer of Knowledge waxed eloquent – nailed it. (humming that folk tune, ‘If I had a hammer…..LOL! I get whisical every once in a while…:)

  4. I just had a vision and thought…. as the emblem of the Republican Party is the “Elephant” and I don’t think that this is by accident.

    With reference to the “New Political Classifications” I developed and with regards to “Controlling Republicans” and their following “Mindless Republican Enablers,” just as the Elephant being a “Herd Animal” that naturally follows behind the lead Elephant, those whom follow when they are required to utilize some foresight, all they see when they look forward,…. is just another asshole.

    No wonder they cannot get it right today and come up with real solutions of this country’s problems. This just explains so much.

      1. Well, I just saw our war President, whom we elected to end the two
        wars, just shake hands with the drug cartel leader of Afghanistan to commit the United States in Afghanistan until 2024. TWO AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS just keeps rolling from the Chinese bankers to the U.S. Treasury to Afghanistan. I’ve just about had enough!

        And, what an effective way to drone out any idea of Labour Day
        in the United States. Now, Obama will be on the front burner and the air time will be filled with retired generals and political hawks and doves with their analyses and ideological comments. What little time that will be left on the news programs will make short
        shrift of May Day, and the inequality of wages here in the United
        States. This Afghanistan Pact is like a bomb dropping at the
        Hay Market Square in Chicago and the Pullman car workers….

        1. Lest anyone forget or be led astray by Fox News, The May Day Celebration is entirely an American invention marking the beginning of a strike in Chicago on May 1, 1867.

          1. Yes, I know he said that Afghanistan was the right war. But it was Bush who ended the Iraq War…All Obama did was obey the Pact that Bush made in December, 2008, calling for all offensive
            military to be out of Iraq. But, how many defensive and protective forces does Obama still have in Iraq.
            And, my quote said that we elected Obama to end the two wars not that he said he would end the two. Over 50% of the country says
            to get out now, yesterday. The neo-cons are ecstatic over this pact
            until 2024, the love it. Keep the United States as the aggressor overseas! Obama has done nothing but increase the drum beat
            of war. He’s bombing and killing civilians indiscrimately with
            the drones. What was all that I heard but Bush’s killing of
            Iraqi citizens? Where are the calls aginst Obama? So, it is
            OK for a Democrat to bomb and kill civilians, oh and
            civililians in a allied country. Thats OK?

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