America’s Vetocracy

VETOCRACY /veˈtɒkrəsi/- a paralyzed governmental system in which there is wide-spread stagnation and little if anything is accomplished; refers to the United States of America in the first decade of the 21st century.

Thomas Friedman, New York Times




4 thoughts on “America’s Vetocracy

  1. “America in Descent”…And your point is? Are you saying America
    is in descent?

  2. History question: Wasn’t it gridlock and the hoarding of the country’s assets the downfall of every great country since the beginning of time?

    1. Well, they weren’t democracies but rather dictatorships or monarchies. Our Founding Fathers set up a system that was supposed to move ideas and laws forward through legislators. They would weep at the 60-vote threshold now in place in the Senate. They would also be terribly disappointed at long-serving legislators. Of course, they’d be outraged at the lobbyists who write the legislation.

      We’re doomed to put it mildly. The book yet to be written about us will be titled, The Downfall of the Once-Great United States of America.

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