The War Debt Tax

Most Americans were shocked to learn some years ago that we telephone users were paying a tax up until 2006 that was imposed in 1898 to help pay for the Spanish-American War. Yes, that war. One hundred eight years of taxes for the war.

So what’s today’s war tax debt? Between $109–$432 billion per year. That’s the interest on the war debt. It is encumbered in the $1.030–$1.415 trillion Defense Department annual budget. Reagan’s Cold War and G.W. Bush’s Wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mitt Romney’s economic plan chides President Obama; Romney wants a reversal of irresponsible Obama-era defense cuts. Yes, that’s what it says. Did you know that we were ‘less safe’ under President Obama?  And that we will be ‘more safe’ with more Defense spending under Romney? That’ what Mitt’s Plan says.

It further says that he will  Send Congress a bill on Day One that cuts non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent across the board. Non-security discretionary spending. So Romney won’t touch the elephant in the accounting room. And clearly not the $109–$432 billion in war debt.

Yet, Romney’s Plan states that The Federal Government Should Stop Doing Things The American People Can’t Afford, For Instance: Repeal Obamacare — Savings: $95 Billion.

Yes, Americans cannot ‘afford’ health care that costs $95 billion but it CAN afford to keep paying yearly $109–$432 billion in war debt.

Tell your friends and family about this nonsense. Educate The People.  Let them know how shysters operate.

Recall those idiotic Tea Party types shouting, ‘Kill the Bill!’

Amazing stupidity alive and spreading in the Land of the Free.


13 thoughts on “The War Debt Tax

  1. Those would be the same idiot tea partiers and Republicans who keep pushing the unfunded Bush Tax Cuts that are so disastrous to our eoncomy and deficit and which favor so disproportionately the rich while shifting the tax burden to the rest of us.

    That would also be the same right wing nut tin hat wearers who so ignorantly fail to noitce the effects of having state and municipalities having their credit ratings downgraded by their decisions – including the supermajority constitutional amendments to raise taxes which the credit rating agencies despise – because theyare so very bad.

    I sincerely believe that Grover Norquist will go down in history as one of the most ignorant and evil villains of our time.

    I’m sick of the smugly pious righties proclaiming ‘values’ while they engage in rampant corruption. Anyone notice the big wallMart de Mexico scandal that burst over the weekend? That would be the same Walmart that is so closely linked to the ALEC grift and graft of OUR government – specifically Walton and Kochs bribing OUR legialstors — ONLY CONSERVATIVE legislagtors – to pass slanted legislation benefitting those corporations while sticking it to us. Phone bills are only ONE of the many ways that works; and it is no accident that AT&T is one of the core ALEC players.

    1. I would amend your statement to: I sincerely believe that Grover Norquist will go down in history as one of the most evil villains of our time.

      Ignorant not so much; he knows exactly what he is doing. I place him right next to ex-Sen. Phil Gramm as top evil villains of America.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    Just as many in the states where the Republicans took over are now having “Buyers Remorse” for that decision. The same can be the prediction should the country allow the same to happen on the national level this November election.

    To the shock and outrage of many those Republican controlled state legislatures instead of working on the economy as they campaigned on, proceeded to pass laws on social issues such as, anti-gay rights, abortion, gun rights, laws against teaching of evolution, and laws allowing invasion of privacy of women’s bodies.

    We see the results today of Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who faces a recall vote on June 5. But also, there is a lot of discontent with other “Bully” Governors, including Rick Snyder of Michigan, John Kasich of Ohio, Rick Scott of Florida, Paul LePage of Maine, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, and even in some polls, Chris Christie of New Jersey.

    Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Martin O’Malley of Maryland, and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut are among the Democratic Governors looking great in the polls as they represented the concerns and issues of the Working Middle Class for the better progression of their true needs.

    1. Good piece, Engineer. The GOP as you point out has seemed to relish waging a “war” on the poor and women. What’s your
      thoughts on the many anti-abortion laws being passed by these
      GOP States? Do you think that there is a religous connection
      with these politicians?…What role is religion playing in these
      laws against abortion? Do you see ways to counteract these
      attacks on women especially as it pertains to their right of privacy
      and choice?

      1. I’ll jump in, UptheFlag. Of course it is all connected to the fundamentalist/evangelical mindset. Where else in America does one hear anti-women babble? Only in those churches. Exclusively there. These people are attempting to live in a 21st century democracy while holding beliefs that were formulated in a 1st century BCE era where cattle were more important than women.

  3. You know, M_R, between the wordpress site and my computer, I have nothing but trouble. Despite numerous efforts of attempting
    to join the “posting group”, of now constantly demanding me to
    log in, of my sentences being incorrectly formated, of having to
    blindly type over messages from Word Press, which says that I
    am commenting on WordPress (DUH), and then what I click on post
    comment it gets thrown out by saying I have used an incorrect
    pass word. This just happened in my above post as all it posted
    was the last line of my comment!
    So here goes again, trying to reconstruct what I said. I was
    commenting on your statement of Reagan and Bush IIs war in
    Iraq and Afghanistan. I wrote that lets not forget that
    Afghanistan is President Obama’s war now and that he had increased troops levels by 30,000. That under Obama this is a war
    that is costing the United States $2.5Billion a month. Yes,
    $2.5 BILLION every damn week! Thats what $10 Billion a month
    and a $100Billion a year and therefore, $ONETRILLION OVER 10 YEARS. And now what has Obama done? He has just negotiated a “security pact” with the corrupt Karzai to fund the Afghanistan long after we leave. And, you support the man who has done this?

      1. Obama cut military spending….Gimme a break, lol! Militarism
        is as rampant under Obama as any other President. I mean he
        hasn’t even had a budget in what two years? All branches and
        agencies are running under a continuing resolution, a CR, which
        continues the same budget as the previous year. If you say the militry budget has been cut, could it be that is due to George
        Bush? How can that be, you say? Well, it was President Bush that
        ended the Iraq War when he said the war was over on Dec.31. It
        is because of George Bush that Obama says that there are no more
        fighting troops in Iraq. It is Obama who will not allow any
        national parade recognition of the war in Iraq being over by saying there
        can’t be a parade when still fighting a war in Afghanistan.

        So, M_R. you must agree with Obama that the United States should still pour money into nation building of Afghanistan even after we leave. To hell with our infrastructur and schools….

  4. BTW, saw a report today that DAVID WALKER may become an
    Independent candidate for President. Now, that would be
    interesting, wouldn’t it?

  5. Hello Muddy,
    Speaking of Debts incurred under Republican Control!!!

    News Flash:
    Minnesota Republican Party gets HQ eviction notice!
    As just another example of how the Republicans don’t see the need to pay any debts owed to others so long as they can divert funds to their own agendas; the self inflected and debt-plagued Republican Party faces an eviction hearing next week in Minnesota after failing to pay rent for its headquarters since August 2010!

    (Let’s see…. Michele Marie Bachmann is from Minnesota isn’t she? How come we have not heard her whine and drone on about THIS physical responsibility on this issue? How come she is not out in front screeching how irresponsible the Republican Party was on squandering their funds?)

    The Republicans Party’s landlord, “Hub Properties Trust,” filed the notice in county housing court last week and a hearing is set for next week. The Minnesota Republican Party Chairman, Pat Shortridge, revealed the rent hadn’t been paid in eight months!

    To make matters worse, the most recent federal campaign reports show the Minnesota Republican Party owes nearly $1 million to all their vendors. That includes $107,000 to Hub Properties.

    I guess the Republican Party STILL has not figured out that you cannot cut revenues (like not collecting taxes through the most massive record tax cuts in history) but spends record amounts (like the two unfunded wars along with their other special interests rewarding the Koch Brothers, along with the Tobacco and Oil Industry with $Billions in substitutes) and STILL can’t figure out how this does not work in the long run.

    I am just waiting to hear how the Republican Blowhard Rhetoric Machine twists this and how it becomes the blame to those “Tax & Spend Liberal Democrats” and especially President Obama.

    OH BOY!! Another News Flash Just In:
    Christine O’Donnell is being sued by her former lawyer who worked on her Republican Senate Campaign, where she left him for legal services not paid.

    O’Donnell is being sued for $18,250 in unpaid fees by Jonathan Moseley, the former legal consultant to her campaign.

    But on the other hand Christine PAC did spent $19,912 in August on copies of O’Donnell’s poorly performing book, “Troublemaker,” enough to purchase nearly a third of the 3,000 copies that have been sold so far.

    Again another example of the Republican mindset of, “I got mine, you need to try and get yours” typical mentality…..because they are good Christian Conservative Republicans.


  6. How can you go wrong when your foreign policy is to build a bigger military and your domestic policy is to build bigger prisons?

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