Asa Earl Carter

Asa Earl Carter was a well known political speechwriter and author activist in Alabama and a very vocal opponent to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.  He is best known for working as a speechwriter for the segregationist Alabama Governor, George Wallace.

He started his career in radio broadcasting a show during the 1950’s that was sponsored by the “American State’s Rights Association” and was syndicated on more than twenty radio stations before the show was cancelled.  Carter spewed the most hateful, racial, and anti-Semitic rhetoric everyday on his radio show then closed with “God Bless Us All” religious hypocritical hubris; much like Rush Limbaugh and others today embracing religious values after their daily hateful radio rants. (Yes yet another example of how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Odd isn’t it)

Asa Carter was eventually fired following the community outrage about his broadcasts and a boycott of the radio station WILD.  Because he refused to tone down his anti-Semitic rhetoric, Carter broke with the leadership of the “Alabama Citizen’s Council” who would have preferred him to focus more narrowly on just preserving racial segregation of Blacks rants.  Upon this separation of ways with the “Alabama Citizen’s Council” over this issue, Asa Carter started the “North Alabama Citizens Council” which really was nothing more than an independent Ku Klux Klan group; and started the pro-segregation monthly magazine titled, “The Southerner,” which touted the preservation of “Southern Values,” fighting and protecting from destruction of those “Traditional Southern Values” from outside and misguided sources.

By March of 1956, Carter was making national news as a spokesman for segregation when he was quoted saying, “the NAACP had infiltrated Southern white teenagers with Immoral Rock and Roll records” and called for jukebox owners to purge all records by those Nigger performers from their jukeboxes.  “We need to protect our white children!”

Carter made the national news once again in September of that same year, where he was invited and gave an inflammatory anti-integration speech in Clinton, Tennessee.  He was to speak out with a topic speech in the Clinton high school where they were enrolling twelve black students to attend this high school.  Asa Carter could whip up the emotions and passions so well that after that speech in the high school, the aroused and whipped up mob of 200 white men ran out into the streets, stopping black drivers passing by in their cars, ripping out hood ornaments and smashing their windows in the attacks.  Asa Carter along with the segregationist John Kaspar, where charged with sedition and inciting a riot for the activities that occurred that day.

From this national acclaim and notoriety of being able to motivate the passions and reactions from the masses, Alabama Governor Candidate, George Wallace, hired Asa Carter to become his speechwriter and is given credited with Wallace’s famous 1963 inaugural speech slogan of, “Segregation today, Segregation tomorrow, SEGREGATION FOREVER!!”  But as history shows us more often than not, and as time marches on; the more sane minds become ever prevalent in these issues, and Asa Carter fell from grace and validity of his viewpoints waned.  Even to this day his former employer, George Wallace, claims that he never knew Asa Carter.  When he realized that he no longer had the voice nor the power to motivate the people, he relocated to Sweetwater, Texas, where he started to reinvent himself trying to hide from his past, and began to work on a novel.  In the attempt to distance himself from his past, he began to call his sons his “nephews”, and renamed himself Forrest Carter, in honor of the Confederate Civil War General, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

One thing if nothing else, bottom line, Carter was a very good writer and won critically acclaim with his first novel in 1976 with the publication success of his western, “The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales,” and later followed up with the “The Education of Little Tree” as it too became an unexpected hit in the 1980s.


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  1. This is a fantastic post – of course, as happens with the southerners, especially the Tea Party ignorami – the books are noted for being REVISIONST rather than accurate history.

    Asa Carter died in 1979; but if he were still alive, he’d be right at home with those old racist and anti-semitic views of his at the CPAC conventions of the past several years. They have hosted, and even handed out awards, to the same bunch of racists, notably hosting a couple of different white supremacist groups, and individuals who are terribly concerned that we keep America in the control of white people who value Christian Western European culture. Any other culture is decadent and inferior according to the far right wing extremists. This guy would have been right – pun intended – at home with the other woudl be Christian right Talibban wannabees.

    I wonder how much change Clint Eastwood made – and why he didnt do both books since both feature individuals from the Wales family? The Eastwood opus Gran Torino, and his work on the WWII pacific conflict provides an entirely different look at the values of other cultures to the revisionist pro-southern anti-fact version of history from Carter. Interesting – thank you for an excellent read EofK!

  2. Hello Tammy,
    Thanks for stopping by. I would ask you to re-read and review the posting and then write down what you think you get out of it. There are several valuable lessons contained within.

    Let’s call it an exercise in Critical Thinking and Logical Argumentation.

  3. I am looking forward to M-R’s Sunday message…Hope it might be on the GOP war against women and the numerous abortion bills that are being passed by GOP state legislatures and being signed by
    GOP Governors…

    1. Amen, brother! The South leads the way on this contrived war on women because, naturally, they are following the historical patterns written in the Bible– women as 2nd and 3rd class creatures. How do southern women react to this crap? Do they just take it in natural stride?

  4. FINALLY!!!! Some good news. Regular readers here might remember me bitching about my mother and sisters’ blind devotion to the Pope. They have f–i-n-a-l-l-y had enough and are actually reading (and talking about) the true facts about what is going on inside the Roman Catholic Church. There is an outside chance the Pope might actually try to use the U.S. Courts to impose his doctrine assuming we Americans will bow down like citizens of other less free countries have been doing. Bring it you ‘ole Nazi!

    1. Great news, NWO. Just yesterday I was talking with a friend whose 78 year-old cousin [very Polish] said that the bishop [of Toledo] had gone WAY-TOO far in his investigation of the nuns. Previously she had been ‘very Catholic’ but now sees the misogynistic face of the hierarchy.

  5. It is all about the education of the voting public.

    Apparently, Engineer, that is a daunting task. Saturday was the kick-off of the Obama door-to-door campaign here in Ohio and the results were a mixed bag. Many voters are not yet on board with the reelection of President Obama because they are ‘worried about the economy.’ We heard that from just about every voter [the question was asked, by the way].

    I’d like to know what either Romney or Obama can really do about the economy. After all, it is the Congress that has the purse-strings and the vote on how we spend or don’t spend money as well as taxes, regulations and other factors which move the economy in one direction or the other.

    The Senate is essentially dead and has been for the 20 past months; the House sends them stupid stuff that will never reach the idiotic 60 vote threashold of the Senate.

    Yet the voters believe that a president can operate a magic wand and all will be well. Amazing stuff!

    1. We have been here before, M_R, but I will say it one more time.
      By executive order, and order which Obama has taken a liking to,
      he could direct every motor vehicle in the Executive Branch to run
      on natural gas. This would create tens of thousands of jobs in a very short time…So there are measures that the President can do
      to improve the economy.

      1. true, but I was thinking of the millions of unemployed as well as the under-employed for which drastic measures would be necessary that are out of the hands of the Executive Branch.

        1. Any little bit will help…Why can’t he at least show some iniative and do that? In addition, what project is going to put millions of
          people back to work? You know, I have championed a return
          to a manufacturing basis…However, it seems to me that is an
          activity that is over. Increased technology will trump had labor
          now. Moreover, it is a global market now, and manufacturing is
          just going to be done in low wage countries. What is the
          occupational outlook that could bring high paying jobs to the
          American work force and reinvigorate the American employment
          picture to preserve and grow the middle class?

          1. You’ve got me on that one. Could small businesses do the trick? Don’t think so. What about a revival of the WPA? We just watched the film, Seabiscuit’ tonight and it brought back memories of the years after the crash and how the Federal government had to step in after Wall Street ran away with all of the money stolen from The People. The repeat was in 2008- another heist of money from The People. And from a 60 Minuets story earlier tonight, Wall street is once again deep into the pockets of The People and they have created such elaborate financial ‘packages’ that the SEC cannot figure them out let alone regulate them. Round 3 of the Great American Financial Heist is just around the corner, my friend.

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