One for the Country- Thomas L. Friedman

I was sent the link to this NYT op ed this morning, One for the Country by Thomas Friedman.

He makes a very good point re Mayor Bloomberg.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “One for the Country- Thomas L. Friedman

  1. Bloomberg would probably give Romney the Presidency…

    Now, tell me this. Do you think that President Clinton under
    cut FDR and the and the well being of the American people?

  2. Excellent article; it represents a couple of things – our lack of investment in maintenance of our infrastructure, combined with out redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the upper 1-2% has us headed fast towards being a damned third world nation, like some oversized equivalent of a militaristic banana republic charicature.

    Bloomberg has his own very large stable of Clydesdale sized gaffe’s, too many I suspect for a successful run at the presidency, although he might make it in a run for governor or senator next. Does he want any other office than mayor however?

    I still think Hilary clinton might reconsider and have a go at 2016, and given her success as Sec State might just win. In many ways it is a shame that Obama didn’t bring her on as VP instead of Biden, as a stepping stone for 2016.

    I don’t understand the sense in which the question is asked about Clinton undercutting FDR. Republicans have been dismantling the legacy of FDR since the 1930s. Time the left took a more organized long-view attitude, in which they could benefit from learning from the one good aspect of the right.

    Too bad, there used to be more of value to them than that, balancing out all the negatives. Not any more. Not for a long time.

  3. Hello Muddy,
    What a very good link and defiantly worth the read.

    I have a Brother-in-Law who is a right wing nut job and will swallow anything so long as it has a Conservative Flavor to it and will repeat it without checking the facts as if it were the “Words From God” truth.

    I should add that this Brother-in-Law is a retired Army Officer with a master’s degree in Russian. He is also a recovering alcoholic after many years of alcohol abuse so I guess his brain is pickled and the only suggestion I have for his thought process.
    This Brother-in-Law gets a lot of what he wants reality to be from a web site ironically called, “American Thinker.” Yea there is no real thinking here at all. I guess because it is on the internet….then it must be true…..RIGHT?

    Just by using simple “Socratic Irony” on my part just makes him an easy target to have him tripping over many of his epiphany statements he gets from this web site or heard from the “Blowhard Radio” he listens to everyday.

    My last conversation with him was on Easter when the family got together. He started with a lot of nihilistic conservative crap. Some of his enlightening statements were, “Trayvon had on a shoulder holster with a gun on his side and the reason that Zimmerman had to shot him.” He also enlightened us all to the “Don’t Re-Nig” bumper sticker as he thought it was quite funny and clever and the arrest of George Zimmerman that was “mandated directly from the White House.”

    I decided to use reverse sociology and agreed with a statement he made for the need to cut government entitlements (like Welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc.) only I added much like Greece has done trying to get their economy corrected as an example. In Greece the legislators voted to cut government retirements by 50% across the board. I told him that I agreed with the Tea Party’s proposal that the country can no longer afford the legacy retirements much like the touted example for allowing the Auto Industry to go bankrupt instead of being bailed out. (It was all that legacy retirement of Union Auto Workers’ fault for the downfall of that industry.)

    I passed on that the Tea Party Members of Congress are outraged of those who ONLY worked for the government for 20 years but expect to suck on the government’s retirement tit for what could easily be the next 30 years plus. I concluded with, “The Conservative Tea Party Members in Congress are proposing a cut in those government retirements as much as 50% just like Greece had to do.”

    Needless to say the Brother-in-Law had the preverbal “Deer in the Headlights” look with the realization that his military retirement has the potential of being drastically cut by the Tea Party Conservative Congress and that through his own Extreme Conservative support. He did not say much the rest of the day.

    I drove home with a smile on my face that day.

  4. After much thought, I stopped my monthly $250 campaign contribution to Obama. If the vote were held today, I probably would vote for him, but I can no longer support him whole-heartedly.

    If Bloomberg were to enter the race I probably would send his campaign $1,000 right off the bat.

  5. I know in today’s world dirty politics are required, but I don’t have to encourage or be part of it. Just when I start having faith in President Obama’s ability to be a good president, he slips back into the inexperienced community organizer from Chicago.

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