What’s the Angry Right-wing Going to Do Now?

The Weeping, Wailing, Rending Of Garments, and Gnashing Of Teeth.Rick Santorum is gone. Gingrich is selling photos of himself. The GOP’s right-wing has faded like an April snow.

They had such high hopes this year; they trotted out a bevy of candidates, one more goofy than the next. Each tried to be more nasty than the next, more punitive, less compassionate, each further to the edge of the political spectrum. They as a group painted the once Grand Old Party as an angry, white, misogynistic tight-assed party. Now Romney has the daunting task of undoing all of the damage that the right-wing has done in 6 months.

Of course, to stay vital in the right-of-center GOP, Romney was forced to take right-wing positions- positions now stored on DVD’s in the Obama Campaign Headquarters. His many gaffs too.

Will the base, the banal base of the current GOP cotton up to Romney? Any pig in a poke? At least he ain’t Obama, eh? How about them evangelical, born-again whites living and breeding in the South? It may be a difficult decision because of Romney’s Mormonism. Sure they ain’t vot’n for no niggra, but they may jest stay to home on vot’n day.

Of course the independents- the one who actually do decided the presidential winners- are a mixed bag.  One group, the fiscally conservative, socially moderate voter competes with the second group- the socially conservative, fiscally moderate voter. Head-spins! According to Campaigns and Elections, there are two types of the latter voter: the Northern white working class and the Southern populists. The working-class whites are located in the Northeast and Midwest, and are heavily Catholic.

The Southern populists won’t matter because they are buried in deep red country. Now that the Catholic Santorum is gone, the religion card is trumped [unless Romney chooses a strong Catholic running mate.] So right now, the socially conservative/fiscally moderates are left dangling.

So then, how do Romney and Obama appeal to this group? Romney has, during the long primary, damaged his image by taking positions that were severely socially conservative; but then, how does Obama attract this group? How does he appeal to this group of ‘swing voters?’ Although he is not left-wing, he clearly is left-center where these social conservatives do not hang.  It will be interesting.

I suspect, though, Obama’s appeal to women may be key. Romney has poisoned that well in his appeal to the right-wing. That may have done him in with the women voters in general and the socially conservative ones in particular.

One thing is for sure: the angry, white male right-winger has been tossed aside like Sunday’s ham bone. The GOP primary voters apparently are not that far-right.  There may be hope for the once-Grand Old Party after all.


Wow.  I just finished this post when I surfed over to CNN:

(CNN) – President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign marked the conclusion of the Republican primary – and the beginning of the general election campaign – with a nearly two-minute Web video splicing together clips of Mitt Romney’s most conservative statements from the trail.  The video.


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  1. Considering how hard it is to find a Republican with any credibility willing to stand up for the current culture war – on women and on everyone and everything else – I’m betting that Romney will go with Niki Haley.

    She’s female, more or less, at least by biology if not loyalty. She is similarly telegenic to Palin without being stupid and bone ignorant. Like Palin, she is sufficiently ambitious to go with Romney because he’ll have her, regardless of whether or not she really likes him. She holds the same fairly far right views as the hard core base extremists, and she hasn’t had time to flip flop too much. There’s that little awkwardness of her adultery allegations, but she should be able to weather those much the same way Palin did.

    She converted to protestantism from being raised Hindu, which should appeal to the evangelical right — they loves them their converts to Jesus. She’s from a southern state, which might help get out the ‘Suthron’ vote. That however leave the Romeny ticket with an exclusively east coast balance as the down side.

    The trick would be for Haley to con the independents and middle that she is not a right wing nut job too, while not persuading the base that she isn’t.

    She has absolutely no foreign policy background whatsoever, but like Palin being able to see Russia from her house, she can at least point to her parents having come from another country as a start. Unlike Palin, she doesn’t have so far to go to catch up to what a candidate should know, and unlike Palin, I’m guessing she’s willing to do that work on whatever topics are necessary. And she’s been governor of a larger and more populous state than Alaska with more bears than people.

    And for having been willing to help as a surrogate for Romeny, she no doubt has the establishment blessing, while maintaining at least some tea party support.

    And she’s not as boring as Tim Pawlenty.

    The down side is I don’t think those good ol’ southern boys will vote for a ticket with a female VP, no matter how much of an improvement it might make.

    On the upside, if they do pick her to run with Mittens, it will do more to marginalize any importance that Palin has even more than Bachmann having run. Them that good ol’ boys are only marginally more willing to vote for a white woman than a black man, regardless of her conservative credentials.

  2. Hello All,
    I just finished a posting today on “How Close Is The United States To Total Political Abuse From The Extreme Conservative Right Wing Republicans?”

    We have here today an example of things to come should the Republicans gain more control of U.S. Government because Andrew Thomas, a former top Phoenix, Arizona Prosecutor, was disbarred for “Defiling Public Trust.” Andrew Thomas was an anti-illegal immigration crusader used his office to destroy political enemies, filed malicious and unfounded criminal charges and committed perjury and other crimes, a state legal ethics panel ruled on Tuesday in Phoenix.

    As chief prosecutor for Arizona’s most populous county gained national prominence after joining forces with Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County’s controversial sheriff.

    A series of failed public corruption prosecutions, also closely plotted with Arpaio, proved Thomas’s downfall. After the cases collapsed, a far-reaching independent investigation authorized by the Arizona Supreme Court revealed stunning ethical lapses, according to the scathing 247-page report by the review panel.

    Thomas suffered from “profound arrogance” that led him into “ethical ruin,” said the panel, headed by William O’Neill, the state’s presiding disciplinary judge.
    Thomas “outrageously exploited power, flagrantly fostered fear, and disgracefully misused the law,” the panel said.

    Thomas used his office to settle political scores and worked closely with Arpaio’s office in the discredited prosecutions, said Bennett Gershman, a national expert on prosecutor misconduct who acted as a consultant for the ethics investigation.

    “Anybody who disagreed with them, they indicted,” Gershman said.
    In one instance, Thomas brought criminal charges against a state judge with no evidence and no investigation, in order to stop the judge from filing an adverse ruling the following day in a corruption case. In another case, Thomas indicted a county official on more than 120 misdemeanor and felony counts, despite having clear knowledge that the statute of limitations for almost all of the alleged crimes had passed more than a year earlier.

    Thomas and Arpaio are under investigation by a federal grand jury for possible civil rights and other charges, according to court documents obtained by the Arizona Republic in 2010.

    This is the inedibility course and outcome when “FANATICISM” is allowed to gain any advantage of power within a political system. The current Republican Conservative crop of legislators.

    1. Correct, Engineer. Although the right-wing will not get the White House, they are gaining seats in both the state and federal houses. That article you posted at least gives us hope that these fringe elements can be nailed and prosecuted by ‘regular’ people who will not tolerate this far-right ideology.

      1. Not only the state and federal houses, but even more ominous they are gaining control of the federal judiciary….

      2. I think the right is going to lose their control of Congress and that there is a very good chance that there will be a new 60 seat majority for dems in the senate. (A girl can dream!) The GOP can’t get out the vote, and the disapproval ratings are highest for the right.

  3. what is the angry right wing going to do now? just look to the west…allen west…remember, if your party is losing it’s mind, the only recourse is to call your opponents a bunch of communists…..no one could ever, ever, accuse west of violating godwins law.

    1. Yes, Microdot, there’s the answer. Did you know that Sarah P. recommended West for VP?? That says all one needs to know about where the right-wing keeps its head– a dark, dank and smelly location.

      By the way, and in the same location, the local moron who is running for congress, Joe the non-plumber, said that “when the SCOTUS rules against Obamacare, every person in Congress who voted for it needs to be charged with treason.”

      Yes, that’s what he said.

      So Florida’s Alan West has company up here in northern Ohio- the company of dimwits.

  4. Hello All,
    I have a Brother-in-Law who is a right wing nut job and will swallow anything so long as it has a Conservative Flavor to it and will repeat it without checking the fact as if it were the “Words From God” truth.

    Just this past Sunday we were having Easter dinner and he came out that when Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, that Trayvon had on a shoulder holster with a gun on his side. This Brother-in-Law gets a lot of what he wants reality to be from a web site ironically called, “American Thinker.” Yea there is no real thinking here at all. I put the web link below. I guess because it is on the internet….I guess it must be true.


    I wanted to see for myself the source of his information so I checked this site out and the title of one of the articles was because “Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow this past March, that this proved there was no global warming.” WTF?!?!?!

    How do you try to deal with this kind of incorrect thinking or even try to educate the person that finds truth in any of these egregious statements?

    Yes and I share Uptheflag’s concern that this mind set and lack of critical thinking or more to the fact of fanatical conservative activism that is gaining control of the federal judiciary.

    1. What is needed, Engineer, is to concentrate on telling the truth about the things right-wingers state and hope that The People understand the difference between wishful thinking and fact. Many on the fringe of the political spectrum have convinced themselves that what they read/hear is the truth, especially when one of the AM radio talking heads says it.

      My right-wing brother-in-law tells his sister [and me] that ‘he heard it on WSPD’- the local Clear Channel AM station Apparently he remembers the 1940’s and 50’s when WSPD was an independent radio station that actually reported the news. Therefore, the obvious conclusion that if it is on the radio, it is true. Ugh.

    2. I call it putting the dumb in free-dumb on the right.

      That post of your EoK, about lies to and about women? I started tracking down the origins of the myth that women who are raped don’t get pregnant.

      It was fascinating – and I look forward to writing about it soon. Thanks for that inspiration!

  5. Don’t forget another important factor; the right is largely out of money except for the superPACs of people like Rove and the koch brothers; They can’t fund everybody. And they have far fewer boots on the ground, especially in the swing states.

    Let’s not be too pessimistic just yet!

  6. Hello Dog Gone,
    In the environmental & political battles I have fought personally with others, we have always relished when the established “Good O’l Boys” opposition underestimated our efforts; and when they lost on issues that they thought were “UN-LOOSE-ABLE” being “Bitch Slapped,” they just stood there shell shocked in disbelief.

    I remember one instance where a self-important feeling lawyer who represented a Wood Treatment Plant who had intentionally buried drums of Toxic Waste on their site causing a mother who lived nearby to miscarriage three times, plus an elderly couple dieing within 14 days of each other, all having non-organic arsenic high levels and other chemicals use in the process of treating wood in their wells. During a County Commissioner’s Meeting where the citizen in the area were bring up the issue to the County, the lawyer for the Wood Treating Plant condescendingly laughed at the group I was helping out, with the statement of, “They’re not going to shut down this operation over a few buried drums of Toxic Waste”….stated through a smirking smile.

    By the way that was one of their lawyer’s arguments that Arsenic can be found naturally in nature. I was able to counter this by stating the science fact that the naturally occurring organic arsenic and the non-organic industrial arsenic have a much different molecular compound signature and are easily distinguishable from each other. What was in the wells was the non-organic industrial arsenic thus could not be naturally occurring organic arsenic situation.

    To make a long story short, when the Federal EPA finally stormed in like a “Swat Team” and instantly shut down the operation, then followed up with the Super Fund Cleanup bill, this Narcissistic, Self-important, Hubris Pride, lawyer could not even bring himself to look any of us in the eyes, and kept his head down low, after a follow up County Commissioner’s Meeting where they revoked the zoning for the first time in history on this property.

    After the meeting many of us stood in the hallway of the County Building next to the lawyer and owners, just to stare them down and rub their faces in their loss to the “Bunch of Non-Lawyer Environmental Radical Assholes,” while the lawyer was trying to explain to the owners of the Wood Treatment Plant, trying to defend himself on how HE lost this case to a bunch of Rag Tag, Wild Eyed, Environmental Radicals? They shouted at him how they were going to sue him for malpractice to regain the money through his incompetence that they pissed away and spent with him to represent their interest. (I always thought it was interesting that the owner’s viewpoint was still that it was not their fault they got caught burying Toxic Waste Illegally, causing harm to everyone in the area, but that the lawyer lost the case for them…..Go Figure. This just told me how often they had gotten away with this in the past as they did have a history of this too.)

    When the people in the area sued the owners of the Wood Treatment Plant for damages to their property values, miscarriages, and deaths, the owners of the Treatment Plant did not even send in a lawyer to represent their case during this trial and the maximum was awarded to the citizens and home owners in the area. I was not one of them but I take great pride that I worked with, helped with their efforts to make this justice a reality.

    So the lesson here and to reiterate your statement, Keep Pounding Away on the Accurate Issues. Hit them HARD, Hit them FAST, and Hit them OFTEN. The time is to start NOW!!!

  7. I would really like to do my own web videos / ads this cycle, but dont know how (yet). Something like the work of Mark Fiore, or the fast draw guys on CBS. I’m a pretty decent cartoonist, and I understand animation well enough; I can come up with the content/ scripts, But I need to find and master the software to do it next…. any ideas?

    I think a good audio visual presentation, something that can be shared, could go far to getting out accurate info.

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