The Sun has Risen Today

I rose early on this early Sunday morning in northwest Ohio to witness a beautiful sunrise. With temperatures in the 50’s the sun bathed the many spring trees whose pink and magenta flowers brighten one’s spirit. Our flowering Japanese trees, one white, the other pink stand next to our neighbor’s lilac bush, bursting with purple. Birds chirp merrily as gentle breezes move the branches.

Yesterday our entire family took a walk in the park and the grandchildren ran happily along the trails that followed the edge of the woods. Kites were in various stages of elevation as the hawks glided high overhead on rising updrafts. Both today and yesterday are picture-perfect, idealistic representations of what other Nature offers us humans.

Days like this and family gatherings enrich our souls and make our lives ever-more full and complete.

Thank you, Mother Nature for helping restore our souls.


5 thoughts on “The Sun has Risen Today

  1. Good to hear you had a good Holy Saturday with the family in
    communion with Mother Nature. Wish I could say that we had
    one here, but now only a daughter and her husband and grandson
    are in Jackson…Everyone else has moved away, but our assumption
    is that each one will be calling in some time today. We will have
    the traditional ham and sweet potato dinner. The day is very bright
    and sunny, temperature in the low 80s. Summer for Toledo, but
    Spring for Jackson.
    Are the lilacs early this year? Seems like I remember them
    blooming in May when we would bring them to school for the
    nuns to place around the statutes of the Blessed Virgin as we stood
    in the hall to pray the rosary.
    Our next door Anglican minister had sunrise services this
    morning. She is still recovering from breast cancer, yet she was
    telling me how important it is for her to conduct the Easter
    services for all her parishners. “Why, she said, “they would be
    lost without me being there for them.”
    What do you think, are we “lost” souls now that we have
    forsaken our religious foundations? Now that we have the
    gray hairs, should we be getting back into the pews for the few
    remaining years that we have ?

    1. Lilacs are in bloom– global warming you know. Daffodils and most tulips are already gone. Grass-cutting done too.

      So the ‘sheep’ would be lost without her divine guidance?? Lost souls?? Hardly. Why would we be lost when all of the stuff that we learned [and what your neighbor preaches] is a bunch of hooey? Rather, I believe that we are ‘found’ in that we have found out that the other stuff was just imaginings from past-communal memories and dreams.

      This is the ONLY life we have; live it to the fullest! Take the wife out for a fabulous b-day feast on Wednesday. Sit by the reservoir, enjoy Mother Nature. Write down some important stuff for your grandkids and keep it where you keep your Last Will. In your writings, let them know that they ought not waste any more of their precious years worrying about sin and ‘redemption’ and all of the other b.s. that the ministers heap on them.

      Tell them to be kind to their siblings, parents and cousins and to love one another and do something positive about the rest of the people on earth. That’s all they need to focus on. Anything else is manipulative shit that inhibits their growth towards becoming fully-functioning humans.

      If only I had listened to my older cousin [the atheist] as I grew up! It would have ‘saved’ me from a lot of crap throughout the years!

    2. Spring arrived in March here in Toledo. Everything outside is really screwed up; lots and lots of blooming that shouldn’t be happening until after Mother’s Day.

      I always thought turning to “God” in times of “need” was hypocritical. Don’t you think many people of our generation are returning to church “just in case”?

      With four generations now on the planet it’s hard to get together. We gather on Mother’s Day at Maumee Bay for breakfast and a hike. And just like white trash (most of us really aren’t), we eat Dunkin’ Donuts in the parking lot while most people do the Holiday Banquet inside the lodge. My brothers and sisters call it tailgating; I just call it embarrassing because while they’re wandering around in the trees, I’m sitting in a lawn chair, next to the car, keeping my mother company.

  2. Hello Muddy and a very good morning to you too. Hello Uptheflag and a very good morning to you too.

    My oldest daughter and her husband came down from Annapolis last night and spent the night. I have my whole family with me today and nothing is better.

    We will be going to my wife’s sister’s house for the big family dinner. Again nothing is better.

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