So Much Ignorance…So Little Time!

As a nation, we are an awfully uninformed lot. Of course, many of those who post comments here already know that, so I’d be preaching to the choir if I were to address this post just to them. There are lurkers,  so maybe they don’t yet realize the pathetic and wide-spread ignorance associated with the issues facing this nation and the world.  If ‘they’ didn’t vote, then this post wouldn’t be necessary; but, sadly, they do and they screw us every time they enter the polling place.

Take global climate change, for example. There was an important announcement in most newspapers today with the title: Scientists warn of climate-change onslaught. The article begins — Global warming is leading to such severe storms, droughts and heat waves that nations should prepare for an unprecedented onslaught of deadly and costly weather disasters, an international panel of climate scientists said in a new report issued Wednesday.

How will many Americans react to this news article today and call it a hoax? Of course, many been fed the propaganda and absorbed into their brain like cocaine. ‘Some say that global warming is just a liberal lie…’  Yes, some say.  Some say they were abducted by aliens.

Then there is the ‘pain at the pump.’ Naturally, the enemies of the President and the GOP candidates blame him for the $4/gallon price at the filling station.  ‘Drill, baby drill!’ Recall that 2008 idiocy? Millions of Americans, perhaps tens of millions of Americans still believe that the ‘solution’ to our pain at the pump is more drilling. Sadly, simple minds crave simple solutions. Most, I’d bet, never heard of the oil speculation market and the GOP-sponsored bill that allowed oil to be placed into that commodities market. Too complicated. Drill, baby, drill!

How about the housing market? Somehow the President is responsible for that disaster, too. He should have done something. Well, one of them did, the other didn’t. I’ll bet that the relatively newly created financial term, credit default swaps, boggles the brains of many. It should because it covers a rather repulsive process not unlike sausage-making. It is much easier to blame the President.

A current hot topic is health care. Oddly, the United States is the ONLY industrialized nation that does not cover the health care of its citizens. Did you know that the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan offers universal health care to its citizens? So does Macau, Seychelles, Ghana, Azerbaijan and Tobago. Huh?  So does Russia- you know, America’s number one geopolitical enemy, according to Mitt Romney! Maybe he hates them because they adopted RomneyCare. Ain’t it a hoot? Yet tens of millions of Americans are against the Affordable Care Act. Only 36% of Americans favor it.  One online newspaper from Utah ran this title: Trading Freedom for Health Care. Yes, that’s what they wrote.

Why are so many Americans against the ACA? Because they don’t know what’s in it and because the propaganda from the insurance lobby  through right-wing media is so strong. One humorous line often heard derides the number of pages in the law. Yet many of these same people find nothing wrong with the length of the Bible; ours has 1,589 pages.

Oh well, so goes the level of information and curiosity of The People of this nation. Maybe I should unplug myself, too.  Life would be so much easier.



10 thoughts on “So Much Ignorance…So Little Time!

  1. Hello Muddy,
    Global Climate Change:
    Norfolk, VA just spent many millions of dollars raising the elevation of a road along their coastal front by a couple of feet that was going under water with every high tide. This did not use to be a problem but developed more recently because of the rise of the sea level. There is a heated debate going on in Virginia because after spending these many millions of tax dollars raising the elevation of this coastal highway, all know that this is just a temporary fix because the projected sea level rise will just return the problem in less than 10 years.

    In Dorchester County, MD we are loosing 2 to 3 feet of land every year on the Chesapeake Bay side due to sea level rise going on right now. There are a couple of islands in the Chesapeake Bay that are going under water as we speak. They will be nothing more than sand bars within a couple years. The Maryland State Government has degreed that there will be no new building permits awared for the western areas of Dorchester County due to the fact of the long term loss due to sea level rise.

    When I hear some Conservative Republican repeat the inaccurate propaganda they have so Non-Critically thought out and just absorbed statements that there is no Global Warming; my reply is, “Well you better tell the Army Corp of Engineers because they are spending millions of your tax dollars making plans and policies to evacuate the Eastern Coastal Regions and Southern Tip of Florida areas because they need to plan what to do with all the displaced population, destroyed infrastructure, and eminence damage they know is coming world wide.”

    The counter reply is just nothing more than a confused look.

    Pain At The Pump:
    With regards to the current fuel price, this country is pumping and refining more oil within this country than in recent times…..and we are shipping this fuel to several countries around the world at levels now than in recent times. A couple of years ago I was talking with a very good Conservative Republican friend who was saying that we needed to develop more oil drilling sites offshore and in the country. (Drill Baby Drill years) I told him that doing this would not solve our gas prices because the oil industry would just ship the fuel to the areas paying the highest price for the gas. His reply was, well we just make a law saying the fuel had to stay here in the U.S. My reply was that he could be sure that the well paid corporate lawyers for the oil industry have already developed the documents and printed them up to take that law to court because it infringed the oil industry’s ability to sell their product on the world market and that there was not a court in this land that would not support their case. (Free Market Global Enterprise) At this point, he just finished processing and realizing I was correct. His simple solution was no solution at all.

    Housing Market Disaster:
    I have no idea how some minds are making the reasoning that President Obama is being blamed for this as the banking industry had imploded and caved in on itself years before propagated by the “Less or even No Regulations” given to the industry which led to the “Ponzi Scheme” practices the banking industries leaders indulged in. My only question is why are they not sitting in prison right now. I guess because the bailout started with last years of the President W. Bush. I guess because he had plunder a Savings and Loan in Texas without going to jail then, he could not press that law without bring up his own past.

    Health Care:
    As I have stated before, what we are now hearing being called “Obama Care Socialized Medicine”, was really the CONSERVATIVE REPUBICAN’S Health Care Plan in the early 1990’s to counter the “Hillary Health Care” scare at that time.

    Republicans were for it before they were against it. Go Figure.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    I have posted a piece called, “9 Stupid Lies Republicans Tell About Women’s Bodies and Health Care” and many are truly bizarre if not just out right ignorant.

    The mind blowing aspect is there are many who repeat these and point to them as being facts to argue against Health Care.

    Like NON has pointed out, science is to be ignored now by even the supposed “Educated Conservatives.”

  3. Engineer wrote above: “When I hear some Conservative Republican repeat the inaccurate propaganda they have so Non-Critically thought out…”

    As I see it, Engineer and M_R, “the inaccurate propaganda” which
    people are basing their negativity to anything progressive is
    coming from the Bible, namely, the New Testament, and
    specifically the Book of Revelation. For every problem facing
    us, these so called christians say their Christ is coming back
    soon and we don’t have to worry about it. Indeed, the
    christians believe that problems are nothing but signs that
    the end is near, and that the problems will get increasingly
    worse. They want things to get worse, so that they will be

    To be sure, we on the otherside think what motivates them. It
    is trust, so it seems to me. Christian Americans have been
    brought up to accept the Bible as the word of God, and when
    me move to the evangelical and fundamentalist religious realm
    the preacher is believed. He is trusted. It’s a trust relationship,
    and religion is trusted. Probably 40% of the population are in
    this religious trust camp. They want nothing to impinge on what
    they base their trust. They do not question their preachers, and
    view anyone who does question as a threat. Education is a threat,
    it may make people think. They believe that it is education
    that developes the progressive humanistic viewpoint. As
    Santorum says, we become snobs.

    It seems to be all coming together, my friends. It is all coming
    out in this election. Women are bad; they need to be at home,
    barefoot and pregnant; they need to be in total obedience.
    They are marrying the Old Testament Genesis with the New
    Testament Book of Revelation. Genesis is the oldest trusted
    word of God. God gave dominion of the earth to man.
    Therefore, they say God put the natural resources there for
    man to extract and use. They say that these resources are here
    and available and what God has put there for our use, not to
    use them would be immoral. God is trusted, science is not.
    And, now, what we have is another marriage. This is the
    marriage of the far political right with the religious
    fundamentalists, and this joining of forces has created the
    Tea Party. The Tea Party is the the extreme political right
    and evangelical fundamentalist religion.

    Then what happens political is this. The Tea Party group looks
    at each candidate for office and determines if that candidate has
    passed their litmus test. That test is their interpretation of the
    Constitution literally and do they accept Christ as lord and
    savior. One wrong vote on climate change, mandated health
    care, taxes, social security, support of Israel, anti-natural
    resouce development or whatever disqualifies that person from
    holding office(watch the Sen. Lugar race in Indiana). Any
    candidate will also have to say he/she is a born again
    christian, as that is the only person who can be trusted.

    1. You paint a bleak picture., my friend, but one that I have also been painting. Religion is literally killing our democracy [and our spirit]. I finished my Bishop Spong book and he is ‘finished’ with religion; he calls it infantile and manipulative. He is calling for a universal recognition of the human spirit rather than some god in the sky. Imagine, after being associated with religion and church stuff for 80 years, he now says that it was a waste of time for the human race.

      The trouble is that the fundamentalists all across America are, as you point out, tethered like dogs to their church and to their pastors- like children waiting for mom or dad to tell them what to do. It bodes terribly badly for this nation of ours and if the GOP wins the Senate and holds the House, we can kiss our nation good-bye!

  4. Your comment, M_R, has many areas of rejoinder. First, let me
    begin with your last words, “….we can kiss our nation good-bye!”

    In every presidential election cycle, there is the consistent hue and
    cry that if the other side wins, the country is doomed. Yet, some
    how this hasn’t been the case. TR was a “damned cowboy” who became President by fate; Wilson was a snob intellectual who
    became President because of the Taft-TR split; FDR was a
    “traitor to his own class”; Truman was selling the country out
    to the Communist International with Nato, Seato, and the United
    Nations; Eisenhower would destroy the New Deal; JFK would
    turn the country over to the Papacy; LBJ was power hungry;
    Nixon was “Tricky Dicky”; Carter was an ignorant peanut farmer;
    Reagan was “Bozo the Clown”; George H.W. Bush was a betrayer;
    Clinton was immoral; George Bush was dumb; and Obama was
    an unfit usurper. That is roughly a hundred years of campaigns
    saying the nation would go under if any one of these ever became
    President. However, we are still here, and I suspect that we will
    be here, well not personally at our age lol, but the country will be
    a hundred years from now.

    1. and I suspect that we will
      be here, well not personally at our age lol, but the country will be
      a hundred years from now.

      Yes, but what will it look like? I’ve been thinking lately that perhaps 50 states is way-too many for a Federal government to manage, especially with the ingrained dislike [hate!] for federal authority in certain areas of the nation. Why not let the South form its own conglomerate of like-minded states? Why not let the north and east form their own? And the West, theirs? What would be wrong with a 3 [or 4 with a mountain/plains region] grouping, not unlike the EU?

      The EU model works well in economic areas and fairly well politically. At least we have a common language and a common history.

      What do you think, UptheFlag?

  5. Hello Uptheflag,
    If there was ever a book of fiction written in a non-committal voice; it is the “Book of Revelations.”

    If you give 12 people the “Book of Revelations” to read; you will get 12 different interactions of that those chapters mean or trying to say.

    Bottom line, not much to base a political platform on but the lemmings still line up and follow.

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