The Final Shred of Freedom and the Cowboys

Back in the 50’s cowboys were my heroes. On Saturday mornings we’d watch several grainy cowboy-and-Indian shows, then we’d head outside with our cap guns to reenact the scenes we had seen on our 14″ black and white screens.  These were rugged individualists who rode the range, ate beans by the campfire and used their six-shooter as judge and jury. They spit on the ground too. I believe at one time I told my parents that I’d like to be a cowboy when I grew up. It was kind of them not to spoil my fantasy.

Cowboys never entered a church though, as far as I recall.  For one thing, they’d have to take off their hat and unstrap their six-shooter!  No cowboy in their right mind would do that.  Besides, their spurs would jingle walking down the aisle. Sometimes they’d meet a woman all bedecked in her church-going clothes as she walked out of church and say, tipping their hat,  “Howdy Ma’am!”

Boundaries, rules, regulations and other forms of liberty-limiting actions were anathema to my heroes. That always worked for the TV guy, but seldom for a 10-year old.  My parents didn’t buy that kid-freedom stuff.

Some 60 years later, it dawns on me that today’s hard right-wingers are the survivors of the gun-slingers of my Saturday morning TV days. They are the last bastions of rugged individualism, just to the left of the survivalists bedded down in the mountains of Idaho. Why, they don’t like any government telling them what to do either! Especially the Federal Marshals, er, the federal government. No sir! Remember the words uttered by Wisconsin’s right-wing senator just yesterday: “If the federal government can actually force an American to engage in a particular form of commerce – buy health care so they can regulate it, that’s the final shred of freedom,” said the Wisconsin Republican. “Our freedom is shrinking.”  

Yes, our freedoms are shrinking. And what was that final shred ripped from the clutches of the cowboys of the West? Fences! Yes, the barbed-wire fences erected by the homesteaders. Boundaries! And that was just the first of many- the slippery downward slope that signaled the demise of my TV heroes. Today it’s government-imposed health care.  The final shred!
Nothing’s left. It’s over. Gone!
We might as well surrender everything we own to the government; they’ll take it anyway.
Yes, it’s time for me to take off my cowboy hat, unbuckle my spurs, and unstrap my six-shooter. The game’s over. We lost.

7 thoughts on “The Final Shred of Freedom and the Cowboys

  1. Golly, Tex…it’s about time to mount your might steed and head
    for the tall timber….Be like Gene and Roy, although I dressed like

    What a pathetic performance yesterday at the Supreme Court by
    the Obama Administration. The Solicitor General was the wrong
    man in the wrong place. The Justices even had to complete his
    sentences, and Ginsberg it is said had to take over his case. What
    a lack of failure, again. It seems to me you ought to put any more
    phone calls on hold until after the Court decides, otherwise it is
    an act of futility…..

  2. Hello “You All,” (said in my slightly Southern Accent)
    I was more of the Roy Rogers fan. I have my second grade school picture with my official Roy Rogers red with white fringe shirt which was embroidered on the right side chest area with Roy Rogers riding Trigger.

    I was also a Lone Range fan too. It was not until much later when I realized that his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, that in the Spanish language is the masculine form meaning of “Stupid, Fool, Idiot, etc.” I had to wonder if this was intentional on someone’s part in Hollywood.

    So I got thinking, what did Tonto’s name for the Lone Ranger, “Kemo Sabe” mean? Well according to John Nichols’ Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe, the Ojibwe word “giimoozaabi” means “to peek” (it could also mean “he peeks” or “he who peeks.” There are several words with the same prefix [“giimooj,” secretly] meaning things like “to sneak up on someone”…. Even though Tonto was dressed as a South Western Native American, it is quite plausible that the Minnesota Ojibwe Native American language, “giimoozaabi” meaning something like “scout”…. and “Giimoozaabi” is pronounced pretty much the same as “kemosabe” and would have been spelled “Kee Moh Sah Bee” at the turn of the century.

    Anyway, so much on that subject.

    Now at this same time, the one who really made me think things and realized the potential within me, and a prediction for things to come in the future was….. Annette Funicello during her years as a Musketeer because she had boobies under that short sleeve turtle neck stretch shirt with her name embroidered just about those fantastic breasts!!! “Darlene” Gillespie worked for me too but not like Annette did.

    Yes I was an early blooming pervert prodigy in which I reached my full potential later on in life and excelled.

    Of course I digressed as this was not the real subject of the posting was it? MY BAD???

  3. “…the survivalists bedded down in the mountains of Idaho.”

    (Or in the farm fields of North Carolina)

  4. OFF TOPIC: Jesus Christ, of Bible fame, was actually born today. The celebration of his birth was later changed to December 25th because the pagans threw better parties.

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