Happy 2nd Anniversary, Affordable Care Act

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Health Care Act by President Obama. All of the GOP presidential candidates have vowed to kill it on their first day in office.  Right-wingers are whetting their knives, ready to head to DC to help in a public ritual dismemberment of the law. They do love red meat! The saddest part about this fictional scenario is that all of them benefit from the law. They’d rather diminish their economic future because of blind adherence to ideology. This ideological group has been detailed in Thomas Frank’s book, What’s the Matter with Kansas?

The anti-law mania is amazing and amazingly idiotic. As I wrote in an earlier post, my experience in phoning voters last week on this topic opened my eyes to the low [and incorrect] information in the heads of The People. The Obama Administration is a fault for not clearly explaining the law to the citizens. The Obama reelection team must spend some of its millions of dollars on TV spots which tout the accomplishment of this law.

Here’s what is found on the Health Care and You website:

  • Young adults can now stay on their parent’s health plan up to age 26.
  • Some small businesses with fewer than 25 employees can get help paying for the cost of providing health insurance.
  • Insurance companies can’t deny health coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions.
  • Adults who have been uninsured for at least 6 months and have been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition may now get coverage.
  • Insurance companies can’t place dollar limits on the health care they cover in your lifetime.
  • Those in the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” get a 50 percent discount on name-brand prescription drugs and a 7 percent discount on generic prescription drugs.
  • Those in Medicare can get preventive services and screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, at no cost to them.
  • New health plans must offer preventive and screening services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, at no cost to the patient.

I, myself, could put together a series of TV spots touting each of these benefits quite easily; surely the Obama team could and should do it so that the voters get  the truth about this law.  By the way, can you imagine one of the October presidential debates: President Obama turns to his opponent and says, “Which part of the Affordable Care Act would you repeal first? The coverage for pre-existing conditions for your children or preventive screenings for mammograms and colonoscopies?”

During my phone calling, and during my next session to be repeated this Sunday, I will hear people on the other end telling me that they don’t like ‘Obamacare.’ And, when I ask them why, they will repeat some propaganda that they heard, some nonsense about taking away their freedom. Their freedom? Their freedom to be at the mercy of their insurance company?

I don’t expect to change their minds- they are fixed upon some ideology which blocks any attempt at reasoning. What I do hope to accomplish is to inform those who do answer the phone of the 8 benefits above.  At least at the end of the conversation the citizen will have added to their knowledge and will be better able to make an informed decision in the polling booth in November.


10 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary, Affordable Care Act

  1. Now how could the “impartial ‘ Supreme Court screw up something like that? They base all their rulings only on facts. Remember, they’re the group that said corporations are people.

  2. Who would lie about something as important as health insurance. Found this on a blog:

    What is going on? How do these people get away with this?

    1. How do they get away with this? Quite easily, apparently, because The People are terribly gullible and are sponges for propaganda. After all, TV does sell merchandize to The People 24/7.

  3. I read in the local paper that the ‘right reverend’ bishop of Toledo spoke at a gathering at the courthouse condemning the Affordable Care Act. He and the assembled group are, as you may know, “pro-life.” The open display of hypocrisy was stunning!

    1. When talking to non-Catholics about any “Church official”, be sure to point out that unlike other religions, Roman Catholics have no control, no vote and no input in selection these officials. Also point out that the vast majority (I’d estimate over 90%) of Roman Catholics favor birth control; 98% of Roman Catholic women have used it at one time in their life. And about the only ones who haven’t used it are not having sex and/or can’t get pregnant. Hell, even women past the age of reproduction AND men of use protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

      I’m constantly hearing what a jerk the Bishop is, but people are very afraid of rocking the boat “just in case” they might go to hell.

      Bottom line, for DECADES (probably longer) the Pope in Rome has not been able to stop Catholics from premarital sex or using birth control. The Pope is now trying to gain a foothold into controlling our government and use them to implement Rome’s birth control policies!!!

  4. “…surely the Obama team could and should do it so that the voters get the truth about this law.”

    Good luck with that, M_R. Obama didn’t really publicize it during
    the long 16 months of writing the law and left the economy suffer.
    Moreover, since its enactment, the Obama Administration has been
    running away from publicizing it. I believe the Sup. Ct. hearings
    begin this week and little will be said until the verdict is rendered
    probably in June. If Obma loses totally or partially in the Sup. Ct.
    the Obama campaign will use it as a tactic to re-elect him as the
    Court prevents progressive legislation. If Obama wins totally, then
    the Care Act is put on the front burner and the GOP is trapped.
    If just the mandates are voided, he will accept that and publicize
    the points that you make, and take the credit for being the first
    President to provide national health care reform.
    However, it is still my contention, M_R and others, that Obama
    failed the American public…He had the votes probably in the House and the Senate to pass health care with the public option. Everyone
    would have medicare. Instead he got in bed with Big Pharma and
    the American Hospitals Association and comprimised it away.
    You like to vent about President Bush and Cheney inviting the oil
    and gas leaders into the WH and making secret deals on energy.
    Well, where is the venting about Obama asking these groups into
    the WH and making before the fact agreements about what and
    would be done? Obama is no FDR……nor Truman either, probably
    not even a TR…..

  5. Hey, did you hear the the unemployment rate dropped for the 4th straight month in Ohio? 7.6%, a huge difference from around the 11% we were at when Obama took office! And what’s all this talk about a “failed*” stimulus? Seemed to have worked like a charm in the Midwest.

    * Or maybe the only place you hear it being called a failure is on Fox News. They never put our false information, do they?

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