Bigotry and Bullying in Middle school

UPDATE: I understand that the mother of the children is in contact with both ABLE and the Oregon Police Department. Horray!

Less than a week ago, the Toledo Blade ran and article on an effort in Lucas County Ohio to end school bullying. The article began:

Local city, county, and school officials announced a joint public awareness campaign Tuesday to combat bullying.

Calling the impact of bullying on communities “devastating,” Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak said that children can’t be effective learners if they feel threatened in school.

“We want to prevent the bullying,” Ms. Skeldon-Wozniak said. “We want the schools to feel safe.”

The article went on say that students, faculty, and staff of area schools will be asked to sign anti-bullying pledges, where they will vow to monitor for bullying and support victims, among other promises. Schools also will hold parent-education events and anti-bullying assemblies.

Most curious was a statement by a police officer from Oregon City, an eastern suburb of Toledo. ” Oregon police Officer Tim McLeod said that Oregon City Schools plan to unveil a Web site for students to report incidents anonymously.”

That will be great news for one Oregon family. I know this family and I know their bullying story. The family is Lebanese- parents born there but the children born here. They are Muslim. And because of their Muslim faith, they have suffered terribly from abuse while at their school.  One of the children, now a sophomore, was pulled out of Oregon schools because of the abuse she suffered at the schools and is now forced to attend on-line classes in the safety of her home.

Yet her brother, a 7th grader at Fassett Middle School, remains in school, and suffers daily taunts and jeers from his fellow ‘Christian’ students. He tells me that some of his teachers treat him differently and that he has suffered mental anguish from a few of the teachers at Fassett Middle School. He told me yesterday that he hates the thought of going to school each day.

The ‘Christian’ students make fun of his name and accuse him of being a terrorist ‘just like Osama bin Laden.’  In fact, on the day after bin Laden was killed, students came up to him and said, ‘Sorry about your loss.’

What do the school officials do about this? Nothing according to the mother. The mother has raised the issue with the school administration as well as the Board of Education, but there has been no resolution.

I told her that I would call ABLE, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, this morning to report what I have heard about the bigotry and bullying that is going on at Fassett Middle School. And I intend to do so. I also intend to call Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon-Wozniak to tell her what I learned about Oregon City Schools.

Isn’t it sad that children have become as intolerant as their parents? Isn’t it sad that parents perpetuate their hate through their children?  And isn’t it most sad of all that a public school system apparently will do nothing to assure that all children who attend their schools are safe from abuse?


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  1. Bullying in a Toledo area school? Where would kids get that from? Did you know your ‘ole buddy Sepp is working on the very same subject. Here is a snippert from a recent blog post of his:

    “And, if Johnny is an asshole to them, kick Johnny’s ass and let Johnny know the actual pecking order…backing down from Johnny and telling on him just emboldens him and gets you the “pussy” label.

    As for qweers…which it seems this entire “meeting” was all about anyways, I find it disgusting that an adult agenda is being forced onto kids in the 6th grade.”

    If you want to be enlightend by his whole post, here is the link:

    (Should Sepp even be allowed to be around children?)

    1. What is most frightening about the blogger mentioned above is the fact that he has children [although I do not know if he has custody.] No doubt his stack of prejudices have been foisted on his children so that they can keep the bigotry and hatred alive and flowing form generation to generation.

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  3. WordPress had shut me down. Said after all this time I had an incorrect password. Go figure…..My daughter came over and worked for about an hour to get me back up.

      1. We grew up around it, didn’t we, M_R. First, the nuns took
        little action as one was the son of doctor and the other was the son
        of a supposed crime ring in Toledo…Then, the priests permitted
        it to occur in high school as the latter son continued his
        bullying of a particular classmate because he didn’t like the fact
        that this other boy carried his books in a book bag. But, daddy
        made big contributions to the priests, so they just looked the other
        way. Probably not much difference from the ’50s to 2012!

        1. Good memory, my friend. $$ often is the way the little bastards get away with things. Do you remember that large statue of the BVM in a small cove in the main hallway near the cafeteria? A few years ago as I was in the school to do some tutoring, I looked at the bottom if the statue and found that it was donated by the punk’s Mafia father!

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