Preparing for the Annual Resurrection

The Christian community is deep into the season of Lent,  anticipating the yearly passion play and subsequent celebration of the ‘risen’ Christ. Others are deep into March Madness, an equally passionate annual event which ends in the rise of one team to the ultimate height. Some die-hard right-wing Republicans are themselves deep in the death throes of their nomination process  waiting to see which man rises to the surface of the cesspool. Tulips and daffodils are rising in the unusual warmth of this late winter season. The Stock Market rose to above 13,000 a few weeks ago. One red neck from Mississippi said before the primary, “My beliefs are on my bumper sticker: the South shall Rise Again.”

Rise, rose, risen.

Dive ,dove, disen.

It makes no sense, but then neither does one of the ‘resurrections’ listed above. Of course there is a syntax problem in the ‘reporting’ of that event. One report says ‘was raised’ while another reported, ‘rose.’ Paul stated,  ‘Christ really has been raised from the dead.’ Others claim Jesus rose from the dead. The two are mutually exclusive. Then there is the third thought: neither.

There are a bevy of Christian scholars and theologians who are brave enough to say, ‘neither.’ Naturally, they have been slapped down by both the hierarchy and the ignorant but righteous. And there are millions of the latter living happily in their bubble universe of faith and hope. Should we tell them? Or should we let them liver happily ever after?

Speaking of the ever-after, there isn’t one of them, either. This is it. That’s all she wrote. Enjoy it while there is still time. Live life fully.  Become a whole person, not a holy person. Whole v. holy.

…and now back to the NCAA.


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