Me and the VP

Vice President Biden was in Toledo on Thursday and gave a barn-burner of a speech to 500 enthusiastic folks gathered at a union hall. It was the official kick-off of the Obama/Biden 2012 Presidential Campaign. In Ohio, of course! Interestingly he talked about jobs, the middle class, and their economic security. While he was talking on those issues, somewhere else on the campaign trail the three stooges were discussing birth control, religion, guns and transuteral ultrasounds.

The distinction between the Obama/Biden message and those of the GOP could not be more clear for the voters of Ohio: either you vote for a 15th century agenda or one fit for the 21st century. That’s about it.

I was privileged to have been selected to drive a car in the Vice President’s motorcade and was thereby a witness to all that occurred during his visit to our area. We drove onto the tarmac right up to Air Force Two; that was exciting. What was even more exciting was the trip at speeds of 70 mph along the turnpike and freeways with Highway Patrol cars zooming past us at 100 mph to block upcoming entrances and cross-over points. Whew!

One thing is clear: the Vice President has massive security. I heard that there were 500 persons involved in his security yesterday- lessons learned from assassinations of the past. I got to wear one of those Secret Service pins in my lapel and was told by the Secret Service officer who pinned it on, “If you lose this call me immediately; not wearing it might get you shot!” Gulp.

After the event we [his staff and I] drove to the Chrysler plant located in a neighboring suburb, The  Toledo Machining Plant.  Here the VP met, greeted and spoke with many workers who were either completing their shift or coming to the 2nd shift. He received a warm welcome, cheers and clapping from the workers because they understood which political party saved their company, their jobs and their futures. They could give a shit about birth control.

Will Romney or Santorum ever visit the Toledo area? I doubt it. Why should they? They wanted Chrysler to go bankrupt. Romney doesn’t care for labor unions and would rather talk about tax cuts for the so-called job creators; Santorum’s voters are way out of town in the rural areas where the evangelicals live and are more concerned with God, the Bible, male dominance over women and birth control than their economic future.

As the afternoon wore on, we arrived once again on the tarmac, unloaded the vehicles and watched Air Force Two head back to DC. It was an arduous day for me, but it was a once in a lifetime experience!


2 thoughts on “Me and the VP

  1. “While he was talking on those issues, somewhere else on the campaign trail the three stooges were discussing birth control, religion, guns and transuteral ultrasounds.”

    Ain’t it the truth! But why would people who are running for President stoop to lying about those subjects? Did you catch what Santorum said yesterday about Holland? God I hope people outside the U.S. realize that these clowns are in no way associated our current government.

    (I was on the Turnpike at that time yesterday. Lot of law enforcement.)

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