Slacking Off for Ohio

The time I have been spending with this blog lately has been spotty and it will become even-more spotty in the next several months. My wife and I are working [volunteering] for the Obama reelection here in Ohio. As you may know, Ohio has chosen the winning presidential candidate in 25 of the past 27 elections, dating back to 1904. Many pundits say that whoever wins Ohio this November wins the presidency.

We were in Columbus this past weekend at a state-wide convention for neighborhood team leaders. NTL’s as they are called, organize a neighborhood area [turf] and collect volunteers in that turf to contact the voters there. It’s ‘grassroots’ at a highly technical level. Technical because we have state-of-the-art computer functions at our fingertips.

Yesterday we presented our program to 12  new neighborhood volunteers and each of them joined our team- 5 of them asking for specific roles on the team. Apparently we fanned the embers that were still glowing from the ’08 campaign. No doubt they were easily ‘fired-up’ after watching the endless GOP debates in which their collective idiocy was magnified. What was truly amazing was that turnout on the warmest day of the year in Toledo. Not only that, but there were several NCAA basketball games in progress yesterday afternoon, yet they came anyway.

There were 550 people from all across Ohio at the NTL Convention; it was amazing. The array of ‘classes’ was endless from digital organizing to phonebanking 101 [and 202] with many other venues from which to choose. One of the motivational speakers warned that Karl Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads, and the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity along with billionaire Sheldon Adelson are together ready to spend $900 million to defeat the President with negative ads ad nauseum.

The problem with negative ads is that the voters tire of them and they, in fact, tend to cause the voter to view the negativity itself in a bad light.  What is much more productive during a campaign is voter-contact. There is data which shows that the more times a voter is contacted, the more likely he/she will actually show up at the polls. Not only that, but the personal contact is highly persuasive because the truth comes out during a one-on-one contact- effectively neutralizing the power of those negative ads. The GOP may out-spend the Obama campaign, but elections are not won or lost on TV, but rather in neighborhoods, one by one.

And so, my fellow Democrats and other Obama supporters, do not despair over the impending rash of negativity soon to hit the airwaves.  Rather, ask about joining a neighborhood team and doing your part in allowing President Obama a 2nd term to complete the job.  Recall from that marvelous  Super Bowl commercial featuring Clint Eastwood- it is half-time in America. The 2nd half is most important of all!


9 thoughts on “Slacking Off for Ohio

  1. Interesting that you mention Eastwood, last night I saw Gran Torino and I am convinced that most of the conservatives who voiced disappointment with Eastwood after the Chrysler Super Bowl Ad have been frozen in time, mentally paralyzed since the days of the Dirty Harry Movies. He is one of Americas great film makers. He is a true humanist.
    I really believe that Obama will win a second term, but the real fight is going to be the dirty money, the compromised voting apparatus, the machinations of a corporate political machine dead set on taking power even if it involves trashing the constitution and democracy be damned. This will be the one of the most crucial ponts in the history of your republic. Make it or break it.
    I am presently writing a piece on Gerrymandering and of course the classic textbook example is the idiotic primary that you Ohioans were just force to participate in, pitching two democrats against each other in a race that was forced by the ridiculous gerrymandered district connecting Toledo to Cleveland. Isn’t there a bizarre neck that connects the ridiculous beast from lump to lump the causeway that runs along Lake Erie? A narrow bridge, where no one lives, connecting Port Clinton to Sandusky through the occasionally seasonally flooded marshes? This is a big part of how the corporaracracy has been relentlessly working to hack the American system of government. Voter disenfranchisement, redistricting, once they obtain power, they will never let their bloodsucking fangs out of the neck of America.

      1. Just curious: Route 2 passes in and out of Ottawa County. Does the 5th District still include include parts of Ottawa County?

          1. That makes a lot more sense. You can see how it “snakes*” its’ way into Cleveland. This gerrymandering thing is bogus. Both parties agree to it because they each hope to be the one doing it after the next census. It’s like how the majority party in Congress gets to be head of all the committees.

            * I know that the congressional districts have to be contiguous, but using a strip of land that is part of the lake at certain times of the year is really pushing it.

  2. The presidential race here in France is getting quite interesting. Today a bombshell exploded which revealed a crater where the info that Ghadafi had contributed 50 million Euros to Nicolas Sarkozy’s election in 2007.But that’s just one along the road mined with IED’s of his devise. I really believe we will elect Francois Hollande as the next president of France!

  3. I have been seriously confused by some of the unwavering support for the more “war-mongering” Republican candidates. Then while reading The Blade today I noticed the cartoon on the editorial page. Almost all of the far right wing fringe would be identified as survivalists. Could it be that they are hoping for nuclear war so they might get a chance at a better life than the one they’ve made for themselves so far?

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