Counterproductive politics

There is an interesting interview on today’s Newshour about the rise of the religious right in the US. One of the interviewees points out that the number of evangelical Christians in the US is declining due to its involvement in religion.

I’ve found that gunloon comments tend to reinforce my belief that the US needs gun control due to the fact that these people are not responsible and have no idea of what right the Second Amendment was intended on protecting. Add in that the institution of militia is pretty much an anachronism. In fact, the militia was irrelevant at the time of the Revolution (see Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations).

Anyway, we have already seen that the Heller-McDonald decisions have nor resulted in much in roads being made in the field of gun rights. And as the word of Revolution go “if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make with anyone anyhow”.

Perhaps saying that a variant of “Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun” will backfire on them as badly as failing to heed that religion and politics should not be intertwined.


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  1. Hello Laci,
    I recently did a posting titled, “Pastor’s Daughter Accidentally Shot At Church, Dies.”

    The just of the story was that one church member was going to sell his gun to another church member. Both men were in a small closet in the church (I would take this as a Freudian aspect that they knew they were doing something wrong and stupid) where the gun was being shown and looked over. As the owner did remove the clip from the gun, but he forgot that he had chambered a round. I guess someone pulled the trigger and the gun went off where the bullet when through the closet wall and hit the Florida pastor’s daughter in the head. She died a few days later.

    The “Idiot Factor” in this story was the church member who was going to purchase the gun, was the fiancée of the young woman shot.

    Even at the least I would interject that “with gun ownership comes gun responsibility,” so I have to interject some Darwinism here. It should be obvious to others that the man who was engaged to the victim should not be allowed to breed, and I guess the results of having a gun in church, or thinking about purchasing a gun in church, will postpone that from happening for a while.

    1. The problem is that the Republicans are ebginning to become irrelevant as they court the “culture warriors”. The problem is that is madness and works against people’s interests.

      But, it also means they don’t have to actually try to address the problems in society.

      For example, there is a nominal love of the Austrian School of Economics since it purports to support the free market system, but ultimately, it has no idea of what actually causes recessions and hopes for “free market solutions” to those problems. In toher words, don’t really do much of anything and hope things get better.

      Of course, there are other aspects of the Austrian School’s theory which fly in the face of the idiot right such as open immigration policies and the rule of law. Would a trule follower of the Austrian School approve of Bush v Gore and some of the other recent travsties expunded in rrecent years by the US supreme Court?

  2. I’ll say it again: Reading blogs like this one and blogs leaning a lot the other way has forced me to explore history. And I’m lovin’ every minute of it! There was not that much of a difference between me and some authors of the “childlike” blogs, except I would research an issue and not accept “facts” at face value. Many of the issues I understood from either learning in college or actually dealing with them hands on. As much as I love history, I was very weak with valid facts.

    Working in the mortgage banking field gave me a lot of insight into economics, at times some insight I’d rather not have known about. Lately I’ve been learning how history as been affected by economical decisions made by governments. Did you know that as early as pre-Revolution, the Founding Fathers realized the dangers of uncontrolled militia? Bet ya didn’t know that most of our tax structure makes sense.

    The conclusions I’ve been arriving at are that some old sayings are true (i.e. …doomed to repeat it.). And the average American is critically lacking basic educational skills (hats off to Lacie who was totally correct regarding coaches who also teach). The problem is that we share this Country with them and are failing miserably in educating the educationally disabled.

    1. Any military force needs to be under civilian control. While the militia was more localised, it still needed to be under local control–not an insane private army.

      Exact phraseology would run like: “the military shall be kept under strict subordination to and be governed by the civil powers.”

  3. are failing miserably in educating the educationally disabled.

    Indeed! And the ‘coaches teaching history’ line is cruelly correct! In fact, some of my worst teachers were my history teachers. For them, it was mostly memorization of facts, names, dates, events rather than exploring the why of history as well as the consequences of historical events.
    How many of you were required to memorize the lineage of the kings of England? How often have you used that in making some decision??

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