WTF Conservativism is This?

Who are these so-called conservatives who wrote and then defended the Virginia vaginal probe law? Conservatives? Who are these so-called conservatives who wish to overturn Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court decision to allow the use of contraceptives? Conservatives?

Were I a traditional conservative I would be outraged that such people as these would be lumped in with me and my political beliefs. Surely there ought to be  a new category for people who hold such views- a category outside of the boundaries of the category, conservative.

I can deal with the fiscal conservatives quite well. I can even deal with paleoconservatives.

One of the leaders of the conservative movement in the U.S. was William F. Buckley Jr., founder of the magazine, The National Review. Wikipedia says that Buckley and his editors used his magazine to define the boundaries of conservatism—and to exclude people or ideas or groups they considered unworthy of the conservative title. Buckley’s first challenge was to purge the American right of its “kooks.” Therefore they attacked Ayn Rand, the John Birch Society, George Wallace and anti-Semites.

The kooks.

Buckley wrote at the inception of his magazine, “It is the job of centralized government (in peacetime) to protect its citizens’ lives, liberty and property. All other activities of government tend to diminish freedom and hamper progress.”

Vaginal probes? Abolishing contraception?

That’s what today’s Republican Party looks like. And why? Because it opened its doors to these ‘kooks’ just to pad its electoral numbers. How cheap. How disgusting.

The Democratic Party woke up in 1964 to realize that it had a bevy of kooks within its ranks- the southern segregationists. Just after President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Law he quipped,  “We have lost the South for a generation.” Or two or three. The segregationists fled the Democratic Party and white voters in the South began to vote for Republicans.  The former solid South [solid Democrat] is today ruby red, solid Republican.

That was a great purge; it needed to happen. Today’s Democratic Party is much more authentic and representative of The People because of the culling of the segregationist ‘kooks.’ Is this the year that the Republican Party decides to ‘clean house,’ too? With the odd array of presidential candidates currently running in the GOP, perhaps the general electorate will move this process forward for the party on November 6.


13 thoughts on “WTF Conservativism is This?

  1. Oh, Mr. Mud! Now you’re just teasing. A Republican Party free of kooks? It’d be like ……. well, at least I wouldn’t be ashamed to register as Republican in front of witnesses.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    I loved your analogy of President Johnson who took the pro-active aspects of doing what was right and allowing the Old Southern Guard “Blue Dog” Democrats leave the party because they did not like THOSE NEGROS to have any rights allowing them to intermingling with us GOD FEARING WHITE FOLKS. They will want to eat with us, ride on the bus sitting where ever they want to…. I mean it will be the fall of all social order as we know it. (Yea I grew up knowing and hearing that kind of talk, not from my parents, but in hardware stores, gas stations, Good O’l Boy’s hangouts, etc.)

    You are correct that the Democratic Party allowed the members who belonged to the Klan, John Birch, etc. leave the Party due to the Civil Rights Bill signed and for the long run good of the Party.

    As you have so intelligently pointed out, the Republican Party welcomed the KOOKS into the Party when they sent Maryland Governor Spiro T. Agnew into the south to welcome them into our ranks. It was his success in doing so that made Nixon’s people sit up and take notice of this Republican Governor from Maryland. He was asked to run as Vice President because he would bring in that southern vote in 1968…..and the rest is history.

    So I guess the question left at this point is, when will the Republican Party grow a conscience and purge the “Reactionary Right” from not only their major influences but from the rank and files all together straight out.

    In today’s Gush Limblob view of the Republican Party…even William F. Buckley Jr. would be a RINO.

    1. I attended the caucuses this year – and just to push back against the whole moderates is an insult idea, I went to the republican caucuses.

      It was……..interesting, in the ‘may you live in interesting times’ sense of the word. But oh! did I push back!!!!!

  3. Sorry I’ve neglected you guys; I had some computer problems, and …..was just plain overwhelmed with being busy. That’s only going to be getting worse for a little while because we’re having PUPPIES, any day now, and I’d rather play with puppies than blog or comment. They grow up so fast…..

    Anyway – love this topic. It’s worth noting that Pat Buchanan, the same guy who just got himself bounced from MSNBC for racism, was the Pat Buchanan who was part of the ‘Southern Strategy’ back in the era of the Dixiecrat rebellion against civil rights legislation, and who coincidentally invented the term ‘silent majority’.

    It was a new ‘silent majority’ of protesters silently protesting outside the Virginia legislature that has at least for the moment had a tremendous impact on the transvaginal probe voting. You might enjoy something I wrote about this, on penigma.

    1. tp://

      Funny, but when I comment, after a certain point, the comment form keeps bouncing me around to earlier paragraphs, making it difficult to continue writing the comment.

      Anyway, the post is entitled: Galileo and Birth Control,
      Another Roman Catholic Crisis of Fact
      Colliding with Faith
      which is part fun and part science fact and history fact.

      I don’t know when it was that conservatives became fact-averse, but the TN tea party wants to remove references to the founding fathers and slavery from the history books, and god knows the right doesn’t do well with science.

      Truth is stranger than fiction, and a whole lot more fun.

    2. We noted your absence, but we understand that there is a real life out there beyond the keyboard. Glad to have you drop by.

  4. Those idiots aren’t conservatives at all; instead, they are dangerous radical reactionaries who have no place in a democracy.

  5. they are dangerous radical reactionaries who have no place in a democracy.

    True, but isn’t it strange [read frightening] that they appeal to millions of our fellow citizens? What does that say about who WE are as a nation??

    1. A nation gets the government it deserves.

      If ignornace is going to be a public virtue, then what do you expect?

      After all, what is a dislike of the elite other than the glorification of ignornace?

    2. We, as a nation, are recklessly and irresponsibly far too wrapped up in entertainment, sports, and toys, and simply don’t want to bother with politics. So most ignore the subject altogether or only listen to the loudest and most frequent shouter. We clearly have our priorities all mixed up!

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