Religious Wars circa 2012

I wonder how many of the supporters of Rich Santorum were asleep during their European history classes?  My guess is: lots. Do any of them know how many European Christians were killed at the hands of other Christians? Probably not because, after all, history is so…so yesterday.

They do love the hot religious rhetoric of their man, though. They like his demonizing of the President as perhaps Stalin or Mao. Of course, they do not make this connection because they don’ t know that history, either. They may know the names, though. Whatever, they DO know that Obama hates their religious beliefs because…because Santorum says so. And they fear that Obama might outlaw their beliefs altogether. Santorum says so.

CNN reported that Santorum, while speaking Saturday night to a church in Georgia, said that President Obama is “intent on starting a cultural war.”

Yes, that’s what he said.

To the wild applause of those in the church pews, Santorum  said the original HHS policy was “evidence of Obama’s world view. It is saying government knows better. It is imposing his ideology on a group of people expressing their theology – their moral code – and saying government will force you to do what your faith says is gravely wrong.”

Excuse me: who is intent on starting a culture war?

Get this. Santorum said “Obama has a different theology than that found in the Bible.”

Those in attendance loved it. So did those who saw the video clip or those who heard the right-wing talking heads repeat it. Or from a friend who phoned them about it. This is their savior; the new Christ.

On Sunday morning, however, after his political advisers had a chat with the candidate, Santorum needed to ‘clairify’ his theology reference. The slippery Santorum spun the theology reference away from religion [is that possible?] to the environment. What?

Santorum said  he was referring to the president’s position on what he called “radical” environmentalism and did not mean to imply religious tones when he used the word “theology.”

Oh, sure he did.

Of course, that new spin is only for those of us not cemented to a religious ideology. His followers heard exactly what he wanted them to hear. And they loved it.

Remember, a few days ago, Santorum said that President Obama “has reached a new low in this country’s history of oppressing religious freedom that we have never seen before.”


Or crafty?

Slick Santorum and the gullible, poorly-informed masses.  What a combination!





12 thoughts on “Religious Wars circa 2012

  1. Hello Muddy,
    The people you are talking about can’t even get U.S. History correct (or prefer to invent it better yet) so European History is not even in their realm. So long as the religious rhetoric is understood as being demonizing….it will be applauded and noted that it must be repeated as being fact.

    What Santorum will say to whip up the “Radically Religious Nut Jobs” will later be “Damage Control,” spun to try and make him more palatable to the majority, much saner, citizen population.

    But you have pointed out very well that, “His followers heard exactly what he wanted them to hear. And they loved it.” That is Santorum’s base isn’t it, the gullible, poorly-informed masses. This fact comes as no surprise to the more logical, critical thinking, citizens of this country. The people who will take the time to educate themselves to the real issues at hand are those who truly love this country.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    A further thought that I needed to pass on.

    The ex-Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s rampage, ranting and raving like a maniac, is only making many mainstream Republicans roll their eyes as they see the chances of their Party disintegrating for November. The platform of embracing the “Any Extreme Aspects” into the Republican Party because they were a guarantied vote at the time, are now coming back to haunt them and many are now questioning the logic for doing so. Karl Rowe and others are now trying to come up with how to bring this segment in line to their mandates. “But how do you control Mad Dog Crazies?”

    While campaigning in Ohio, Santorum attacked public education, saying it is outmoded, and should not be controlled or operated by national or state governments, but instead privatized. The fact that we have had public schools since the 1820s is ignored, as he calls such an idea “antiquated” and “anachronistic”! He calls public schools “factories”, and says that local school boards and parents should control the educational system, even though the historical record does not show that to have been done very well in the past! Of course we know that what he is telling the Religious Right that by doing this, they will be able to teach the “Book of Genesis” as a “Science” class. (Insert applause and cheers here.)

    The idea that parents, who in many cases have no knowledge or understanding of educational curriculum, should control what is taught, is as dangerous as to let patients tell doctors how to do their job, or clients to tell attorneys how to conduct cases in court!

    It is also a great way to distort history and science, teaching a distorted view of the past, (like we just saw in Texas) and allowing religion to become part of science in relation to evolution and climate change, already being promoted in many states dominated by the Christian Right.

    Santorum also attacked those he says are following a false theology; those who feel that the earth comes before human beings, and that environmentalists want to prevent mankind from utilizing the earth, therefore endangering the future prosperity of America. Republican Teddy Roosevelt would turn over in his grave at such an assertion!

    Santorum also accused those who “promote prenatal care, including amniocentesis, of setting out to abort disabled children, preventing their birth.” There is no evidence of such a claim, but it is interesting that Rick Santorum, as with other Republicans, constantly calls for cuts in Medicaid, the major program to help the disabled with health care. So Santorum is totally hypocritical on this matter. (He gets away with this because those who he is speaking to do not think for themselves. Insert more applause and cheers here.)

    The man is displaying all of his instability, weirdness, craziness, and lunacy, which will destroy his ability to attract educated voters, women, independents, moderate Democrats, and those who believe that religion, should NOT be part of government policy, who want separation of church and state.

    The more he rants and raves, the more the Republican Party is on the road to total defeat in November, so keep it coming, Ricky…..”YOU ARE TRULY A GIFT FROM GOD” to make sure this defeat happens!

    1. “local school boards…” You have hit the nail right on the head
      Engineer. We are the only industrialized democracy in the world that does not have a centralized public education system.
      Could this be the reason that the United States ranks lower than our other world democracies in education?

      1. Years ago, the Ohio Supreme Court ordered the state to come up with a state wide funding system for public education with a deadline imposed. The deadline passed, was extended, passed again, ……..

        And now they want to financially punish schools who don’t measure up with the better financed school systems.

        1. Don’t you wonder, NON, why there is an angry knot of people who hate our children and actively work to diminish them and their future?

          1. Yes, I do. And I worry greatly about it. The only answer I can come up with is that they are totally unaware of what history has taught us. But I also don’t understand how they missed the part in school where we learned why good education of our youth is so important.

            Sorry to offend any parents, but I also wonder if some parents are so unsure of their own children’s abilities that they attempt to stack the deck against other people’s kids.

            Now I’m fired up; I think Santorum is a f**** piece of s*** for putting the requirements of his special needs child above the special needs of other children. His kid would have been dead 3 years ago if she had the same health coverage most American children have. Then you got your “far right” parents who don’t support health care for their kids. Hey pal (and you know who I’m talking to) you’re a lousy father for not taking care of your kids! And while I’m at it, who appointed him/them “God” to decide which people, children and adults, get good medical care and which are destined to die (many slowly and painfully). I work with people who don’t have health coverage or are on Medicaid; it is not the same! Sometimes they even DIE because they can’t get timely medical care.

            Well, if I wasn’t awake before, I’m sure wide eyed and bushy tailed now!

      2. Yes it could be, but as long as the right-wing holds so much power in our Federal government, it will remain a states’right issue.

  3. While watching the morning news today, we heard Santorum say this: “In the Christian church there are a lot of different stripes of Christianity. . . . I’m just saying he’s imposing his values on the church and I think that’s wrong.”

    And then from the other end of the couch I heard this: “As opposed to imposing your values.”

  4. “Santorum said he was referring to the president’s position on what he called “radical” environmentalism and did not mean to imply religious tones when he used the word “theology.””

    But, all the media needs to do is go back to the origninal
    statement which is, ““Obama has a different theology than that found in the Bible.” He says the holy book, The Bible. This is how the media lets people get away with their words or meannings.

    1. This passage was from a different speech Santorum delivered in Ohio. He was referring to the contraceptive debate going on with the Roman Catholic Bishops.

      1. I thought the “women” who used to live next door was Satan. She died and was buried face down in a glass casket*. Now I think Santorum in Satan.

        *To see where she was going, silly!

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