The Seabiscuit Factor

The recent embracing and rooting for the “UNDERDOGS” with the likes of Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin brought me to the thought that we have seen this at least once before.  It is not a unique event.

Before these two, there was a race horse named Seabiscuit.  Just as Tim Tebow was not considered good enough to be a franchise NFL quarterback, nor was Jeremy Lim talented enough to even play in the NBA; Seabiscuit was not thought to be of enough quality breeding to be a contender for the major horse racing events across the country.

In the 1930’s, Seabiscuit was a horse who had claimed the admiration and identification linking with the working Middle Class segment of society.  Seabiscuit came from an inauspicious start, and became an unlikely champion and a symbol of hope to many working Middle Class American Citizens during the Great Depression.

It should not be surprising that in our current “Great Depression 2.0,” we are seeing the same working Middle Class shouting the accolades of these two young men.  The citizens of this nation are finding an identification with Tim and Jeremy because working Middle Class Americans know that it will not be the “Entitled & Elite 1% Thoroughbred Ruling Classes” that is going to get this country out of our current economic situation.  No, it will be the same working Middle Class citizens who pulled us out of the Great Depression mess back then to be cleaned up by the workers that was caused by the abuses of the 1% back then too.  The working Middle Class citizens have to clean up this current mess and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.

Just as Seabiscuit embodied the underestimated working class values back then, people are transposing the same to Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin.


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  1. A very interesting comparison, Engineer, and what is needed to be
    done. What needs to be done to enable the middle-class to make a come back and restore the American Dream will come, it seems to me,
    from a number of different sources, progressive(liberal, gasp) and
    traditional conservative.

    In this regard, I have been a loyal viewer of the Morning Joe program on MSNBC. I especially like the days that Patrick Buchanan was on
    as a MSNBC commentator. However, today MSNBC announced that
    they had fired Buchanan because of chapters in his most recent
    book, which they do not agree with. He is accused of being homophobic, anti-Israel, insensitive to other religions other than
    Christianity, and anti-business.

    On my recent trip to NYC and visiting Occupy Wall Street site and then having a long coffee discussion with members of that group on
    Christmas morning, Engineer, I reported how much they emphasized to me that
    American media was trying to down play the movement. That the only attention they get is negative reporting on demonstrations. It is
    becoming clear to me that media is corporate conglomerates too, and
    are one percenters. Therefore, they can’t let a Patrick Buchanan
    have time to present the other side of an issue. This is what the
    middle-class needs to make intelligent decisions. While they see
    most every one else on bended knee to Israel, they need to hear a
    intgelligent conservative say hold on just a minute, why do we let
    Israel determine our foreign policy. Before Obama”s recent statements on bring American companies home from overseas, or
    taxing them for going abroad, Buchanan three years ago was calling
    for a rebirth of American manufacturing. He was calling jobs, jobs,
    jobs in 2009 while Obama had no idea of how to proceed and wasted
    the Democratic majorities he had in the House and Senate on a health care reform act that just gives more money and control to the insurance companies, hospitals, and pharamaceutical companies.
    And now, Obama has sold the American middleclass out again to Wall
    Street with his “turn the page on the foreclosure problem” by
    having the Big Wall Street Banks pay $25 BILLION on a $700 BILLION
    foreclosure debt. Guess who is going to pay the difference? So, my point is that MSNBC has moved to protect the interests of Wall
    Street by firing Buchanan to the detriment of intelligent give and take
    discussion which the middleclass needs.

    1. “While they see most every one else on bended knee to Israel, they need to hear a intelligent conservative say hold on just a minute, why do we let Israel determine our foreign policy.”

      HELLO!!! Any chance we can paint that on a big bus and park it right in front of the Capital?

      If you disagree with Israel you must be anti-Semitic (and if you look up the definition, it doesn’t even make sense). If you criticize President Obama, you a racist. If you lambaste any action of someone who self-identifies as gay, you’re homophobic. And then you have all those attempts to rein in the runaway public service unions. You promote even a little bit of control and you’re either anti-union, an elitist, or both.*

      And that my friends is why I supported both Clintons and contribute to candidates from both parties. And in the last few years, I’ve started to contribute time and money to issues.

      * Strangely, while commenting on some of the far right blogs, trying to point out the common ground we share, they automatically disagree with me and call me a damn liberal (or progressive, and isn’t being progressive a good thing?). Imagine my surprise when I found I could disagree on this blog, and instead of insults, I got some really good discussion along with actual facts!

  2. And don’t forget the popularity of the Shirley Temple movies where the nice little poor girl (always with at least one deceased parent) meets nasty rich people and teaches them to be nice to the poor people.

  3. Hello Uptheflag,
    That is exactly what I was shooting for, to enable the middle-class to make a come back and restore the American Dream. I want to set aside the “Tebowing” aspect that the religious segment has held up and touted, but concentrate on the Underestimated Appreciation that can be within every person if allowed to grow.

    I had heard that Pat Buchanan had been dismissed but I am not aware why. I may not agree with Pat Buchanan many times but I want to hear and consider what he has to say. I too have been saying since the Bush/Cheney tax breaks of 2000 that this was only going to be used to purchase and write off from corporate taxes the shipping of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China. I agree with Pat that we need to bring American companies home from overseas, and if they choose not to bring manufacturing home because of the low wage business environment of economic enslavement policies much like we see with Foxconn, then tax them for going abroad. I, like Pat Buchanan, have been calling for the need of the rebirth of “American Value Added” of manufacturing. I know you have read my postings of the message from the book, “Wealth of Nations,” by Adam Smith as an example.

    The mass media negative reporting of demonstrations by the “Occupy Movement” is what the marketable selling value to the media and not the message. If it were not for the demonstrations grabbing the attention, the message would just fall on “Dead Air.”

    1. “I had heard that Pat Buchanan had been dismissed but I am not aware why.”

      1. Wanted to close the borders to protect white dominance.
      2. Blamed lower test scores on minorities.
      3. Claimed Jerry Sandusky’s atrocities are because of “Homosexual marriage.”
      4. Said the Jewish population in the United States dropped in the 90s because Jews aborted all their babies.
      5. Asserted Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people including 69 teens in Norway, “may have been right.”
      6. Claimed that all great nations punish the gays.
      7. Penned “The Affirmative Action Nobel.” (RE: President Obama’s NPP)
      8. Argued that Poland and the United Kingdom had it coming in World War II.
      9. Dabbled in Holocaust denial.
      10. Argued Hitler was an individual of “great courage.”


      (I found myself at times agreeing with a “little” of what he said, but the rest was just way too much for me to swallow. He reminds me of some of the far-right blogs that take a truth, then twist it just enough to mean something completely different.)

      1. NON,
        I have a very good Conservative Republican friend but who has a sane mind. He has stated to me before that he always was pretty sure that Pat Buchanan had some “Brown Shirts” in his closet. What you have passed on sounds to me that fact is confirmed.

  4. Hello NON,
    Yes you bring up a very good example with Shirley Temple. My mother was born in the early 1930’s and my grandfather named my mother after her. He told my grandmother that he did not care what name she wanted to give to her because he was just going to call her Shirley anyway. :-)

    The movies industry knew what was marketable to the population at that time and tapped into the “Poor Little Girl” image who teaches rich people to understand her plight and be nice to other poor people.

    I wonder if that message could sell today?

  5. Engineer writes, The working Middle Class citizens have to clean up this current mess and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.

    Point taken, Engineer. Yet I wonder if ‘they’ know that it can be done. Further I also wonder if they have been so traumatized by the right-wing propagandists that they still believe that phony canard about ‘trickle-down’ economics. Those right-wing stooges on their blogs clearly are a hopeless lot who do the bidding of the 1% with their daily rants.

    So for me, the jury is still out on whether the 99% actually believe that they can better their lives by themselves, without the ‘help’ of the 1%. Myths die hard.

  6. Obviously, the 99% encompasses right, left, center, progressive,
    moderate, conservative, many diverse religious sects’ it’s all of U.S.
    society. And, lets say that 40% of that 99% believe in the propaganda
    that they are receiving from the reactionary media, talk and video. These 40% will continue voting against there economic interests, god
    forbid, until another depression hits. And, we have to remember that even in the Great Depression Era, FDR still had 34-36% still voting GOP. So, as I said before, M_R, it is better to forget about the 40
    percenters, and not continually “venting” over their idiocies. Let them
    hang out there…If NON can say he will vote for Latta, sobeit. You see,
    his mind is already made up,even before the campaign has started.
    As I see it, M_R, our mission is to identify the 20 percenters in the middle, i.e., the dissatisfied moderate Republicans, working class men,
    and the independents. They have to see that the deck is stacked against them and that the middleclass needs to reclaim the American

    1. (For the record, I said I’ve always supported the Lattas and there was more to the story that I couldn’t share here because of Internet freaks.)

  7. Hello Muddy,
    I, like Uptheflag, have no delusions of the Extreme Right’s chances of having any “Original Critical Thinking Evaluations” of our current economic condition. The nihilistic rhetoric of, “It’s all Obama’s fault!”… including the crucifixion of Christ… is just beyond any reasonable logic.

    Uptheflag gave a very good example that even within the Middle Class demographics of the 1930’s, 34-36% were still willing to vote against their own working Middle Class self interests. Plus I am of the thought that we were much more aware of the 1%’s cause of that economic crash than we are today.

    I am in agreement with Uptheflag that the success of this November’s election will depend on convincing the Moderate Republicans, like myself, the Independent segment, (in essence the working Middle Class citizens), and I would add the proactive turnout of the minority segment at the poles to truly represent themselves. The “Mid-Term Apathy” scenario cannot be allowed this term if the Middle Classes are going to have any hope in the future.

    In summation, we are all in this together and it will be up to us all to have our voice in November.

  8. In my opinion, Latta is a disaster for the American Dream and the
    reform of the income inequality he and his father have enabled while
    in the House.

  9. Hello NON,
    The good thing is that as the “Internet Freaks” are reading this site and maybe, just maybe, through their comments propagating our conversations, they may unwittingly lead someone who can think for themselves to this site and realize the correct logic to this country’s needs and then they will act upon the correct logic evaluations. The effect will become exponential.

    Just as the Nazi’s speeches were shown on the news reels before a movie in this country during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, the citizens of the United States saw through the hate and anti-Jewish rhetoric, and came to the correct conclusion that the Nazi Part’s views that was taking over Germany at that time, was not anything we wanted for ourselves.

    Bottom line, it was a good thing.

  10. “…Attorney General Mike DeWine formally shifted his allegiance to Santorum from rival Mitt Romney…”

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: DeWine got voted into the U.S. Senate riding on Republican coattails. And like Santorum, DeWine got voted out of the U.S. Senate on the losing end of a landslide election. DeWine’s current position was also obtained riding the crest of a Republican wave. He holds identical political positions as Santorum.

    Ohio is home to some of the scariest politicians in the Country:
    Jim Traficant
    Mike DeWine
    Howard Metzenbaum
    John Glenn
    Ken Blackwell
    Tom Noe
    Bob Ney
    Carty Finkbeiner

    1. A couple of political hacks who sold out to special interests groups.

      Remember Metzenbaum’s son-in-law running to fill his seat? “My name is Joel Hyatt and you have my word on it.” That wasn’t even his name.

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