God, Not Gov’t

Church Leaders Encouraged to Rely on God, Not Gov’t is an article in the Christian Post. It begins,

Nearly 500 pastors and church leaders from across America were encouraged this past week not to depend on the government to tackle the social ills and crises of the nation but to look toward God and act as Christ’s representatives.

This issue came to mind as I watched a Romney rally during which a woman periodically held up a sign reading, “God Not Gov’t.” I thought it both curious and frightening. Is this one more attempt to mix religion and politics? Yet the sign contradicts that point.  Further on in the Christian Post article it said, “In his address, Life Outreach International’s Robison said that people should look to God to help in the midst of crises such as the stock market crash. We shouldn’t look to Washington to help,” he said. “We shouldn’t look to the Hill.”

OK, that’s great.  Now, what’s the action plan?

Dr. Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas and president of The Urban Alternative, said at the opening general session of the recently concluded Kingdom Agenda Conference. “The problem today … is that the Church collapses under pressure.”

Evans, whose ministry hosted the four-day conference in Dallas this week, said that the Church is Christ’s official representative to deal with problems such as economic uncertainty, natural disasters and broken families.

“We are called to minister to a culture in pain,” Evans said.

I agree.  So, what’s the action plan?

Any help here?


7 thoughts on “God, Not Gov’t

  1. If we only trusted in God,we would still be living in cages.
    We need new roads,let’s pray.
    We need hospitals,let’s pray.
    We need education.Let’s pray. And on and on I could go and exactly nothing would happen.What are these church leaders thinking of?

    1. No thinking, but only old belief in an ancient, dusty manuscript detailing the epic journey of a band of Semites wandering the ancient sands of the Mediterranean.

  2. Hello Pjevs,
    When you ask, “What are these church leaders thinking of?” There in lies the problem and point to note. There is NO thinking; their brains just short circuit or disengage, then spew out what they think is Biblical sounding because that is what brings in the donation revenues.

    Another way to look at it is, Religion is a business selling the targeted demographic segment what they want!! Bottom line, simple “Supply and Demand.”

  3. Pardon my rashness, but I hate them. THEY are the problem. I am hard pressed to think of a single war where “God” didn’t have a part.

    1. Perhaps you saw the video clip of 100 Christian pastors encircling Rick Santorum and praying for him to win the presidency. Bottled and corked!

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