It Was The Worst Of Times, It Is A Time For Recalls

On February 1, Indiana became a “Right to Work” state.  (I would call it more accuratly to the point of “Right to Economically Enslave” state)  This event is but the latest chapter in a political power shift that began with the 2010 state legislative elections.  The consequences of this shift have been particularly evident in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and now Indiana has taken a similarly significant change of direction.

This is the consequences of the Republican Party’s landslide in the 2010 elections where a dramatic shift happened of power in State Governments.  The Republican controlled Indiana State Government delivered a blow to organized labor, by passing and signed by the Republican Governor making Indiana a Union Busting “Right to Work” state.

I don’t think that it is just a conscience and should be well noted that within the same time frame Indiana’s top elections official, Republican Charlie White, was convicted and found guilty of six felony charges of false registration, voting in another precinct, submitting false ballots, theft of ballots, and two counts of perjury.  (What an outstanding citizen of Indiana that the Republican Party should be so proud of.)

It would appear to me that we are once again seeing an organized stealing and theft of yet another political election orchestrated by Republicans to ram forth their agenda of destroying the gains of the Middle Class over the last 100 years.

In a response, Teamsters President Jim Hoffa, in a statement released shortly after the vote, promised a voter backlash like those seen in other Midwest states, “I have little doubt in my mind that Gov. Daniels and Indiana’s Republican members of the State House and Senate will see a tremendous backlash from their constituents.  If there’s one thing that we have seen this past year, it’s that working men and women will rise up to challenge any legislation that threatens the welfare of their families.”

I am pleased to say that Unions will be protesting in Indianapolis during Sunday’s Super Bowl which will be a major test for Indiana’s labor movement.

I would also warn voting citizens of this country to be vigilant and cognizant of the chances of the Republican Party’s nation wide voter fraud being prevalent once again this November’s Presidential Election.


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  1. Once again, may I compliment you, Engineer, on one more excellent post. You note this: This is the consequences of the Republican Party’s landslide in the 2010 elections where a dramatic shift happened of power in State Governments.

    What happened in the 2010 elections was very predicable. The GOP read the data regarding voter turn-out in ‘off year’ election cycles. No doubt, most of us knew it as well- ‘they’ don’t vote in non-presidential elections. I refer to those many people who showed up in 2008, many for the very first time ever at the polls. Most of them will show up again this November, but they stayed home in 2010.

    The GOP waited for the opportunity, knowing that it would be a GOP year, and selected some of the most right-wing candidates that they could find. Thus the many governorships and state legislatures on the right were elected.

    It will occur again in 2014. Just like clock work [or calendar work]. The decision to sit on the couch on election day is a ‘vote.’ How will we educate this group of voters that every election is important? I don’t have that answer.

  2. Nor do I Muddy as I too have spoken often on the importance of the ever vigilance to come out and vote for one’s personal interest against the special interest agenda. It is the lack there of that puts their Middle Class status in the downward spiral racing to the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

  3. It’s hard enuff for me sloggin through the ice and fog here (it is actually really frigid here) in the Dordogne…but. I do believe and I have faith in the power. We have to have patience. The ground is shifting…can I get an Amen here brothers and sister? I can see it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am empowered and and sanctified by the reality of what is happening in Wisconsin, what is happening across America in spite of the massive hemorrhaging of billions of bucks by the conservative billionaire con men who want to bankroll a corporatic state that will replace our republic.
    We have to have faith and patience, like the ANC did in South Africa. Passion and commitment are bigger than any amount of money spent by the out of control financiers of ALEC. You may remember that there was a time when apartheid in South Africa seemed unstoppable. Sure, there were international boycotts of South African businesses, banks, and tourist attractions. There were heroic activists in South Africa, who were going to prison and even dying for freedom. But the conventional wisdom remained that these were principled gestures with little chance of upending the entrenched system of white rule.

    “Be patient,” activists were told. “Don’t expect too much against powerful interests with a lot of money invested in the status quo.”
    With hindsight, though, apartheid’s fall appears inevitable: the legitimacy of the system had already crumbled. It was harming too many for the benefit of too few. South Africa’s freedom fighters would not be silenced, and the global movement supporting them was likewise tenacious and principled.

    In the same way, the legitimacy of rule by giant corporations and Wall Street banks is crumbling. This system of corporate rule also benefits few and harms many, affecting nearly every major issue in public life.
    Patience and perseverance my friends….we are winning!

  4. MD writes, “I can see it.” Really, I can’t…Sounds a little like MLK, when he said he saw it, as in “i’ve seen the promised land.”

    It seems, MD, that you present two distinct portraits. The first is that we are closing in as you “can see it.” But, in the second portrait you tell us to have “Patience and perseverance my friends….”

    It seems to me “progressivism or liberalism” is hanging by a slender
    thread on two fronts. The first is the Senate in which there is a
    possibility of 15 Democrats losing their seat. The second is the
    President. Right now the liberals and Democrats are saying there
    is no choice to Obama…But, there will be, and it will be most likely
    Romney. At least, he looks presidential, and image counts. The
    primaries will end, and there will be a choce between a Democrat
    and a GOP. There is a plan underway to have the Personhood
    Amendment on the ballot in something like 36 States. In 2004
    the Gay Marriage Amendment drove conservatives to the polls
    in Ohio resulting in Kerry losing Ohio and the presidency by only
    60,000 votes. However, the BIG QUESTION will be the
    unemployment figure. If Obama is lucky and Europe doesn’t
    implode financially and the U.S. avoids a European caused
    recession, Obama will probably be re-elected and we just may not
    lose 14 Democratic seats in the Senate. And, it needs to be
    pointed out that the CBO has issued a warning on the economy
    in the third quarter, which just happens to be the election quarter.
    I believe the CBO has also said that they don’t see any real
    recovery until 2016-18. I just am not optomistic that ” I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

    1. UTF, I really understand and agree with all of your points. This upcoming election year is going to be a shitstorm like we have never seen. The money that Romney and Gingrich have thrown at each other is peanuts compared to what is going to be obscenely spent in the upcoming race.
      I’m writing a post now with a lot of links to illustrate my faith and as I said in my original post here which you responded to, what seemed hopeless to The ANC and what the world said was impossible, became reality only a few short years later. Things are not as hopeless as they might seem when you are looking at the light from the bottom of the well. More to come, soon…I promise.

  5. Hello All,
    I left this message for Muddy on my site but it also applies here and needs to get out and known by all.

    I would take this time to pass on a true story from one company I worked at for 15 years. After I had left and took my retirement wealth with me, the company was sold to a group of “Investment Bankers” who kept it for five years. After those five years, they were sold to another group of “Investment Bankers.” In the early days the man who owned the company, use to award “Profit Sharing” to employees as a means of retirement. Later on he set up a matching 401K fund and continued to contribute a somewhat smaller “Profit Sharing” fund every year.

    To fast forward to the last group of “Investment Bankers,” shortly after purchasing the company, they informed the employees who were there during the “Profit Sharing” years, that this was profits of the company and belonged to the company….there for belonging to the group of “Investment Bankers.” The “Investment Banker Group” pulled the “Profit Sharing” funds from these employees’ retirement funds and divided the money among themselves….about to the average sum of 20% of what they had occurred over the 20 to 30 years they had worked for the company.

    Yes this was made legal 10 years ago during the W. Bush / Cheney and Republican controlled House and Senate administration years.

    The interesting part is I find this self inflected because many of these Middle Class industry workers considered themselves as “Religious Conservative Republicans” and voted as such. Their only outcome and reward for their faithful Republican votes were to loose a large part of their retirement funds just when it comes time for many to think about retiring. Needless to say, they will end up being wards of the State and Nation with the rest of the Middle Class working citizens to support them because they will run out of money and be too poor to support themselves properly in their Golden Years.

    To summarize, they voted and set up the scenarios, allowing for the legal stealing of their retirement wealth by these “Investment Banker Groups.” I hope the citizens of this nation will wake up and realize the travesty that has been brought on by themselves through their political voting.

    Bottom line I still consider myself as Middle Class with Middle Class values, Middle Class viewpoints and Middle Class interest….because that is what I truly am. Those who have accumulated less than I have but think they are Economically Conservative Republicans and vote as such, are really just delusionally fooling themselves.

  6. Excellent post, and thanks for the very valid warning, Engineer of Knowledge! I have long maintained that the 2010 elections were NOT representative of this country in the least. Instead, we had a ginned-up Tea Party, funded by very selfish, greedy, and downright WRONG people like the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and Dick Armey, out scaring voters with lies and delusions. They cleverly pulled this trick during a mid-term election when voter participation is typically lower, gained their slim majorities, and then proceeded to pass their radically reactionary and totally regressive legislation as though they had been elected by a virtual landslide, which, of course, was NOT the case. THEY WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS NEXT NOVEMBER, and justifiably so. Events in Wisconsin and Ohio proved this, and the best is yet to come. These reactionaries will witness extreme voter disapproval when the true American voter, the MAJORITY 99%, casts his and her ballot this fall, and they will be booted from office for their decidedly un-American obstruction and overreach. I can’t wait for these government-hating so-called “conservatives” to be thrown out onto the pavement where they belong!

  7. Hello Microdot,
    Amen Brother!!, Blah Blah Blah, smuggle smurf, Lalala, oogle oogle (I’m speaking in tongues here because that is what GOOD Christian Conservative Republicans do……and then they turn us loose to go vote.) :-)

    Even though he has been thrown out of office with this felony conviction awarding him with a Federal Criminal record, not to worry about his future when he gets out of prison, at least he can get a good job as a “Right To Work” lobbyist. It will pay very well!!

    For this current crop of Republican Party members, it’s very simple. “If Democracy doesn’t work in your favor, Ignore Democracy!” This is the thought that came into my head last night. Yea what a surprise. From the same people pushing voter I.D. bills today… and in truth….the worst offender was the Republican’s Indiana’s top election official. To kind of quote a line from the show “South Park,” “You killed Democracy….You Bastards!!”

    As far as I am concerned, this speaks volumes and a “PREDICTION” for this November’s election. Citizens of this country should just be ready to start filing the legal papers now.

  8. I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “Be careful of what you wish for.” Over the course of my life I have held many jobs, mostly on the employer side. My main area of expertise was in the mortgage banking field and I think that is what you are referring to when you use the phrase “Investment Bankers”. I could tell you horror stores from both sides of employment relations. There seems to be a lot of “them versus us” mentality going around and I think the outcome can only be bad. The biggest example in history I can think of is the different aftermaths of the two World Wars. The first one was disastrous, but we learned not to make the same mistake after the second war.

  9. Hello NON,
    I look forward to your input here.
    My reference to “Investment Bankers,” one example could be a group of people with money to invest in “Start Up” companies that seem to be on the cutting edge of technology, floating them for a few years as this technology is being developed and maturing, and with it then have a good chance of being worth more in 5 years making a good return on this investment. This is a good example and value added of “Investment Bankers.”

    Then there are those “Investment Bankers” who purchase existing companies whose assets have been more accumulative over the years than the annual revenues produce. Companies who are cash rich, low debt, with other assets that can be converted into cash, then to be siphoned and skimmed off.

    These are the opportunities which result in purchasing, gaining control, divert the finical cash reserves assets into their own accounts, sell off or borrow against the real estate assets, and pull out the “Profit Sharing” monies from the employees’ retirement accounts…..because that too belongs to the company they purchased.

    Now the really unscrupulous “Investment Bankers” after removing the cash reserves, the employees’ retirement assets they can obtain, negotiate a ten year tax deferment breaks from the local town and state governments (pay no taxes for 10 years utilizing a Pro-Business growth program meant to develop a long term local employment program), borrowing against the real estate and production machine assets, will then fold up, close the doors, and let the local banks who lent the money using the assets as collateral holding the bag when they default on the loans and walk away. This is when the Tax Payers backed FDIC steps in to keep the local banks solvent.

    (The town of Cambridge, MD has been pimped off like this for the last 45 years and has degraded and declined the whole time to the point that it is just a shell of what it once was.) I pass on this link to give you more of a background.

    Here is where the examples of investing $10 Million dollars to purchase a company and when it is all said and done, walk off with $100 Million in cash profits leaving the raped carcass of the company in question to be cleaned up by the employees, local town and state government, and the Federal Banking Insurance.

    Now I know I don’t have to say that you and I have a great relationship and if I have missed the definition and concept, please correct me as I do look forward to corrections and misgivings so I can correct myself. I am more interested in being accurate than being right. I look forward to your reply.

  10. Recent activities by both parties lately have made me long for the “good old days” when trust and morals meant something. I’ve had to rewrite this reply at least three times already because I’m so concerned that anything I say could be reused or misunderstood. I thought I’d seen and heard it all until I started to read Sepp, CommonSense and TenthGenerationPatriot’s blogs. And these people vote; that alone should make you shudder.

    Bottom line is I don’t want things to sway so far the other way we become as bad as “them”. After W.W.I, sanctions so strong were imposed on the losers, we had another horrible war. We learned, so that after W.W.II we didn’t go overboard.

    The right thing to do is talk and come up with ideas that are good for everybody. But the big question remains: How can you honestly have a good discussion with people who get their news from Fox? TGP made a comment on his blog that if he couldn’t get “converts”, he’s settle for “corpses”. How do you have a intelligent discussion with someone like that?

    I disagree with month long early voting.
    I disagree with laws restricting “Right to Work”
    I disagree with a flat tax
    I think everyone should have equal access to good medical care
    I think there are instances where drug testing in not an invasion of privacy
    I don’t know how the United States can call itself a Federation of States
    If you want freedom of religion, don’t try to control my religion (or lack of)
    I wish there was a sure-fire way to point out when someone lies on a blog

    All of these things can be worked out, but not by “killing a fly with a sledgehammer”. I have learned from this and other blogs. And one thing you all do that tickles me pink is YOU DON’T HAVE TO RELY ON LIES to make a point. I know my communication skills are weak, but just remember I never (well, except on “those” blogs) say anything to anyone with malice.

    1. NON- On Sunday, rather than wasting my time watching the reenactment of the Roman Gladiator battles, my wife and I watched the new Bill Moyer’s program on PBS. His guest was a social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind. It was a fascinating discussion. Haidt addressed much of what you said above- the fact that we all form our own mindset on politics and then we view those on the other side with disdain. That’s why the bloggers you mentioned vilify anyone who do not think as they do. I’m planning a new post on this discussion.

      If UptheFlag is reading this, Haidt said that there were 3 main causes for the decline in civility of political discourse, the first being President Johnson’s signing of the Civil Rights Bill. Can you see why it begins at this historic moment?

  11. Hello Muddy,
    I saw this same program and know exactly what you are talking about. GOOD PROGRAM!!

    It was not only the Civil Rights Bill, but the Viet Nam War, even the advent of the Birth Control Pill, etc. or any other “US” against “THEM”, “GOOD” against “EVIL” no matter your prespective argument of that time.

    I “HIGHLY” encourage you to write this posting on this topic as it was very insightful, epific and thought provoking.

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