The Facade Presidency

I spent some time with the author of a new book titled, The Facade Presidency. The man known only as T.F.P. is retired, having served many years in the health care industry. He told me that he was thoroughly disgusted with the GW Bush presidency and that the book was a cathartic in dealing with those 8 long years and spent the first part of his retirement writing the book.

Amazon says of the book, “This book also provides a different perspective on some of George W. Bush’s Decision Points. It uses facts to remove the conflicting and misleading information of the Bush years. It illustrates why our country got the results we did and where it is today based upon the actions of his administration.”

TFB said that the the book will be out shortly, ‘as soon as the publisher gets the order straight.’ As I flipped through the table of contents, I was attracted to Chapter 4– Media, Political Shenanigans and Bureaucracy.  Now there’s quite a stew of stuff, especially from the characters who made up his administration.As the author worked in the health care field, Chapter 6 must be one of TFB’s most critical analyses. He devotes 3 chapters to GW Bush and science [which sounds like an oxymoron, I know,] but those chapters pique my interest greatly.

The author and I attended a meet-and-greet political event to support the candidacy of a woman who is running for Congress. The three of us were re-redistricted our of our congressional district through the shenanigans of  Ohio’s GOP majority. Rather than being represented by long-serving Marcy Kaptur, we are now in the district of Bob Latta. Ugh! He holds the honor of being the 7th most conservative member of the House.

Angela Zimmann, or rather Dr. Angela Zimmann or perhaps Rev. Angela Zimmann will be running this November to unseat Latta. She is quite the bright, energetic and determined woman who may just upset the right-wing GOP congressman. More on her in another post.


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  1. Speaking of Kaptur….I just saw a few videos of an event for her opponent in the Democratic primary…Dennis Kucinich and Wille Nelson did a cancert for him in Lorain, Ohio on Sunday night….Wille premiered a new gospel number he wrote titled “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die!”

    1. Yes, Kucinich made lots of $$$ for his campaign from that appearance. I wonder what the lyrics are because the title is intriguing.

  2. actually, this sounds like a fascinating read. I have started to write fiction again. I provides me a therapeutic outlet for my paranoiac projections based on my feelings about the reality I have to deal with everyday. In my last series of stories, I tried to engage in alternative future speculative fiction that kind of wandered into political sci fi and a little gothic horror, all rooted in the present. Sarah Palin and her clan, Dick Cheney and the happy Bush family all provided me with the perfect fodder.
    My current themes have to do with induced cultural madness as a form a control and that the Pol Pots and the Hitlers of the future won’t come out of the desert or the jungle, they will come out of the shopping centers and business parks.
    It is the utter banality of evil that enables it. That’s why we have to struggle each day to overcome our own natural tendency to surrender to it.

    1. …Whoa! That’s heavy, Microdot- way too deep for me this morning. I’ll let that simmer a bit longer before attempting to taste it.

      1. well, honestly, I only spend a short time each day being deep…but it’s great therapy…but don’t you think that the Republican debates perhaps are a deliberate conditioning technique to induce a new form of insanity into the American psyche…It sure worked with me….

  3. I think Bob Latta is beyond conservative. I noticed his vigorous support of Israel, then I learned he had been on at least one “fact finding” trip to Israel. I assume it was paid for by Israel. I’ve also noticed his voting strictly along party lines as if someone was instructing him how to vote. I seem to remember his father voting more often based on the Fifth District’s wants and no so much based on the party bosses’ wants. I was so hopeful when he finally took over from Gilmore, a real political hack.

    The U.S. House is fixed at 435 members, so when Ohio was adjusted from 18 down to 16, each district got more populated. The Fifth District now has a whole lot more Democrats, although Western Lucas County is probably mostly Republican. Do you think it’s even remotely possible that a Democrat could carry the Fifth District? I don’t know if it’s ever been done before. Maybe if all the Democrats vote against him and his winning edge is diminished, he’ll start voting the wants of the district voters more often. One can always hope.

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