Indigo Buntings and Robins

Today as the temperature was 56 degrees, my wife and I took a walk in the woods and spotted some indigo buntings and robins feeding in the same thicket. It was a beautiful sight on this mid-winter? day.



9 thoughts on “Indigo Buntings and Robins

  1. Not the usual 35/20 overcast toledo….lol…Here in Jackson it has been
    somethng of a yo-yo….2 or 3 days of 60s and 70s…75 and overcast
    today…..and then back into the 50s/40s for a couple of days. Our
    rose bushes are budded out, as are the dogwoods. The robins were
    here 2 weeks ago, flock after flock, and now they are all the way North. If it turns cold, hope they can weather it. Sunday was very nice here, and this is the earliest that we saw sailboats out on the lake,
    about 15 or 20 in a group. With these quick changes in temps,
    we are worried about severe thunderstorms and tornados. Had some
    watches last week, missed us, but hit over in Alabama again. I am
    sure those good republicans over in ‘bama won’t want any federal
    help. Of course, Cantor would want to cut some programs to pay
    for any aid.

    The scary thing, my friend, is that it will only take an economic
    downturn in september or october for it to impact the presidential
    race. That’s what happened to McCain four years ago. This time
    it could be Europe.

    Another statistic I came across. The United States ranks 26th in

    1. 26th in education…yet much lower in the critical areas of technology, math and science. Our universities provide a great environment for these areas of studies, but they are mostly populated by foreign students who, after earning their degree, often go back [or are forced out] to their homeland and help enrich that country rather than ours.

      The dopey, reactionary right-wingers don’t want them for’ners staying too long, don’t ya know!

  2. Speaking of education….brings up a suggestion….Would you think
    about modifying the blog some more? I know it is very time consuming
    to plan and write a post, and that it might be easier with just one
    topic to have to consider. I was thinking that many of us are not
    tuned into religion as much, so would there be a way to maybe do
    your open ended blog. maybe something every other day to give you a rest. Say religion on Sunday(Lol), education on Tuesday, politics,
    on Thursday, religion again on Saturday(for Sabbath lovers), then
    maybe economics on Monday, etc. Or, think about something like
    education on one tuesday and then politics on the next tuesday.

    I just seem to lose my interest to a large multi-comment post. Whenit gets into the 20+ comments, I just assume its not worth making a
    comment because if it would have any value, it will be just lost among
    all of our comments. Just some housekeeping to keep you motivated
    (lol) and not burned out, and to keep us motivated to help move the
    agenda along.

  3. beautiful bird pics! I miss north american robins, but we have our own little rouge-gorge…a much smaller little plump gregarious grey bird with a red breast. I have a bird feeding station in front of the house at the well. We have a riot of sparrows, and what you would call chickadees…mesonges charboniers and little mesonges bleus…little blue birds and an assortment of nut hatches….sittelle torche-pots, doves and pinsons des arbes….There are jays here…but ours are much different than the jays of the midwest.
    The bird I miss most here is the cardinal.
    We are finally seeing winter temps…it’s a little scary because it has been so warm all season that many bulbs are coming up but the fruit trees still haven’t set buds so we are safe there…
    I have a variety of hellebores beginning to bloom.

  4. “The bird I miss most here is the cardinal.”

    Ah, mine too, MD. Wew are fortunate to have a line of tall bushes in our limited back yard. We have had cardinal families in there for
    over 10 years. We enjoy our breakfast and coffee in the morning looking out our kitchen sliding door and seeing them coming and going
    Yes, we have water and food feeders. We also get a large number of
    humming birds!

  5. hummingbirds, another bird that doesn’t exist here. there are many types of birds and I am lucky to live in such a rural unspoiled place. I have herons in the pond….lots of owls and hawks and falcons….woodpeckers and a crazy looking bird called a houpe. it has an orange and black striped mohawk style crest…and snazzy black and green striped wings…
    but I do miss cardinals.

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