The Word of Sheldon Adelson

As I pause in the discussion of the Bible as the Word of Man, I am still tethered to Israel, the story of the wandering Jewish tribes, their captivity and finally their return to their ancestral home. We Americans cannot escape the ramifications of this story either religiously or politically. This small, nomadic Semitic tribe that wandered the semi-arid lands of the Middle East some 3000 years ago still greatly affects our lives here in the 21st century.

Christianity was based on Judaism and Christians still accept the Torah and the subsequent writings of Jewish authors as an integral part of their Holy Scriptures. Further, certain Christians believe that some of the material in the old Jewish scriptures will determine their fate after death. Others view the harsh laws set forth in Deuteronomy and Leviticus trump the famous line attributed to Jesus, ‘Love one another.’

Politically, our nation is wedded to the idea that the land of Israel must always be guarded against a possible ‘take-over’ by its Muslim neighbors- that Israel has a right to exist. Of course, I was actually born before the state of Israel existed. I was already in the 3rd grade when the new nation of Israel was declared to exist by the United Nations. From 70 CE when Roman Emperor Titus order the destruction of Jerusalem, the Jews have wandered, hoping someday to return. The U.S. and our allies have propped up and financially supported the State of Israel, often referring to Israel as ‘our friend.’

The Muslim community is the perceived enemy of the State of Israel, Iran in particular.  Now that the U.S. Military has decimated the Muslim states of Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel keeps a close eye on Iran, especially its nuclear capability. Naturally, as Israel’s Big Brother, we do too.

There are many who speculate that our close relationship with Israel has placed our nation in jeopardy. The enemies of our friend become our enemies as well. There are some who say that the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers was precipitated by our ‘blind’ friendship to Israel.

It is interesting to chronicle the vagary of the Jewish people as noted in their sacred writings. Not only their geographic wanderings are interesting, but also the DNA of those who called themselves, ‘God’s chosen people.’ They were clearly not a singular homogenous group of people. Rather, they are comprised of many tribes, 12 officially, who were loosely connected by their earliest sacred writing, the Torah. Yet, after the Babylonian Captivity, as they wandered back to their ‘homeland,’ some 3 to 4 generations later, they found other people occupying their land. Who? Other Semite people whose DNA no doubt nearly matched theirs perfectly. However, because of the newly formulated  purity rules while in Babylonia, these occupiers were seen as unholy, unclean. For one thing, the males had not butchered their penis! For another, these people ate non-kosher food. And third, their sacred books were not as up-to-date as those returning for captivity. These occupiers had been, in fact, part of the ‘chosen people’ before the captivity.  But, no longer. They even worshiped Baal- how utterly terrible!

The ever-crafty GOP presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, using intentionally pejorative terms,  two weeks ago called the non-Jews living in Palestine, invented people. Yesterday in Florida, he was questioned about that term; he replied, “Palestinians were, in fact, invented in the 1970s. Before that they were simply identified as Arabs.” Interesting statement with loads of political inference.

Invented people. We could dwell on that for some time, thinking about the post-Babylonian period of Jewish history, but I move forward.

Enter Sheldon Adelson, multi-billionare and casino magnate.  And Jew.  And owner of a free newspaper in Israel, daily newspaper called Israel Hayom. And close friend of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Do I need to add that Adelson has a strong, pro-Israel agenda?

Ten million dollars. Given to a pro-Gingrich super PAC, Winning Our Future. Helped Gingrich win South Carolina. Is helping him sway the voters of Florida. Money, money, money- influencing the outcome of the American elections, given by a pro-Israeli billionaire.

The ‘word’ of Adelson becomes the word of Gingrich.  And the SCOTUS deigned it appropriate.

Democracy- don’t you love it?


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    President Obama has announced the creation of
    a mortgage task force under the direction of USAG Holder to have
    apparent full investigative authority to determine the extent and culpability
    of Wall Street bankers in the creation and collapse of the Housing
    Bubble which has given the country a Great Recession. The task force
    will be headed by the ousted head of the 50 State AG working committee,
    NYAG Schniederman. Until this week, Schniiederman had been persona
    non gratis at the White House because of his demand that the States keep
    the right to charge Wall Street Banks with fraud in the writing of home
    and commercial lones, and his refusal to accept an Obama Administration pay out of $30 Billion to settle all 50 State claims against the Wall Street Banks.
    However, there was a signal from the President at the SOTU Address as,
    Schniederman’s wife was seated in Ms. Obama’s box.

    After 3 years of thwarting the criminal investigation of Wall Street Banks
    in fraudulent loan making, the President is now signaling State-Federal
    cooperation. The key point seems to be that Schniederman and Bo Biden
    will have full investigative support of the Attorney General.

    Schniederman will appear on UP WITH CHRIS HAYES, Sunday morning
    on MSNBC at 8 AM. Again, the devil will be in the details, but this does
    look like a promising switch for the President and the AG. If Obama is
    serious, he will drop the $30 Billion pay out plan to protect the Wall
    Street Banks. If he would ask for Holder’s resignation, that would go a long
    way in showing his good faith.

  2. The reason that I posted this story is to bring up the complete idiocy and subsequent danger imbedded in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Each of these faiths find the dusty outcropping of rock called Jerusalem their ‘sacred’ site. Hell, the site is in an awful location- in the midst of a bare and rocky plateau. The environment is one of the most stony and least fruitful districts in the habitable parts of Palestine.

    Yet it is deemed ‘holy’ because, well, because THEY said so. Who? THOSE people- the ones who wrote the holy books. Then, shrines to ‘honor’ the gods were erected to further ‘sanctify’ the rocky outcrop.

    Goofy fundamentalists ‘believe’ that the Jesus II rocket ship will be landing on the rocks [soon] to collect all of the good Christians aboard, then blast off to Paradise, leaving billions of other non-believers behind to while-away the miserable hours until the catastrophic end of the world as we know it.

    Muslims believe that Mohammed jetted off from those rocks into Infinity and Beyond!

    Jews, stuck in the past, love the wall and long to return to the Days of Yesteryear when mighty kings slew their enemies and built mighty temples upwards to Yahweh.

    Thus, we The People risk becoming involved in some nutty religious conflagration because three world religions ‘believe’ that this rocky outcropping is somehow a ‘holy’ place.

    The idiocy of it all is disgusting!

    1. The religious aspect of this is smoke and mirrors. The real story is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The real story is the Koch Bros and Adelsons and the corporations pumping millions? billions of dollars into co opting and buying the American electoral process.
      The result of course is to establish a permanent corporacracy. We know this. That is why there is no questioning Newt about his lying or the lack of stability in any of Mitt Romneys position. It isn’t important. What is important is to get one of these paid corporate rentboys into office. What is the priority is to enact the agenda of ALEC, like what is happening in fast motion in New Hampshire, now!
      One of the main points in the agenda of ALEC is to enact as much voter suppressive legislation as quickly as possible.
      Their priority is to establish a ironclad majority takeover as we have just seen occur in Hungary.
      I am getting pretty fed up with anyone who abdicates their right to vote saying it doesn’t matter. That’s what they are counting on. I’m getting very disgusted with the sniping on the left…Obama hasn’t done everything he said he would do…he hasn’t accomplished the things you wanted him to do in the 3 years of his presidency. You don’t like his style, he doesn’t shake hands enough with people…uhhh, he’s like Mr. Spock from Star Trek….
      I believe he can win the 2012 election, and his victory will give America more time to regroup and formulate the strategy to defeat the Conservative Corporacracy Behemoth. The Adelson story is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are up against. What Adelson gave to Gingrich so far is the take from one day of his casinos.
      Gingrich is a high paid whore. The future of your republic depends on how the democrats can maintain a coalition and impress the acute need for unity on the electorate.
      If you don’t vote someone far crazier than you will. If you don’t fight to re elect Barack Obama in 2012, you can kiss your constitutional rights goodbye because, the Patriot Act? Once the ALEC gets control, Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Am I disgusted by how this thread has been hijacked? Damn straight!

      1. Microdot- the SCOTUS decision in favor of Citizens United will no doubt go down as the worst decision the court has made in the past 100 years. But the damage has already been done because the floodgates are wide open and the money is flowing in like a river torrent! Who will shut the gates? Who has the power to do that- given that the $$$ already permitted by the law will be used to defend it! The Jeannie is out of the bottle.

  3. Did any one catch AG Schiederman this morning?

    The program pointed out that Obama said in 2009 that Wall Steet should be
    brought to accountability for the finantial collapse in 2008. The question is
    why hasn’t Obama and Holder not provided any accountability as of 2012?
    What we, the 99% have seen, is Obama and Holder protecting the 1%. Obama has been saying that he will protecting the 99%, but in substance his
    Administration protecting Wall Street and not the United States.

    According to Hayes and Schniederman, the charges against Wall Street
    Bankers are mortgage, securities, and tax fraud. For many of these
    transactions the Banks had no legal title Note. Indeed, some foreclosed
    home owners have brought suit charging that since there has no legal
    title passed, the Banks cannot foreclose on their homes. On an individual
    basis some home owners are winning with that argument. But, Wall Street
    has gone unpunished! They stated this was a disaster of Wall Street’s
    making. They used the CRA, Freddie, and Fannie for their own purposes,
    and were able to get away with it, because regulations had been removed, or
    not enforced throught governmental regulators like Federal Reserve and the

    Schneiderman says that until Friday there was no will for the government to
    become involved. Obama is now promising through his Justice Department
    that there will be accountability for the guilty Banks and parties because
    now there is the jurisdiction, resources, and the will to remedy the
    foreclosure problems. Obama has now called in the IRS and the FBI to
    assist with the investigations.

    Hayes wanted to know the number of investigators, but Schneiderman
    did not know. Hayes gave the following statistic that in the Savings and
    Loan scandle 1000 FBI agents were involved which was no where as
    large as the foreclosure crisis. Then when Enron was investigated for
    its wrong doing, there were but 40 FBI agents assigned. So, how many
    will Holder assign to collect all the scattered material?

    This then led Hayes to ask Scheiderman a very tough question: Why were
    you selected to lead the investigation and resolve the problem. Schneiderman
    readily admits that before he was NYAG he worked for these same
    companies on Wall Street, but he know works for the NY and the United
    States. Then Hayes asked: Did Scheiderman win or was he being
    co-opted by the WHite House. He indicated it was neither, just some one
    who had been active in seeking criminal action and the President’s desire
    to turn the page and put this to rest.

    This led to the final discussion…How will it be put to rest. One of the
    points raised first was just restitution and it would be like a “deferred
    penalty.” He suggested the need of new regulations. The response to that
    was that there was already Dodd-Frank, what is another bill going to do
    about the criminality. Hayes believes that while more regulation will hellp
    when Wall Street sees their administrators and brokers going to prison
    it will do more in protecting us in the future.

    Very good discussion….However, it still seems the devil will be in the details.

    Who do we trust?

  4. “The real story is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.”

    I fully agree, MD. No argument to the contrary from me on that one…


    Adelson to Gingrich = $10 Million in roughly 3 two weeks. So who owns
    Gingrich….simple isn’t it….

    This is what Citizen United means. How much are you willing to spend to
    own the President of the United States?

    Given Adelson’s viewpoint on Israel, he wants Gingrich to say that the
    Palestinians are an “invented” people, and Gingrich says how high do you
    want me to jump.

    Citizens United lets people like Adelson to answer the question, how much
    and you willing to spend to own the President of the United States….There
    will soonly be a bidding war among billionaires over Presidential
    candidates. The billionaries will pick the candidates, run their campaigns,
    and provide the funds. The 99% will bet on who the winner will be. MD has
    it right when he says, “The Adelson story is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are up against.” It will be the “Conservative Corporacracy Behemoth.”

    I believe it was Justice Brandeis, who many years ago said, “you can either
    have a democracy or you can gave government by the wealthy, but you
    can’t have both.”

  5. Another example of Gingrich seeking the favor of Adelson is his recent
    statement that the U.S. Embassy should be moved from Tel Aviv to
    Jerusalem. This is a very explosive statement. But, Gingrich was not
    the first to think up such an alarming idea. Congress has already
    passed a resolution stating the very same idea. What is interesting is
    the Israeli Political Action Committee rejected the idea and called for
    Congress to fund the Palestinian authority.

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