Jesus says “No” to Tebow

If ‘our lord and savior’ can be credited for a football win, what happens after a loss? Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow is known to pray before and after his games, making Jesus his 12th player. Yesterday it all came to an end when the Broncos lost badly 45-10. Apparently Jesus had better things to do.

Then there is the infamous ‘Hail Mary pass.’ Further, NASCAR racing often begins with a prayer, yet not every race is without accidents and injuries. Many southern high school games begin with a public,which, some argue, violates the public/private display of religion.

The right-wing of the GOP commonly calls for prayer in the classroom, believing that such an action will help the children become better and more decent students. Yesterday a group of oh-so righteous conservative Christians [an interesting oxymoron] threw their support behind the ‘best’ Christian in the GOP race in an obvious attempt to stop that Mormon from winning in South Carolina. They believed that Jesus would like Santorum much more than Romney. Another Hail Mary pass.

I find it fascinating that some people seem to know the mind of God much better than others. It’s as if these people have some direct line to the Deity.  Maybe they have a Jesus App on their IPhone. How is it that certain people know what God ‘thinks’ while the rest of us get a busy signal? Of course, there is a long list of charlatans and frauds who have pimped both God and Jesus for financial gain, while preying off of the gullible, the weak and the vulnerable.

I wonder about today’s youth and the Jesus movement. There is a clear disconnect between the words attributed to Jesus and those of the evangelicals and fundamentalists who base much of their doctrine on the myths and legends in the Old Testament. How do, for example,  21st century high school and college kids reconcile the ‘love one another’ teachings of the New testament with the hate, sin and exclusivity expounded in Deuteronomy and Leviticus? How are these two distinct and contending views of the human race to be interpreted? Surely not with the insipid line, ‘hate the sin, love the sinner.’ Gag.

In the perennially confusing and always-connected teen world of the 21st century America, one wonders how these youngsters will interpret the ‘teachings’ they find in the OT Bible. Maybe they will find them terribly irrelevant to their lives. That would be a ‘blessing’ for sure.  Let the old ones, long-steeped in the ugliness of the OT Bible, cling to their out-dated set of beliefs which, hopefully, die with them and will be buried in the same dirt pile.

At that time, only the ‘Love one another’ will resonate with this new generation- something that is sorely needed and a great motto for our nation.


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    1. Just for the record regarding the overturn of a recent “anti-law” in Oklahoma:

      The Chief Federal Judge who suspended the law was appointed by G.W. Bush in 2008. The Federal Circuit Appeals Court that upheld the decisions is made up of 12 Federal Judges. Clinton appointed 3 of the judges and Obama appointed 1. All remaining judges were appointed by one of the Bushes.

      (A certain blogger labeled them “libnut judges”. Damn “libnut” Republicans!)

      1. A certain blogger labeled them “libnut judges”.

        Of course, but what do you expect from a reactionary right-winger who has a thimbleful of knowledge?

    2. You really gotta check out Sepp’s blog before he takes it down. He has really outdone himself this time. It’s toooooooo funny!

  1. I must be really starting to have memory lapses. The Roman Catholic Religion I was raised in constantly admonished those who would use prayer for selfish or personal intentions. And I pretty sure that praying for a particular outcome of a football games falls into that category.

    When I went to high school there was this “dud” who I didn’t particular care for. I know it’s bad, but I have a very low tolerance for stupid. Years later he became a pastor at one of those small churches in rural Wood County. At the class reunion he insisted on leading a prayer before the meal. I was outraged, but because no one else objected I remained silent. I will admit I acted rather juvenile during the prayer (i.e. not bowing or closing my eyes, playing loudly with the silverware, etc.). Lately I’ve been hearing complaints from the [c]hristians regarding how they’re being forced to accept other people views. Well, when we were all still in school, there was not praying in the cafeteria. Isn’t this type of behavior forcing ones views on others. I know there were Jewish people in the room and more than likely other nonchristians present. I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t be at all silent if it happens ANYWHERE again.

  2. You know what I believe, faith is evidence of mental derangement. I of course believe in positive thinking, I believe a lot of stuff. I believe we can make our dreams come true if we believe in our dreams, that’s the story of my life…but it wasn’t faith. Of course it helps if you believe in a realistic dream….a good example of faith as a symptom of mental illness is Mike O’Neils prayer for Barak Obamas death, just this week and then touting it as perfectly acceptable form of Christian Biblical Theology……he quoted verse and scripture…amen! can I get a witness?

    1. Mike O’Neil prayer for death of Obama? Well, that about wraps up any discussion of religion as an important force in uplifting human civilization.

    2. if faith means religion, MD, I can accept that. And, I suggest that the
      “mental derangement” is schizophrenia. It seems to me that many of those who support support, or write, or defend the GOP fit into this classification.

      It seems to me that the GOP usually have a theme of persecution. They are
      being persecuted by any one Center-Left. All we have to do is listen to
      Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox commentators, or read Coulter or listen to GOP
      candidates for nomination. They maintain that they are being tricked,
      spied upon, and subjected to ridicule. I hear Ron Paul expressing all
      these characteristics. It also involves religious themes. Their delusional
      thinking makes them unable to deal with the real world, and this
      prevents them from meeting the ordinary demands of political life.
      Moreover, they begin to think that they can see into others. As, George Bush could look into Putin’s eyes and see his soul. They hallucinate about
      who or what is good or bad. And, then all this seems to fall into the
      religious sphere of punishment and redemption. Now, the hallucinations
      or delusions become fixed and permanent because they become commands
      from a God. They are covering their “guilt’, their sinfulness, and their
      sense of persecution by developing a thought system around infallable
      religion. They become the saved ones, they have been redeemed, and the rest deserve hell. God has intended the world for them. But, this is
      delusional thinking. They are schizods.

      Now, M_R, you are able to weave this into a Post. I would like to see
      you follow up with a post on this psychological illness blending it into the
      relgious. Maybe a suggestion would be showing how their psychological
      weaknesses lead to fundamentalist religious belief.

      1. It seems to me that the GOP usually have a theme of persecution.

        I see it only on the right-wing of the party, but I see it strongly represented in this clutch of people. Actually I see many indications in this group of some sort of psychological impairment. It is expressed in what they write and how they attack anybody who questions their ideas. Stuck in adolescence is another way of expressing what I see.

        That fundamentalists religious component is a natural outcome of being ‘stuck in adolescence’ because there is no thinking involved, only rote memory and regurgitation.

        I could do an entire essay on what I’ve learned over the past many months wading through the swill of right-wing blogs.


    Since joining the Obama re-election campaign, I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding training sessions for the campaign; there is one in Columbus in February. Money is easy to give, but time is harder. Do any of you really think President Obama will have a hard time getting re-elected since the Republican competition this cycle seems to be so “odd”?

      1. Lest we forget, M_R, the shortest nerve is the one that runs from the hip-
        pocket to the brain. It may not be that much of a shoe in….

  4. Hello NON, Muddy, and Uptheflag,
    With the political battles I have been involved in, I have found that when the opposition has “Poo Pooed” and under estimated my efforts, (which I loved!!) that is when I crushed them much to their surprise. By the time they realize that I have made the affect I desired, it was too late for them to recover.

    My strong suggestion to President Obama and the Democrats is NOT to take lightly the Republican Candidates this election.

    “Watch” closely, “Listen” intently, “Anticipate to Formulate” your educated and logical response to their accusations, and “Hit Quick with Relentless Pounding” of your political points you want to make clear. Show the “People” you have a plan and it is well thought out!!

    This is what it will take to win this next election and those running with like mindedness you will need for voting support of future policies to be passed and signed, i.e. breaking the deadlock power!!

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