GOP as Deviant Window Peepers

How much bull can one absorb in a 10-hour time period? That ought to be a new category in the Guinness book. Americans who tuned in to both the ABC and NBC GOP debates last night and again this morning would qualify for that record. I lasted less than one hour this morning after having been forced to listen to the entire ABC debate last evening.  Forced to, as in, I was at a debate-watch party. Actually, we switched between that and the Lions-Saints game, which made the debate marginally palatable.

What did I learn that I did not already know? Nothing. What chance do I give the GOP to win the White House in November? None. What would a novice to the string of GOP debates have learned? That the GOP is more interested in sex than the Catholic Church.

Yes sex. How long did the ABC moderators spend on contraceptives? How much time on same-sex marriage? Abortion? Sodomy? It was as if we were discussing Deuteronomy in the Bible rather than figuring out which man was competent to lead this nation in the 21st century.

Apparently I  forgot that these primary voters enjoy Government intrusion into the bedroom. Creepy, isn’t it? Although the GOP says that they are for less government intrusion, it is apparently their right to nose around like a sexual predator peeking through the bedroom window to see what kind of sex is going on. Reminds me of those deviant Catholic priests who preyed on altar boys, then prayed at mass.

Window peepers is what I learned as a kid. Most bedrooms in my neighborhood were on the 2nd floor, so any thought of that was useless. “We are a Christian nation,” quipped Romney, and Perry said that he would “end Obama’s war on religion.” We all laughed at that one after jeering Romney for his contrived ignorance.

Yet, South Carolina was calling. The folks in New Hampshire could care less about the so-called morality police that these GOP hopefuls wish to initiate as they move into the Oval Office. It was a play for the Bible Belt, the Red South, the Confederacy. Them folks like biblical talk and Deuteronomy dogma. And sexual morality ‘down there’ plays well. Did you catch the line about gay adoption? The line that quoted this bogus idea: children do better in a family with a mom an dad? My audience shouted-out at that one, but I have a feeling that it played quite well among the bible-thumpers in South Carolina.

Morality police. They have them in Saudi Arabia- Mutaween. Modesty patrols in Israel. Mauritania wants to establish morality police.

Odd that Muslim nations seem to be the model for the GOP candidates when it comes to sex, yet they denounce everything else about the Muslim culture, including their religion. Odd stuff, but then, these are right-wing candidates.

Double talk? Double talk, but I repeat myself.

Are the ‘regular’ Americans watching this stuff? Are they as appalled as I am over this stuff? Are they frightened that one of these characters may, in fact, be elected to the highest office in the land?

They should be!


9 thoughts on “GOP as Deviant Window Peepers

  1. Hello Muddy,
    As far as my views with this current set of Republican Debates at hand; in general, I will stick with the Shakespearian theme of your earlier post and say, “Much To Do About Nothing.”

  2. Mud- According to you, Obama is gauranteed to be re-elected, so why worry? I’m just kidding. Like you, I was busy watching football last night. The only difference was that I wasn’t jumping back and forth, just football.

  3. Maybe you had already turned off this morning’s debate, M_R, but there was an interesting segment late over nuclear weapons in Iran. The question posed to Santorum was why Iran should not have nuclear ability when N. Korea and
    ? (oops I’m having a Perry moment, lol) maybe it was Pakistan. In any event Santorum said Iran must be prevented from having nuclear weapons because
    it’s a “theocracy”, and Korea, Pakistan, China, Russia are not. Here is my
    question, is not Israel a theocracy? He went on to say Iran is “evil” and was
    really saying that a pre-emptive U.S. strike is appropriate. Moreover, he said
    Iranians were suicidal because of their religion and this makes them more
    dangerous than other countries with nuclear weapons. And, Perry wants to
    send U.S. troops back into Iraq to perserve the money and honor the lives
    already lost.

    But, finally, Romney took some good hits re his character, his leadership,
    his ads, and his failed political activity…Santorum hit him with whether
    Romney would run for re-election as President since he didn’t run for
    re-election as Governor. Hope Axelrod and the WH had their VCRs running.

  4. …yes, that clutch of wannabees is terribly scary, especially Santorum and Perry. EAch is a warmongering theocrat who, coincidentally, mimic the beliefs of the so-called ‘Islamists’ who they detest. Quirky, but, then again, that’s the far-right wing for you.

    It’s odd that JOB has no pony in the race. He’s quite the oddball among the cadre of right-wingers who hang in his blog. Each of them [except JOB] has their favorite horse in the race. Well, actually, they have had many ‘favorites’ so I guess I should say, their current favorite.

    Anybody but Romney.

    And, need I add, anybody but Obama.

  5. How is it odd? I’m agnostic, I don’t think abortion should be illegal, I have no problem with homosexuality, and I’m in a trade Union.

    I do like the fact, that while the crop of candidates were spending millions in Iowa, Santorum spent 30 G. Whether you like him, or not, that’s impressive.

  6. How is it odd? I’m agnostic, I don’t think abortion should be illegal, I have no problem with homosexuality, and I’m in a trade Union.

    I do like the fact, that while the crop of candidates were spending millions in Iowa, Santorum spent 30 G. Whether you like him, or not, that’s impressive.

    I don’t know JOB, it’s hard for me to do an interdimensional transcontinental diagnoses, but if all the things you say about your own personal beliefs are true, then, I would chart it down to a fatal personality flaw. We all have them. We all have our Achilles heels so to speak. Lord knows I have so many little demons running around in my skull that I have made friends with them and they help me write my material…really, I pay my personal demons well, they get a great benefit package. They have a killer union rep….my wife.
    I wrote about Santorum, history and how he seems to embody so much of what drove his grandfather, in his personal mythology, to emigrate to America. here’s the link:
    I’d publish it here, but maybe you should read it and get back to me.

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