Seems the once-Grand Old Party has an uncomfortable feeling these last days of 2011- similar to a knot in one’s underwear. It’s something like going to the hardware store and choosing which trash container would be best. Tough decision, naturally. They can’t make up their minds about who would best represent the once-Grand Old Party against President Obama in November 2012.

During this traditionally slow news period, the Iowa Caucasus are keeping the embers glowing with the violent swings in the mood of those attending the  Iowa caucuses. Today Rick Santorum seems to have caught fire as the Newt flame dims. The Boston Globe called the set of GOP candidates a ‘clown show.’ Seems redundant to me. Mitt, Donald, Michelle, Rick, Newt,  Rick, Herman, Ron, Bozo, Clarabelle..or that scary clown featured in the USPS commercial.

I suppose that the current stew, which many Americans find so distasteful as they watch the The Show,  is the result of too many spices, especially those bitter tea leaves. What’s that old adage: ‘too many tea leaves spoil the broth.’ Although that bitter brew appeals to a small segment of the population, most Americans prefer a more bland taste, especially for the occupant of the White House.

Yet, the right-wing pirates who currently hold the Republican Party hostage, seem to prefer the bitter spices- the ones that often cause indigestion in the rest of us. Thus they offer The People an agenda that, well, leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth. Like sour milk. Stunningly, those on the far-right side of the political spectrum ‘believe’ that this recipe is just what American needs to cure its ills. Most of us didn’t even know that we were that ill.

  Each spring my father ordered us children to line up and take a spoonful of something labeled, Alpenkräuter. It was a tonic that was ‘good for our blood.’ Nasty-tasting stuff!  We could barely swallow it, but my father thought it was good for us. Alpenkräuter is a mixture of  alpine herbs is made out of 59 different types of herbs, roots, seeds and fruits. The first records of recipes of bitters date back to 1050 A.D. I wonder if my father’s bottle was the original brew!

Why did we ‘need it?’  Because he said so.

Later in life I found the bottle in the back of a kitchen cabinet when I was cleaning out our house after he died. The bottle read, “Tonic- Diuretic-Carminative.”  Wow. Did we children need that? No, but for some reason, he thought that we did.

That’s the point. He thought that this medicine was what we needed.

Thus, the right-wing, wearing their parochial, distorted glasses, actually ‘believe’ that this brew that is currently festering in Iowa and New Hampshire, will actually be ‘good for America.’



7 thoughts on “Alpenkräuter

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I am passing on that as of this morning’s national news (per the latest Iowa Republican’s Pole and for what that is worth) the flavor of the moment has switched back to Mitt Romney. Now I say let’s wait to see what this afternoon brings. It could change once again.

    I think it is more like the John McCain scenario. In 1999 Republican Presidential Primary, he was too crazy from the years of Viet Nam Prisoner of War abuse plus with the black adopted daughter where he must surely had an affair with an African American woman producing this child. (Per Karl Rove at that time) But in 2007 Republican Presidential Primary where Karl Rove’s marketing evaluation predicted a colossal “Blood Bath” (his own words) loss to the Democrats, John McCain was good enough to put up as the “Sacrificial Lamb” candidate and was teamed up with the “Ignorant Wing Nut” Sara Palin to placate the extreme right. A fact that Johns McCain regretted and still to this day.

    So in conclusion I would summarize that this Republican Presidential Primary is more to the choosing of “Who Will Be The Next Sacrificial Lamb” and what “Ignorant Wing Nut” will be teamed up to placate the extreme right within the Party.

    On the other hand, Congress and Senate may go to a Republican majority which just keeps us with the status quo “Cluster Calamity.”

  2. Well, my friend, your dad was just cleaning out your system of accumulated
    impurities. The problem in United States politics is that we have garbage
    sitting as Members of Congress. Yep, they all need to be explelled as your father was cleaning you out…

    1. Think about it for a minute. Both Marcy and Dennis have filed for the primary. You think Dennis would be better?

  3. Hello Uptheflag,
    I like the mental image. :-) But the $50,000 question is, “What are they going to replace Members of Congress with?” I know that I don’t have to tell you that “Change” does not have to mean “Progress.” To have “Progress” you must have “Change” but the inverse is not linear.

  4. I still agree with Thom Hartmann. It’s going to Romney/Rubio. I just get that funny feeling.

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