A Christmas Gift For All On December 24, 2011, 9:30 PM EST

“The Donald” Trump Breaks With GOP And Changes His Party Registration!! Plus Museums Are Currently Collecting “Occupy Movement” Artifacts. YEAH!!!

Topic I:

“The Donald” Trump is declaring his independence after years as a registered Republican, the outspoken real estate mogul has filed paperwork to become an unaffiliated voter in his home state of New York.  Well let’s hope he takes the rest of the Extreme Right Wing Nuts along with him.  With this action, maybe we can hope to be seeing the start of the purging of Tea Party Members and any other Extreme Right Wing Nuts, from MY Republican Party…..and None-Too-Soon!!

Trump made the change official Thursday, a move prompted by his stated interest in mounting a third-party presidential run in 2012. “Mr. Trump has said for almost a year that if he is not satisfied with who the Republican candidate is, he may elect to run as an independent,” spokesman Michael Cohen said Friday.  (Oh Please, Please, Please, Be True!!!!)

It is said that “The Donald” Trump is “very disappointed” with how the Republican Party has handled the payroll tax extension, handing President Obama a political victory.  (This comes as no supprise with me as I have already posted on this topic a few days ago.)

Topic II:

On the other side of the political spectrum and history in the making, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement may still be working to shake the notion it represents a passing outburst of rage, but some establishment institutions have already decided the movement’s artifacts are worthy of historic preservation.  More than a half dozen major museums and organizations from the Smithsonian Institution to the New-York Historical Society have been avidly collecting materials produced by the Occupy movement.

Staffers have been sent to occupied parks to rummage for buttons, signs, posters and documents. Websites and tweets have been archived for digital eternity. And museums have approached individual protesters directly to obtain posters and other ephemera.

The Museum of the City of New Yorkis planning an exhibition on Occupy for next month.  It would appear that a lot of people want to be associated with the Occupy Movement.  (I don’t recall any Museum trying to gather any Tea Party artifacts for any historical preservation do we?  Maybe Tea Party Extremism just isn’t worth trying to remember or have anyone repeat.  Yes that must be it.)

Maybe this is just a sampling of what the next year is to bring for those of us who are of a SANE, CRITICAL THINKING, and LOGICAL MINDSET.  After all, “Our Time Has Come!!”


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  1. My stocking which hung nicely over the fireplace was empty this morning. At least no bituminous residue was found inside. Then, I turned on my computer and, what to my surprise, a Christmas eve post, and an unexpected political prize.

    Thanks for brightening my morning, Engineer. Best Wishes to you and your family for a wonderful family get-together!

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