What Would You do with $667 Billion?

The Iraq War has ended, but the money to the Pentagon still flows to it in a direct pipeline from the Treasury. The newly proposed 2012 Budget includes lots of goodies for the generals. And they never seem to have ‘enough.’ Gimme more! So Congress did, as usual, even though the Bush War on Iraq officially ends in two weeks.

What to do with 2/3 trillion tax dollars? Quite the conundrum for a Defense Department with only one war brewing. If you give a kid an entire jar of candy…

The fearful right-wing, who see a spook behind every closet door, will no doubt be happy that the Pentagon has the dough to hunt out and bomb the boggieman no matter where he resides on earth. Their last pick for President sang the Bomb Iran song to them at bedtime so that they could get a good night’s sleep. Then of course there are the Christofascists who encourage Israel to annihilate their Muslim neighbors and who encourage our government to do the same. What ever happened to that scandal at the Air Force Academy a few years ago when Christian zealots attempted a mass conversion of the cadets?

Wars of religion. Again. Onward Christian soldiers, fighting as to war. As I said in posts long ago, I’m an American citizen due to suppression of religion in Germany by Bismarck. I’m sure that there are millions of Americans here in this nation whose ancestors fled similar religious suppression in the countries of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

The dog whistle calls of the GOP candidates in Iowa [religious dog whistles this time] are so overt as to be nauseous. Michelle Bachmann leads the way with her Christian purist rhetoric. The other candidates are always sure to mention their strong Christian faith to their audiences. Nauseating. The Founding Fathers roll over, once again, in their graves.

Back to the point of this post: what to do with all of that tax-payer money? The old-style wars are fairly useless these days, so battleships and other WWII hardwareare now obsolete. Yet, there are still calls from Congress to press on with the old because, well, because they are manufactured in his  district!

Is the Pentagon allowed to give some of their allowance back? Could they give it to VA Hospitals? To VA Clinics? To the Office of Veteran Affairs? To VA Ambulatory Care Centers? To Orthopedic Centers? To Widows and Orphans? To Vets Seeking Employment?

Or do they have to keep using the money so that the facilities above never go out of business?


12 thoughts on “What Would You do with $667 Billion?

  1. I recently read a post by someone claiming that the current crop of Republican candidates were not, in any way, hinting for a Theocracy.

    Definition of THEOCRACY
    1: government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided

    That pretty much sounds what the horde of Republican President Candidates has been bantering for month. So I must conclude they don’t know the difference between Democracy and Theocracy.

    And how long do you think it will take for you to be called “Un-American” for not supporting money being throw at the military, whether they want more stuff or not?

    1. And how long do you think it will take for you to be called “Un-American” for not supporting money being throw at the military

      Been there, NON, done that, and wiped the spit off of my face- the spit from the most-righteous, best patriots in all of America.

  2. Here’s a happy thought. I just reviewed my bank accounts and noticed they have started to take out my donations to the Obama 2012 campaign. Four years ago I would never have thought, but today that thought makes me happy.

  3. Hello NON,
    Republicans are not hinting of a Theocracy?…Oh Please every Republican Candidate has to proclaim their “Faith in Christianity” with every campaign bringing that tired old mantle out, dusting it off, and presenting it held over their heads to the masses to behold…..then sneaking off with their secretaries (or tapping another man’s foot in the bathroom stall..”wink wink nudge nudge”) only to have their whistles tooted like Casey Jones’ train and bumping uglys hoping their wives and continuants not find out.

    Like Shakespeare wrote, “Me thinks thou protests too much.”

    I had breakfast with a couple of good friends at the local firehouse. Our local Maryland State Republican Representative in Annapolis came and sat with us / really me. I asked what was going on within the State and she started about the redistricting of the State, economic development of small business in the area, etc. then instantly went into how as a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN we need to be sure to note how important it is we keep our Christian values with the economically depressed kids in our area with the programs (and she mentioned a few by name). Bottom line the Republican Marketing Message was, “A vote for Republican is a vote for God’s work.”

    Now this is from a woman who is seen side by side at every photo opp with the Republican State Senator in Annapolis who has over four typed pages of Sexual Harassment charges and violations in Annapolis State Offices; a man who no local colleges will send any female students majoring in Political Science to intern in his office and one local Ivy League College will not send any MALE or FEMALE to intern in his State Government Office. If a student is foolish to try to intern in his office, the colleges will not recoginize the credits towards their degree. He even had charges brought up (but were later dropped because of his political power,) where he tried to rape a woman who owned a bed and breakfast in Chestertown, MD in one of her own bedrooms. When I brought this up to her a couple of years ago asking her how she could validate and support this “Republican Lounge Lizard” her comment was that, “They want to keep that political seat REPUBLICAN.”

    When I passed this story onto my family friend who has been a life long Republican since the 1950’s and the lawyer who represented the CIA agent that Ollie North reported to…..his wife then said in her North Carolina Southern Draw….”Well it’s not a God Damn RELIGION!!” Well I guess that is her mistake because I it obviously is for too many Ultra Conservative Religious Republicans but I would also point out to those Evangelical Christian Republicans that even Catholics are appalled with the current group of Kiddy FKers and making corrections. The Ultra Conservative Religious Conservative Republicans are “Staying The Course.”

    Now back on topic, you are right Muddy, “On ward Christian Solders!”

  4. The Senate passed the Bill, 67-32. Dems voted in the affirmative more than
    the GOP. Yep, even your Sen. Sherrod Brown, who says on MSNBC he
    is always for the people. Yep, there you go M_R. Kaptur and now Brown
    voting for the congressional-military-industrial comple and voting to
    imprison U.S. citizens without trial in hidden away prisons in the United States or overseas, predominately Arab Countries. It’s sick, my friends.

  5. Of course the Pentagon needs money,because if one of the republicans become president they will need the money for a war on Iran.

  6. Engineer- thanks for your feed-back regarding God’s Own Party. Did you read Gingrich’s latest idiocy from his visit with Face the Nation on Sunday? Gingrich, as the president, could send federal law enforcement authorities to arrest judges who make controversial rulings in order to compel them to justify their decisions before congressional hearings.

    No doubt two groups of people were happy about this statement. First, the mindless right-wingers and second, the Christofascists. The latter group believes that Gingrich could do away with Roe v. Wade and the prohibition of prayer in public schools. And all of those ‘atheists trying to ruin this Christian nation of ours.’

    Boing! Gingrich is a masterful son of a bitch, isn’t he?

    Uptheflag- Yawn.

    1. Your yawning, M_R, suggests that you are burying your head in the
      sand and refusing to see the facts before you.
      On Wednesday, President Obama, called the Iraq War a quote “success”
      unquote. George Bush and Cheney must enjoy hearing that, so too the
      rest of the neocons. I am sure this blog would have issued a “hue and
      cry” if Bush or Cheney uttered such a word to describe the Iraq War.

      1. Yawning because your line of attack is so old, tiring and worthless. What other candidate for Congress is offered here? It’s just like your southern Republicans who have a lock on the position for life. What’s the use of arguing the point? The House will always have its solid BLUE and RED seats because they were gerrymandered to be permanent.

        Marcy’s seat, for your info, was split into 3 districts by the all-GOP Ohio House, but a recent bi-partisan committee split it into 2 sections, carving out a hunk of her Democratic voters and corralling them into one of the most Republican districts.

        You surely don’t still ‘believe’ that Congress represents The People, do you?

        1. Of course not. Haven’t I been calling for term limits and voting them all
          out of offices. And, my friend, any one can run in a primary. I did, won
          my Democratic primary, but lost in the general. All you have to do is
          find some one to run in the Democratic primary. You telling me that no
          one has the guts to take Kaptur on? And, your going to just sit back and
          vote for some one who has voted against many of your core principles?
          I have given you a list of undemocratic votes she has made in the House.
          She is defeatable in a grass roots campaign. The House Ethics
          investigation ought to be enough. Just the idea that she was investigated.
          You know, where there is smoke, there is fire concept.

          1. You telling me that no
            one has the guts to take Kaptur on?

            Yep, pretty much. Here in Lucas County there is a circle of revolving seats and the same Democrats to fill them. They take turns, like on a carousel. They spin around until they die or get into legal trouble. None of them is competent enough to represent the 5th Congressional seat. Marcy is our best person which tells you quite a lot about the state of the House of Representatives here in the early 21st century.

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