The Idiocy in Iraq is Finally Over

At long last, the war that never should have been waged has come to an end. What will future historians write of this madness? I suspect nothing good. because, after all, it was a war sof choice based on propaganda. And The People fell for it because of vengeance in their hearts. And ignorance, lots of ignorance.

I’ve written many posts about that war and I don’t feel the need to rehash the points I made.  Many Americans have now caught up with the truth and the facts. Too bad they were duped for such a long time, but the propaganda was intense and they were looking for revenge for 9/11. Stupidity reigned supreme.

Yesterday President Obama was the target of those Americans who believe that our nation ought to continually meddle in foreign wars.  John McCain was especially pathetic in his rhetoric that we ought to maintain tens of thousands of troops in Iraq. Then there were the hapless GOP candidates saying much the same. Except for Ron Paul who said:

“It’s no different than it was in 2003,” Paul said. “You know what I really fear about what’s happening here? It’s another Iraq coming. There’s war propaganda going on. To me, the greatest danger is that we will have a president that will overreact and we will soon bomb Iran.”

Perhaps he was referring to candidate McCain in 2008 who sang, “Bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran.”

The other GOP candidates hawked war, as usual, in an attempt to bolster their credentials wit the far right-wing of their party. Are Americans interested in a new war now that one of two has ended? I think not. Americans have tired of war, and with 4500 dead and 30,000 of our military severely wounded during the Iraq War, it is obvious that Ron Paul, alone, represents the will of The People these days.

I wonder if GW Bush still thinks that Saddam Hussein  had WMD’s and that he was capable of delivering them to our country.


Pathetic. Pathetic loss of blood and Treasure.



14 thoughts on “The Idiocy in Iraq is Finally Over

  1. What do you think the United States will do if Israel bombs Iran? I think I know the answer and it makes me sick.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    “The war that never should have been waged.” Wow, this should be the title to a book written about how his country was mislead into George W. Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s private war to try and gain the oil riches of Iraq for themselves.

    Just as the mid-19th century German Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, wrote:
    All truth passes through three stages.
    First, it is ridiculed.
    Second, it is violently opposed.
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    Like you stated and the good example of Schopenhauer’s third stage, “Many Americans have now caught up with the truth and the facts.” Yes stupidity did reigned supreme and my biggest fear was that I had a daughter who had just graduated college and I was afraid that these “Men of Privilege Viet Nam Draft Dodgers” were going to draft, send her to war, and take the chance of having her killed in action for their financial gains. There have been too many examples in history of poor and middle class men, (now women too) going off to die in a rich man’s war. I am not ashamed to say that I was making plans to send her out of the country because I’ll be damned if those to bastards were going to squander my daughter’s life for their financial gains.

    If it were not for the improvements in Medical Field Technologies since the Viet Nam War, we could have easily seen 34,500 of our young men and women dead from Iraq. Not to mention the total of Iraq’s population dead today which we have not heard the count as of today.

  3. just to start off here, Israel will never attack Iran. This is based on my assessment of Israel at this point in time and the the tightrope between bluster and bullshit they walk and talk. realistically speaking and in spite of the fantasy land we think the Israeli conservatives live in, they know an attack on Iran at this point in time, with the logistical and strategic political realities they face would be suicidial.
    my second point is : “I wonder if GW Bush still thinks?” a quote from the post by mudrake, but my question is in any event, how would you define thought? I suppose if it is defined by the ability to make the output on an MRI machine register…well, yes, he probably could (legally think).

  4. Hello NON,
    How about this thought, Iran has just obtained the latest in un-manned drone, radar non-detecting, technology due to our own screw-up.

    My last two doctorate professors in Electrical Engineering were from Iran and both were very smart and knew their craft well. You can take this as a fact the scientist / engineers, not only in Iran but China, etc, have gone over this latest technology drone and have already reversed engineered it.

    Using John Nash’s “Game Theory” let’s play out the scenario of several nuclear bombs embedded into un-manned, radar avoiding, jet engine powered drones being piloted at tree top levels without warning making the first strike on Israel….because that is what “God / Allah” has directed them to do. But let’s take this one step further. Just like when Argentina’s military junta government was in bankruptcy, they tried to divert the attention of population’s hardships and attached the Falkland Islands starting a war with Great Britain; Iran’s economic condition is not any better today because of the sanctions over the many years.

    What a great diversion for the religious leaders, who are really in control, of Iran to have this to their credit and religious blessings of Allah by destroying the Jews and the political blow to the Great Satan. “Ultra Fanatically Religious Extreme Beliefs” complemented by “Sever Economic Conditions” is a dangerous combination indeed.

    I would venture to guess that any development and production efforts that were going into rockets, today in Iran is all being concentrated into developing and building their own radar evading, non-manned, nuclear bomb carrying drones. Rockets would be detected as soon as they were being placed on the launching pads but these drones could take off from many different runways at a moments noticed. Not enough time to react.

    All of this thanks to our own U.S. misfortunate efforts handed this technology right into Iran’s hands.

    It is well noted that a country that has developed a weapon, has had that weapon used on itself. Cannons, machine guns, airplanes, armored ships, etc. It can be easily predicted at some given time in the future, drones will be flying in U.S. airspace with chosen targets.

  5. Hello Microdot,
    I agree with you that Israel will never attack Iran. The U.S. still has a strong influence with Israel and all would understand the sever consequences of events if that happened today. realistically speaking and in spite of the fantasy land we think the Israeli conservatives live in, they know an attack on Iran at this point in time, with the logistical and strategic political realities they face would be suicidal.

    For me the “Wild Card” is the current events of the latest technology drone in Iran’s hands as I have stated above. I give you our own Über Religious Fantasy Land Conservatives cheering W. Bush, “They loved him so much because he was just like Jesus Christ” statements as they called for the blood of Iraq because Saddam Hussein attacked the Twin Towers in New York and built weapons of mass destruction. We have our own examples of recent history to present that this is not out of the realm of possibilities.

    Let’s hope that more sane minds prevail.

    1. The U.S. still has a strong influence with Israel…

      Indeed, our tax dollars pour into Israel like water through a fire hydrant. Isn’t it comforting to realize that you and I pay for the existence of the State of Israel. They are the Welfare Queens living outside of our inner cities.

  6. what we have now, that we didn’t have back in the ancient past of the year 2000, is the proliferation of hacking technology…it was simple hackery that brought down the drone. any kid, worth his weight in cheetos, could have done it in his spare time while streaming music files at the same time.
    This will be ancient history in a few weeks…reality moves too fast these days and the masses have absolutely no attention span anymore. I give you the very existence of todays so called republican party as exhibit “a”.

  7. Hello Microdot,
    Yea kids all over the world can surely hack drone technology computers on a whim. I was wondering how the signal was being transfered to the drones being controled…..guess someone knows.

  8. I grew up in a neighborhood where many families would take in a foreign exchange student for a year while the student studied at the University. I remember several from Iran. They were great guys and even taught us Yankee kids a few tricks with a soccer ball.

    It’s so sad that we’re supposed to think of them as our enemy now.

  9. But, my friends, what has this President done? He is increasing the war
    making power of the Presidency and at the same time signing laws that are horrendous to our civil liberties. The just passed National Defense
    Authorization Act increases the war making of the Presidency and gives the
    President the authority to arrest any United States citizen and put them in
    prison FOR LIFE without any hearing or trial either in a military jail or any
    other country in the world. Isn’t this just what George Bush and Cheney
    wanted. Now, a Democratic President does it! What was that Goeorge
    Wallace said about Democrats and Republicans, something about not
    a dimes worth of difference?

    Yep, Paul has this correct!

    1. Aw come on now! You know that the only reason he signed it was that little part was added on to another nonrelated bill that needed to get passed. This is how some of our politicians are acting today.

  10. Well, M_R, here we go again. KAPTUR MUST GO! Yep, Kaptur voted
    for the National Defense Authorization Act. Not much more to say, so
    did my Congressman. The only difference is that you have the chance of
    changing yours and I don’t as yet. Oh, by the way, Dennis Kuchinich voted
    against the Act. Why is that? Why is Kucinich and Kaptur on different
    sides in their votes? Could it be because of Kaptur’s ties to the congressional-
    military-industrial complex? In all due respect, my friend, you can’t sit on the
    sidelines politically. There is just too much going on.

    You sure that you can’t meet us in NYC and stay a day or two with us. It
    would be just like “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice”. LOL! You can take
    the pictures as we all get arrested down at Occupy Wall Street. And, of
    course, bail us all out. A room for bail? good trade…..

  11. I am happy that the war in Iraq is finally over. It has been 9 long years for Americans and their families. We have lost so many soliders for a war that we never should have even been a part of. The U.S. has a thing about trying to fix everyone except their own land. Now maybe we can focus on what is really the issue here. That being our hungry, homeless, uneducated americans.

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