An Early Seasonal Gift

As if to be presented with an early seasonal gift to the more sane, critical thinking, and vastly more intelligent segment of the U.S. population, the Tea Party’s co-founder, Mark Meckler, was arrested on gun charges when the leader of a Tea Party group was arrested after he took a gun into La Guardia Airport.  (What a Dumb Ass!!)

Yes one of the self-massaging egos (and obviously other appendages of their bodies) of the Tea Party calling themselves “Patriots” (Yea Right!! Only in their DELUSIONAL World) Mark Meckler was taken into custody Thursday morning after he tried to check in for a Delta flight to Detroit with a Glock pistol and 19 cartridges of ammunition.  (I am guessing that he has a need to compensate for a SMALL APPENDAGE he likes to massage)

Mark Meckler, 49, declared the weapon, as required, authorities said. He’s licensed to carry the gun in Grass Valley, Calif., (and it makes you wonder who was irresponsible enough to issue this person a license without first requiring a mental evaluation first) where he lives, but that license isn’t valid in New York, which has strict rules on carrying concealed weapons. (As far as I am concerned this just proves that Mark Meckler is not responsible enough to have this privilege and the license should be immediately revoked. With this gun privilege comes gun responsibility.  A fact that this Tea Party Member does not understand!)

“He didn’t have a correct understanding of the law,” (NO SHIT Sherlock!  Not only this law but many others!) said Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which polices the area’s main airports. “Though he has a permit to carry in California, it does not cover him in the state of New York.”

Meckler spent the day in jail and was arraigned in Queens late Friday afternoon on a felony weapons possession charge. He was released pending a Jan. 12th 2012 court date. (Well I guess that this little issue just negated his statement in the photo above.  Of course it was not accurate right from the start when Teabaggers were arrested when they fire bombed government buildings after the Health Care Vote approval.  A fact he conveniently forgot I am guessing.  Needless to say, I am sure there are many Teabaggers ignorantly quoting this statement with the current events here of late.)

Attempts to contact him by phone and electronic message to get his comments were unsuccessful.  Maybe they should have tried 1-800-ASS-HOLE!!


19 thoughts on “An Early Seasonal Gift

  1. I wasn’t going to bring it up as it was somewhat political, but….the female associated with Occupy Toledo, who’s arrest was ordered by the Toledo City Council Sergeant at Arms for breaking a NONEXISTENT law, is being charged with a third degree felony (murder is sometimes a second or third & stealing from a senior citizen is a fourth degree felony).

    I guess the little lady “roughed up” the Sergeant at Arms. And a $10,000 bail is slightly more than the regular “released on their own recognisance” used on felony charges of the Third, Fourth or Fifth Degree.

  2. Hello NON,
    Being an outsider looking in, it would appear that Ohio has become just short of a Police State much like I saw first hand in Chile and Argentina’s military junta governments in the mid-1970’s.

    Let’s hope Ohio purges the Ultra Conservative Republicans from office this next election or this could get worse.

    1. “La Guardia Airport.” Dang, Engineer, you have me worried now…We will
      be arriving at La Guardia this Wednesday from Dallas for a week in the
      Big Apple. Have always wanted to do NYC during the holidays, so we
      decided this is the time to do it, and now there are these people with guns
      everywhere. And, we are coming from Dallas, and Texas has a concealed
      weapons law! Mississippi just passed one, so maybe I’d better get me
      one just in case, lol

  3. It looks to me like Mechler typically represents that loony wing of the GOP- the one that is quite happy to disregard any law that it finds personally unacceptable- cafeteria style. After all, it is THEY alone who are the true patriots of this nation because, well, they say so! They love this country much more than you or I could ever hope to because, well, they say it is so.

    Guns. The fascination with guns. I lost my fascination with them when I wasn’t allowed to wear my Gene Autry cowboy boots and cap gun to high school.

    Odd people, these Tea Party folks- most have no idea of what that oft quoted phrase means: of the People, for the People and by the People. In their narcissistic personality, the word ‘People’ becomes ‘Me!’

    1. Are you serious? “Me” as in the occutards of Toledo and other places? Get a grip.

  4. Because of the problem spoken to in the post and the comments, that is,
    carrying concealed weapons from a legal state to a banned state, didn’t our
    esteemed Congress just pass a law making it legal to do that?

    Moreover, why wouldn’t the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution make it legal? Doesn’t that protect a person traveling from one State into another?

    1. Really??? If the voters of New York allow same sex marriage, but it isn’t recognized by the other 49 states because of a Federal Mandate, why should they allow some “person” to carry a concealed weapon of death in their area? You just made the argument.

      Let’s face it, certain states have a different opinion than the majority of states. I think the phrase “They want to eat their cake and the icing too” applies here.

  5. As I said, NON, i’m not sure where the law is on “full faith and credit.” I
    think, however, if a person is married in your example of NY, the marriage
    is legal across the United States. Probably, as long as they keep their
    NY citizenship. So, if they are traveling thru an illegal state, they cannot be
    arrested under that state’s sodomy laws. Perhaps, some one can help us
    out, NON.

    1. If the couple moves out of state their legal New York marriage may not be recognized in another state. Might not seem a big deal to anybody who gets the full benefit package of a heterosexual marriage.

      Let’s say you live with your life partner in New York. You move to Toledo, Ohio. Toledo has a partnership law protecting gay marriages. But the State of Ohio passed a state law invalidating Toledo’s marriage law. Many apartment and condominium complexes bar unrelated people from living together to keep college students out. Now one part of the New York married couple suffers an appendicitis and is rushed by ambulance to the U.T. Medical Center (formerly M.C.O.). Decisions must be made in a hurry and the patient doesn’t have a legal family representative present, so the hospital is forced to make decisions on its’ own. And because of law, the spouse can’t even go into any room where the patient is being treated or recovering. If the patient dies, they’re joint accounts may all be frozen.

      It would help a great deal if the Federal Government passed a law supporting same sex couples. Instead, certain people (aka Teabaggers) are actually trying to pass federal law superseding any state laws granting rights to same sex couples.

      Do ya notice how they flip-flop on Federal vs. State laws depending on how they stand on any particular issue?

      1. I’m quite sure that the old Jim Crow Laws of the South prohibited hand-holding of ‘colored’ and white couples who may have come from northern states on a visit. We’ve a history of that sort of ‘states-rights’ idiocy.

        Maybe it’s high-time to divide the 50 states into two sections: liberal and conservative. For political purposes, it already has happened. Our friend UptheFlag most probably hasn’t voted for a winning congressional candidate in all of the years he’s been in Mississippi. Why not just cede The South, the Plains and the mountainous west to the “New Confederacy” and leave the rest to “The New Union?”

        We could have a NAFTA-like relationship in trade and other other intra-regional affairs, while choosing to make different laws which satisfy the cultural sensitivity of the different populations in the two regions.

  6. Hello tenthgenerationpatriot,
    I have no idea what you are trying to say. Your short blurp comment falls short of logical argumentative format to convey your thoughts. Have you ever taken English 101 “Logical Argumentation” and “Critical Thinking” writing?

    1. Hello tenthgenerationpatriot,
      I have no idea what you are trying to say.

      Neither does he, for that matter. But he goes on and on like a good Rush bobblehead.

  7. ” Our friend UptheFlag most probably hasn’t voted for a winning congressional candidate in all of the years he’s been in Mississippi. ” Nope, your wrong
    about that…Voted for a Democrat a few times. Sonny Montgomery. He died
    and was succeeded by another Democrat, and then he was defeated by the
    sitting GOP member now…Dems offered no opposition in 2010, and it
    looks about the same in 2012. As I have commented numerous times, M_R,
    I am jealous that you live in a place where you can change a Member of Congress, and I can’t.

    1. Thank you, Engineer, and to you also. I was hoping M_R would be able
      to join us in NYC for some solidarity with the folks at Occupy Wall
      Street. And, Engineer, how about hopping on the Amtrak for a day
      trip up to the Big Apple, meet you at Grand Central and go from there?

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