Where’s His Real Birth Certificate?

It seems that the quirky website World News Daily  flew an airplane puling a banner, ‘Where’s His REAL Birth Certificate’ over the Dallas football stadium last Sunday. No one saw it [the banner] because the stadium’s dome was closed. Funny idiocy, but then, look at their theme.

I was wondering about that OTHER famous birth, the one that millions of Christians are going to celebrate in a dozen days or so. Has anyone found HIS birth certificate? Funny stuff.  By the way, if they did find it, whose name is on the line reading ‘father’? Does anyone care or should we only care when there is some political gain to be had?

Another interesting query about that 2000 year old birth might be: When was it? I wonder how many Christians ‘believe’ it was on the 25th of December? Half? Three-quarters? When these same believers sing that old Christmas hymn about the shepherds tending their flocks in the fields, do they know that shepherds don’t do that in the winter months? Or, didn’t that ever occur to them? Further, of the Christians who DO know that 25 Dec. was not his birth, do they know why it was moved to that date? What percentage know about Mithras whose birth was at this time of year?

Curious stuff, but most will say, ‘Who cares?’



3 thoughts on “Where’s His Real Birth Certificate?

  1. I had never heard of the WND news website and checked it out…it’s an utter lunatic asylum of marketing aimed at the fringinistas…with their Goldline sponsored editorial policy, you have to wonder if they are getting their news feed via a USB cable attached to Ben Glecks anal vibrator….
    It was very entertaining, none the less.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    Good to see you back and to answer your question….Jesus was born on December 25th in the year “0” under a Christmas Tree in a Barn’s Manger with Santa Claus looking on giving him the first “Tickle Me Elmo” antique toy. The others in attendance were a goat, camel, donkey, with their respective animal shit being stepped in at every turn, three wise men who happen to wander in from the local bar next door with a snoot full because they followed some bright light being beamed from an “Intelligent Designer’s” space ship.

    Jesus’ original birth certificate was in the same “Dead Sea Scrolls” cave but was accidentally burned by the mother of the boy who found it to start her cooking fire for that night…but it was there per the source of a man who thought the world was flat and was at the center of the universe and wrote it down…..70+ years later of the actual event.

    Hey Microdot,
    Now there’s a mental picture….Ben Gleck’s anal vibrator!!! Priceless!!!
    I just did a posting of Christine O’Donnell’s endorsement of Mitt Romney and he was glad to have it…….WHAT A JOKE!!! He does know that she failed to get elected doesn’t he? I mean she did not even come close to getting elected.

  3. Knew some of this, but learned more when I researched things. One thing I learned was that the Three Wise Men were added so people would get a connection between someone giving gifts during Winter Solstice (St. Nick) and new born Jesus getting gifts at his birth.

    (For Christ’s Sake, is nothing sacred?)

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